Ok fellow kate spade girls…I love the stores as much as the products and brand itself.  I have seen the stores develop over the years to reflect the amazing, quirky, beautiful, fun, and colorful details of the brand and products themselves.  So every now and then I’ll post photos of the stores.  (My husband and I have a running competition of whose been to the most Kate Spade stores - He had a couple of trips to China which put him in the lead but I believe I’ve past him by now - Oh and the only way to prove it is to have a photo taken of yourself in front of the store).  So the first store to highlight is the Kate Spade Fifth Avenue.  Beautiful!  I love the black exterior with the kate spade sign and then you walk into a bright fun and beautiful store.  These photos were taken in 2013 during the summer when the theme was centered around golf and resorts.  Have a beautifully colorfully day and embrace Kate Spade….