Dear Newsies [DEH/Newsies Crossover au]

[I wrote this at 5am so don’t expect the best]
[This is mostly ideas that I came up with, and I haven’t seen anyone else talk about an AU like this! Also yes I know I didn’t mention parents and Connor and Zoe are poor unlike in DEH but I really like how far I’ve gotten.]


-Connor and Zoe were both found on the streets of Brooklyn by Racetrack Higgins when they were both still young.

-Decided to stay in Brooklyn and sell there instead of going back and forth from Manhattan like Race does.

-Looks up to Spot Conlon as a big brother, even though he’s gotten much taller than him.

-never bothers to go to the barber, finds it a waste of the money he works too hard for.

-If he were to get a haircut he’d do it himself or ask Zoe (no way he’s trusting any of the others near his head with scissors).

-Gives up meals for Zoe if they don’t make enough money on a certain day.

-when the strike happened he was more than ready to deck anyone who looked at him or his friends wrong.

-(I’ll add more as this develops)


-working her ass off as a badass factory girl.

-Immediately disagrees with factory conditions as well as the ones her brother faces.

-almost loses the only job she’s ever gonna have being poor and female for trying to speak out, luckily she is great at charming her way out of trouble.

-begs Connor to let her go to Manhattan with him and the Brooklyn Newsies, when he says no she sneaks off trailing behind them, after the initial fight she comes out with a few bruises but nothing more.

-Connor is definitely still PISSED (not much at her, but at whoever dared put their grimy hands on his little sister) and he yells at her asking if she knows what could have happened and that he doesn’t wanna lose her.

-they have a good sibling cry and hug for a while

-She helps patch him and the other boys up and pretty much mothers them.

-she tries to convince the other girls who work with her to start something like what the Newsies did.

-(I’ll add more as this develops)


-thrown in the refuge for stealing food for himself, he couldn’t fight off Snyder, especially not while starving.

-that’s where he met Jack Kelly, who was set on escaping.

-(is it cliché to have the main characters meet?)

-immediately trusted Jack when he brought all he could to the kids once he’d escaped.

-Evan escaped when alot of kids had been leaving after Jack, he’d collapsed in panic and exhaustion god knows how many blocks away from the refuge and hoped he’d be able to at least spend the night unbothered in an alleyway.

-Specs found him curled up shivering two nights later, and his first thought was to take him to the lodging house.

-Evan immediately refused, he wasn’t gonna trust anyone in his panicked state. Specs begged him to at least stay the night somewhere he wasn’t going to freeze, and if he still wanted to he could leave in the morning.

-When he woke up he was alot calmer but still intent on leaving, until he saw Jack. He walked up to him and thanked him for everything he did for kids in the refuge, because most of them might have died without him.

-Evan Hansen is shown the ropes that very day by Jack, he makes the mistake of asking the same question Davey did his first day and was (rudely, he’d thought) corrected.

-During the strike Evan tries to stay out of the way as much as he can, which earns him a punch from Oscar Delancey, who’d noticed his reluctance to fight and prayed on the weak.

-Oscar just wrecked by anyone who was close by, no way was he going to hurt somebody who “ain’t done no wrong” as they said.

-(evan was the easiest to write about actually)


-another Manhattan boy

-struggled to get any kind of job, despite how smart he was with machines, no one wanted a kid who couldn’t reach the top shelf.

-(jared is short fight me)

-he sat on the side streets until he came across Crutchie carrying papes with the saddest expression, he hadn’t sold much that day and was ready to head back and be full of shame with more than half his papes not gone.

-Jared knew what newsboys did and immediately jumped into action and took pity on him (though Crutchie would argue he definitely didn’t need it, he was grateful)

-he whispers to the boy to keep quiet and go along with it and before Crutchie can respond Jared catches the attention of a woman nearby “Excuse me miss? Would you mind buying a paper from me and my brother? He’d ask himself but he ain’t able to.” He threw in a fake coughing fit and the woman pressed her hand to her heart and gave them way more than was needed for a single pape.

-they’d sold them all and Crutchie insisted Jared take half the money but he told him he couldn’t.

-Crutchie dragged him to the lodging house at the end of the day shouting something about how Jared was “a natural” and “had to meet Jack”

-During the strike he was one of the first ones to get to Evan and Oscar and knocked him down with a punch to the nose, when Oscar got back up is when others started to get to him.

-(just like Evan, jared was easier to write about)

-(I’ll add more as this develops)


-A writer like Katherine!

-she writes alongside Kath and sometimes edits for her so when it gets to an editor he can’t make Kath out to be stupid or lower than him because of a small mistake.

-Alana is one to stay a bit quieter about sexism in their workplace, but she clearly isn’t for it and needs to vent sometimes, and Katherine is always there for her.

-Alana had gotten beautiful pictures always, but only with Kath’s camera, neither of the girls know why.

-During the strike they collaboratively wrote the best article The Sun had in a while.

-Editors were basically begging to edit for them, but they were amazing on their own.

-(I’ll add more as this develops)

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