Hugo Weaving (Red Skull) and Chris Evans (Captain America) - Captain America: The First Avenger by Todd Cynic
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Hugo Weaving and Chris Evans promoting the movie "Captain America: the First Avenger" at the San Diego Comic Con 2010.


Townies Spying program:

Part VII: Katey Altman

  • Gender: Female.
  • Age: Young Adult.
  • BirthPlace: Willow Creek.
  • Family:  Conrad Altman Father. Elsa Altman Mother.
  • known relatives: Conrad Altman Business partner.

Born in a Willow Creek’s middle class familly, Katey is an ambitious and proud sims who think that everything is possible with some patience and hardworking. Since her childhood, she is passionate about cooking, and her dream was to open a bakery in Magnolia Promenade. She has convinced her father to leave his job and create his own shop with her.

That’s how Conrad & Katey’s green bakery was created (see the picture #3 to see the shop). Green because it’s the favorite color of their familly (they are all dressed in green) but also because they decided to create a bakery with bio products only. Even if their business is actually going very well and they are now rich people, they decided to stay in the same house house, on the old foundry cove neighborhood (now named Neon Night neighboorhod).
Katey is maybe an excellent cooker and baker, but she decided to have the serial romantic aspiration, and that’s why she is actually having an hedonistic life, with many lovers. That’s also why Francis black is always annoying her, because he absolutely wants to be Katey’s lover. 

That person is just the subject of a real SimNation’s success story, and she isn’t a menace for our country. A surveillance is no needed on Katey and her whole family.

From Detective J.Sputt

To: CPT: A.Black


Today, i’m going to show you two of the shops that i made. Here we start with Conrad & Katey’s green bakery!

I hope you’ll enjoy these few posts, because i liked to play with them, but my shops could look bad compared to some awesome one that we can see in the gallery.