kath mcdonnell

Mary McDonnell : The same way I’ve been saying all along. I am absolutely sure that Sharon had sex between Jack and Andy. 

I loved listen to the What Would Sharon Raydor podcast with Kathe Mazur. It made me laugh and it spoke the truth especially when Mary talked about women (Hillary Clinton) having to answer for their husband bad behaviors. 


“Hindsight – Part 4″ – Monday, March 7, 2016 at 9 p.m. (ET/PT)

As more information pours in about victims from the past, and how they tie to the murders of the present, Lt. Cooper and Amy Sykes get caught in an unexpected gun fight. Sharon finally finds the pressure point she needs for leverage against both Rev. Price and his attorney and Mark Hickman as she forces her way forward to the truth.

Directed by Leo Geter
Written by Michael Alaimo
Created by James Duff

That’s a wrap! We just shot the #MajorCrimes + #TheCloser’s 200th episode and we can’t wait to show you. Thanks for getting us here, fans!

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