kath and kimderella

Films of 2015 #4

Kath and Kimderella (Ted Emery, 2012)

Grade: A+

A sobering treatise on the pitfalls of social stratification in modern society, but the star turns from Riley and Turner make it a laugh-a-minute affair, wedging as many gay jokes as possible into its slim 80 minute runtime. Signalling the beginning of a vital new wave of Australian cinema, this is truly a modern classic.


Is it bad that I’m so very excited about this movie?


Look at MOI, look at MOI !

That is exactly what iconic Australian personalities Kath (Jane Turner) and Kim (Gina Riley) were saying as they stepped out onto the red carpet for the Sydney premiere of their new flick, 'Kath & Kimderella’.

Joining the comedic pair at Moore Park’s Entertainment Quarter, were co-stars Glenn Robbins and Magda Szubanski as well as an array of other Australian stars.

Here are the hot shots for YOUR viewing pleasure!

The Verdict: This is very NOICE, don’t you think?!

Image Source: Zimbio