shout out to everyone who gave up on the vampire diaries years ago and are now joining us to watch the final episode! welcome to what i like to call “the final stab”


“Oh please,” Katherine rolled her eyes. “You honestly think he cares about you.”
“Well, let’s look at the facts, Katherine. You’re here, willing to give yourself up to him and he isn’t taking you. He only gives me those looks of adoration that he used to give you. Face it. I won.”
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Can we just agree that:

Kat and Elijah’s children would have:

  •  Excellent hair

from both their Petrova ^

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and Mikaelson genes

  • They’d be impeccably dressed
  • They’d inherently walk like runway models 
  • They’d be highly skilled in combat and have a wicked sense of survival
  • They’d be charming

and adorable

But sassy beyond belief

  • and most probably bilingual

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“I still can’t get over the fact you’re dating Katherine. I mean, she dated your dad! That is just weird.”
“Well, Ty,” Y/N said. “At least I know she loves me.”
“Yeah sure,” Tyler said sarcastically. “She must really love the Lockwoods. Who knows, maybe she’ll try dating me next.”
“Oh please,” Y/N and Tyler saw Katherine as she walked down the stairs. As she got over to Y/N, she thread one arm around Y/N’s waist, pulling her closer. “As if I’d ever date you. Y/N is the only Lockwood I’ve ever cared about. In fact, she is the only one of you werewolves that I’ve ever loved.”
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