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Storm Large– Buy The Moon

Nobody knows me like you do.
nobody’s shown themselves to me quite like you.
I can get so crazy, and you don’t seem to mind
you’ve been here forever while I’ve been hiding

if I had a dime for every hour of wasted time
oh then I would buy the moon for you
just to thank you for this very beautiful night. 

I’ve bumped against some others, some have left me bruised.
some were all right, some I used.
I can get so nasty, to make you run away
you just laugh, you shake your head and you stay… 

many times i have consciously made the decision not to reblog a petition even though i agreed with its cause and wanted to spread it because i hate when those posts show up screaming at me to reblog motherfucker!!!! this is serious!!!!! fucking care about this shit!!!!!! because

yes i appreciate that this is serious

and it would actually feel a lot more serious if you didn’t put it all in caps with lots of exclamation points. and if you didn’t scream at me and insult me and everyone who doesn’t sign and reblog (my whitehouse.gov account is actually broken so i can’t sign petitions)

and i don’t want to inflict that toxic bs on my followers much less have to see it every time i look at my own blog

i would take these causes a lot more seriously and also actually signal boost if you just calmly explained the issues, what’s at stake, and what i can do about it. by just freaking out and slathering impotent rage across your post you’re actually hurting your own damn cause. a quiet word almost always carries more pith than a shouted one

shippin promises

for my unships, things that will make me feel better:

  • if karkat/terezi becomes canon i will host a drawing party with chocolate cake for myself and my other friends who don’t ship it to make ourselves feel better
  • if dave/jade is endgame i will buy a giant, difficult puzzle and invite friends over to work on it

and… thats all my unships

for my otps, things that will be difficult/potentially embarrassing (also known as bargaining with the fates)

  • if meenah/aranea becomes canon (or at least is stated to have been canon at one point) i will dye my hair blue and pink
  • if dave/terezi is endgame i will wear nothing but red for a week
  • if jane/roxy becomes canon i will… i’ll… i’ll dye my hair blue and pink and also wear only stiletto flip-flops for a fortnight. 
  • if roxy<>calliope becomes canon and they get to snuggle i will go without tea for two weeks. a month. please
  • if john/jade/karkat becomes canon i will wear at least one horrible crocheted thing every day for a month i swear to god. fuck. ill buy a pair of fake wayfarers to wear with my horrible crocheted things. i will wear them either instead of my glasses or on top of my glasses. look im making fashion sacrifices here you know how much this means to me

i think the Big Problem with social justice is that experience is inherently subjective

i think if there was a way to beam your own experiences into someone else’s head, they would probably understand you and where you’re coming from. 

but there isn’t a way to do that so we try to make do with language which is such a clumsy tool and we always end up tripping over our words or under- or overexplaining things or saying things we don’t exactly mean

and the under-/overexplaining thing is a problem because you have no idea what the person on the other end already knows or will understand so you have to guess and if you explain too much you sound really patronizing and if you underexplain the person on the other end will probably get irritated or feel stupid or both. 

really i just think we should all be corviki from the ship who sang. i want to just be able to project thoughts and feelings to people instead of trying to use words and stuff

is there a non-gender-specific word for “parent” that isnt “parent” because i wouldnt be able to handle being called “mom” or “dad” but i dont want. my kids to call me by my first name (even if they are adopted) and im not sure jo would be comfortable with “dad”


  • Pat: iM
  • Me: The heart of the cards gives u the power to draw the right card at the right time simply by believing that you WILL draw the right card at the right time
  • Pat: i
  • Me: If u believe that ur given each card for a reason & learn to see the value inherent in each card any card u draw will be the right card
  • Pat: omg
  • Pat: kaede i m so proud of u
  • Me: Even if u draw a monster only to sacrifice it that monster still played a vital role in ur duel & u need to respect that. no card is worthless
  • Me: I think i might actually be on the verge of tears this is pathetic
  • Pat: no its not im so proud of u omg
  • Pat: i
  • Pat: that's amazing