kates dreams come true

If they ever make a movie adaptation of Life is Strange and Chloe isn’t played by Kristen Stewart I swear to god I will cry.

(Bonus points if Max is played by Ellen Page or Amanda Seyfried)

Marvel's 'America': Go inside America Chavez and Kate Bishop's reunion

It’s been a long time coming, but both America Chavez and Kate Bishop are finally reunited!

The Marvel characters will once again share the page in the latest issue of Marvel’s America (the titular character’s first-ever solo series), which sees the former Young Avenger reunite with her best friend (and current lead of her own solo series) when Kate — who’s currently working as a private detective — hits a snag in the case she’s working. But as it turns out, America has a few emotional issues she needs to work out, too.

“America lost her moms when she was a little kid. They sacrificed their lives to save the whole dang Utopian Parallel,” writer Gabby Rivera told EW earlier this year. (The Utopian Parellel, for the uninitiated, is a dimension outside of time and the Marvel multiverse.) “That type of grief doesn’t just go away, you know? So we’re dealing with that. She is also taking on the notion of putting herself first. Many women are expected to put everything else before themselves and some women choose that for themselves. Either way, it’s worth investigating what it’s like for a young queer Latina to choose herself and invest in what’s going to make her great and more powerful.”

Kate isn’t the first Marvel character to make a cameo in America’s series. Thanks to her multi-dimensional college, the queer Latina has met the likes of Peggy Carter (a.k.a. Agent Carter), X-Men’s Storm, and even Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. But this is the first time the young hero will have a chance to hang out with her closest friend — and go on what appears to be a long, sing-along-filled drive.

Since the pair’s shared appearance in Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s Young Avengers series, they’ve become a fan-favorite romantic pairing, with some fans hoping a crossover might offer a few opportunities for love. Rivera has previously told EW: “I know some fans ship the heck out America and Kate. Maybe dreams do come true.”

Below, you can read exclusive pages from the upcoming issue written by Gabby River, with Hawkeye writer Kelly Thompson consulting, art by Ramon Villalobos, and a cover by Jen Bartel.

America #5 hits comic book stores on July 19.


“There has never been a heroine I have loved more than Batwoman. Her flaws, her ferocity, her struggle to rise above her own history and find a way to serve the greater good and those she loves—she’s always cut me straight to the bone. To be a queer woman and to see a queer woman as not just a part but a pillar of the Bat-family was life changing, inspiring and gave me the courage to pursue this career in comics. The opportunity to add to Kate Kane’s story and legacy is both an honor and a sincere dream come true.” — Marguerite Bennett (x)

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god the journey from a to z is going to be a wild ride

i want nothing to do with any of it


one gifset per appearance → our greatest team rises gala, royal albert hall hall (11/05/2012)

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended a black tie gala to mark the countdown to the London Olympic Games and raise critical funds to support the competitors. Prince William gave a speech: “Naturally, I was asked to compete for TeamGB in every sport, but sadly Lord Coe said there were London pigeons with more athletic prowess than me. Anyway to adapt a famous phrase from Sir Steve Regrave, if you see me in a pair of Speedos during the Olympics, shoot me! These Games remind us of the power of the human spirit and human endeavour. You, our Olympians and Paralympians, will inspire people up and down this country, and far beyond its borders. For the athletes of Our Greatest Team, these Games mark the pinnacle of your sporting careers. I can only imagine it… competing at home, in front of your countrymen and women, with the eyes of the entire world upon you.  A dream come true.”

  • Dream Gary: "Let me not mar that perfect dream
  • By an auroral stain,
  • But so adjust my daily night
  • That it may come again." Emily Dickinson wrote that.
  • Spongebob: ...Who?
  • Dream Gary: Here's one you might know... "There once was a man from Peru
  • Who dreamed he was eating his shoe.
  • He woke with a fright in the middle of the night
  • to find that his dream had come true."
  • Spongebob: *laughs*
one gifset per appearance → north american tour: day 8, calgary [1/3] (07/07/2011)

William and Kate arrived in Calgary, where they received the traditional white stetson cowboy hats. Shortly after, Catherine met six year-old Diamond Marshall, a little girl suffering from cancer whose wish to “meet a princess” came true through the Children’s Wish Foundation. Unable to contain her excitement, Diamond rushed in to hug Kate not only once but twice, but shied away when meeting William. Diamond’s stepmother said of their encounter: “Kate was lovely, they were gracious and spent extra time with her. For a little girl who dreams everything princess, it was a dream come true.”