katesafety said: hah! when I worked at the crisis line, the compassion did not extend to the girl who sniffled-snuffled her whole shift…for years…so I understand how you feel!

That sounds horrible. It’s like, jam some Kleenex up your nose and deal with it for Christ’s sake.

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I don’t understand why they don’t focus on streaming. Much less expensive. Or DVD on demand? I don’t really want DVDs, but pledged for a set to get more episodes subbed. Oh well :/

That’s a really good point. While I do like owning DVDs, I’d happily do without for a better success rate. Then they could add making the DVDs as a stretch goal or something (hopefully on Kickstarter).

I guess the reason that they aren’t doing that is because they’re using the streams as advertisement for the project. It’s kind of weird to fund something you’re already offering. But then you could argue that’s the wrong approach too.

Since Anime Sols is run by a Japanese companies, there might be a bit of a learning curve going on. My current theory is that the emphasis on DVDs and use of streams as advertisement comes from how anime studios make money in Japan. While in the US we’re much more focused on streams and really inexpensive DVDs because after so long of needing to download to get things, we’re disinclined to pay outrageous prices.

There’s some other factors as well I’m sure that do make better sense in the US. Like crowdfunding streams might not work. It’s easier to get someone to pledge $40 for a physical item than it is for something intangible (going back to how we expect streams to be cheap). They’re also pretty obviously targeting the hardcore demographic who love to collect things.

So I agree that they probably should back off of the DVDs a little, but maybe more as a second effort. For example, now that Pastel Yumi failed, maybe they could open up pledging again at a lower goal just to cover the costs of getting the rest of the series streaming.

(Please note that all of my above speculation comes from a really unreliable understanding of how things work. Those with proper knowledge should correct me with their own better speculations.)