anonymous asked:

who is katesnape?

I don’t really know…her picture is of Richard Simmons though so maybe it’s him? Or maybe she’s just a Richard Simmons enthusiast or something.

JK she’s my sister. Follow the crap out of her blog. :)

ccbabcocks asked:

Imperio! :)

ummmm lily potter so i could be loved by severus snape  LUNA because she’s awesome and I could go into great detail about why she’s awesome but I think jk rowling did an excellent job of that already

katesnape replied to your postfor some reason i am scared by basically…

omg my room is in the basement and it has its own entrance and im convinced every night that tonight will be the night i get murdered!

aw  :(

my parents forget to lock the back door and because i’m up for like 5 hours after they go to sleep  i’m  terrified that i’m going to get killed aoiglnsiotsfg

it never bothered me before i don’t know why it does now.