1dcuteguys: Tbh, I can’t remember where it was from but for sure it’s one of The X/Xtra Factor videos. x

feedyouraddiction: I didn’t really put much effect on it lol. I just changed the lighting and coloring of it. If you don’t know how to make it, you can just download some PSDS from the internet and experiment with it. :)

krazzylife: Umm…idk. My family? God? 1D?

katerina94: For “Gotta Be You” 12 AM PST, 2 AM CST, 3 AM EST and you can listen >> here

harryswagup: Thank you so much for telling me! Everyone’s sick and tired of reposts. When will people eve learn?

the1dgraphics: You don’t really have to…but thank you so, so much! Means a lot :’D x

overboardheart asked:

hi :) im just curious but how did u get all those pictures of zayn into one big one on your blog( the big one that's black and white with several pics of zayn)??? is there any chance you can send me that pic :) lol i really like it but im not gunna put it as my background. i just wanna use as my ipod touch background. please :) u could send it to me privately. thank you btw; your really pretty!!


Well, I used PhotoScape and there’s an option where we can like put all pictures all in one big picture, hehe :)
Yes, I’ll post it :)

And thank you!