One of the best examples of disabled character representation (in a movie/tv show not dedicated to topic) is Joey Lucas from the West Wing. 

She is a deaf political consultant who is played by a deaf actress Marlee Martin. Let me repeat- she is a cannonically deaf character played by a deaf actress)

She has an interpreter named Kenny who is handled wonderfully. During scenes where Joey is speaking, she is signing, the camera is on her, and her interpreters voice comes from off-screen. The camera never rests on him when Joey is speaking, only when Kenny is speaking for himself, not translating for Joey.

Joey is a reoccurring character who is often referred to as one of the most accomplished political consultants who does not work directly for the white house, and she is the one they always turn to in times of great need. 

Just, Joey Lucas everyone. 

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Tumblr Crushes:

I normally don’t do these, but am ridiculously happy with this current little collection. This is kind of a 50-50 SPN/QAF mix. And that is why it is sexy. So, yes; improve the quality of your pixel life and take a peek at these lovely people and their lovely blogs. 

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I will keep making more just for you ;)

Don’t do it just for me! Feel free to stop if you like, get tired of looking at Norm’s face or whatever…

Ahahaha as if that could happen! Gah, I just cracked myself up xD

Seriously, those edits are amazing. And thank you!

Oh. Sons of anarchy you have done it again, left me with my jaw hitting the ground and my eyes full of tears. This show is everything that good writing and acting is all about. So proud to have been a fan since the beginning. Round of a fucking applause to you Kurt Sutter, who I know is reading the reactions on twitter right now and laughing maliciously. You are one twisted mother fucker Sutter, and I love everything about you. 

Long live Clay Morrow, the best villain around, the guy everyone loves to hate. Somehow this man stole my heart though, such a great character played by an amazing actor. It was pretty evident he had to meet his demise at some point though. Just like Gemma said too.. he would die at the hand of son. 

Gema is a queen, and no one is gonna take her throne. So lets bow down. Watching her face though when clay died, broke my heart. 

Tara is not going to rat, lets calm down. She knows the MC pretty god damn well and knows what they are capable of. She has been making some dumb decisions lately but there is no way she is gonna rat. NOT A CHANCE. Her love for Jax is deep.

Unser. My fucking heart melts. Come here and let me hold you, we can both talk about our love for Gemma. 

Juice is so emotional this season, I love it. You can see the burden of the club and how it has affected him. He wants to be back in season one just like I do.

Look at Bobby living an shit. Thank god. Boone you da man baby <3

Happy is still MIA….. He is gonna be sad he missed out on so much blood shed.

Anyone else still completely distraught over the death of Opie? Or is it just me.I miss my favorite part of samcro.

Since I am talking about old samcro members… lets take a moment of silence for our fallen brothers. Half Sac, Piney, Miles, Kozic, Filthy Phil, Opie, Clay, Mcgee, and those other random samcro members that died in Belfast <3

I want to see more of TIG. I fucking love tigggggy. I love the fact that he shoots first and asks questions later.

Chibs. My beautiful scottish muffin, I just wanna lick your face. His head is always screwed on right and I adore him for that.

Nero is changing Gemma for the better. They are so good for each other. I love having him around. I also like that he is not afraid to say anything to Jax, its nice to see someone not intimated by handsome jack.

This fucking show man. I am forever in awe of the talent and pure fucking epicness that is Sons Of Anarchy <3

Gemma and Nero

Sons Of Anarchy is making me fall in love with Gemma and Nero. When Gemma is with Nero she is so calm and i am rooting for these kids. I honestly have not seen Gemma this happy since season 1. What Jax is asking her to do is just uncalled for. Knowing she is happy with Nero and Nero is the same. Nero buying birds for her, that melted my heart. 

Anyways, i have always pushed for Gemma because you can tell she has been beat up in life, and she still rolled with the punches. Trying to just get through life and doing what she knows, and that is protecting her family. 

But i am thinking there is something more in those needles she just used on clay, if there isn’t, i am surprised. But i am done ranting. i am just pulling for Nero and Gemma. They make me smile and i enjoy them together.