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Places to Go, People to See - travel the world with katespadeny.

Focusing on glamorous cities around the world, this new volume from the ever chic Kate Spade New York features vibrant photography, a dash of old-world charm and inspirational quotes, tips and words of wisdom that every jet-setting Kate Spade girl should know.

Places to Go, People to See showcases chic locales from Paris, London and New York to Buenos Aires, Shanghai and Las Vegas. In each of these enchanting destinations, readers will be shown how to experience their travels with the utmost elegance.

Take a view of the world through the lens of the always-stylish Kate Spade girl. Inspire your own glamorous adventures, or simply take heart in the quotes throughout.

Everyone knows life is one big adventure, so why not travel it in style!


It’s true. I love kate spade New York handbags and products in general. And I am wild about the brand. The Kate spade New York retail stores embrace and exhibit all that is wonderful about the kate spade brand.

This week photos of the first store in Koto Kinabalu were posted on the kate spade New York Facebook page. Even though they we posted on Facebook…I had to post them here as well. The retail store is just so …. “kate spade”. (That should be a term to describe anything or anyone wonderful, gorgeous, quirky, smart, wears their own beauty, strong, and full of whimsy.)

Enjoy the photos if you haven’t seen them yet and if you have…enjoy them again and see if you find something new this time that you didn’t see the first time. Easy to do when there are such great details.


Ok fellow kate spade girls…I love the stores as much as the products and brand itself.  I have seen the stores develop over the years to reflect the amazing, quirky, beautiful, fun, and colorful details of the brand and products themselves.  So every now and then I’ll post photos of the stores.  (My husband and I have a running competition of whose been to the most Kate Spade stores - He had a couple of trips to China which put him in the lead but I believe I’ve past him by now - Oh and the only way to prove it is to have a photo taken of yourself in front of the store).  So the first store to highlight is the Kate Spade Fifth Avenue.  Beautiful!  I love the black exterior with the kate spade sign and then you walk into a bright fun and beautiful store.  These photos were taken in 2013 during the summer when the theme was centered around golf and resorts.  Have a beautifully colorfully day and embrace Kate Spade….

Yeah! It’s Monday which means a new purse for the week. This one is quite special to me. My beautiful sister gave it to me one year for Christmas, I believe. It is well loved as I have used it often. The small toiletry bag I use for those little items that can get lost at the bottom of a handbag. I love it. I believe it came out the year before or the 10th year Anniversary. It’s brown knit with pink “k’s” and “s’”. The inside of both are just as cute so stay turned for a couple more photos but of the finer details. Gosh, just can’t get enough kate spade. Have a beautifully colorful Monday and embrace Kate spade…