Such an honor to be Muttbombed by Jimmy Fallon’s organization! As many of you know I’ve rescued most of my dogs and made a vow to only rescue here on out. Please read up on this extremely entertaining, yet so philanthropically effective organization and see how you can help, or donate for a dog today! ❤️🐶 by katesullivannnn

Hi everyone! So for the past week my account was hacked and the past couple of pictures I did not post myself😒 not sure why people feel the need to pretend to be someone other than themselves. But anywayyyy I’d like to start my first post since getting my account back by thanking the ever so lovely and beyond gorg @tres_jolie for this BEAUTIFUL dress!! @tres_jolie is the designer of @kora_raeofficial ❤️ ladies please go check out her clothes you won’t be disappointed! by katesullivannnn