katharine gray

I’ve always found the female characters in Hannibal far more interesting than the male ones, for the record.

Like, yeah, we get it. Will and Hannibal are in love and SOULMATES FOR LIFE~!. 

But Bedelia is an ice cold Hitchcock blonde who is the smartest person on the show yet still insists on engaging in risky, impulsive behavior even though she knows it will probably end in her murder. She simply can’t help herself.

Freddie wants to be the amoral, sociopathic tabloid reporter everyone thinks she is, but her conscience keeps popping up from time to time.

Alana has gone from a nice, sweet, kind person and turned into a cold vamp goth whose goal in life is to stop Hannibal from escaping and killing her. Meanwhile, Margot is a victimized woman who acts cold but is actually very, very vulnerable.

These women are fucking fascinating.