katerina petrove

Katherine Pierce's obituary.

I’ve got so much to say about this. This entire thing pissed me off. 

Katherine Pierce, the ultimate mean girl and quintessential survivor, died at the hands of her former love, Stefan Salvatore.

Former love? Stefan was het true love. She might not have been his but he was hers. Former. She spent her last weeks trying to win him back. 

In lieu of services, please say the most horrific thing she has done to you, and take a shot.

Yes, please remind me of how everyone blamed a ton of shit that was not Kat’s fault on her in 500 Years of Solitude because that was not completely infuriating.

Damon and Matt doing shots together and blaming Vicky on Kat was totally not OOC. 

Blaming her for Sheila? Like who decided to try to get into that tomb? Right Damon. Who decided to keep the freaking tomb open? Bonnie. (IS this where Bamon for Elena started?) 

Klaus followed her to mystic falls? Uh, he would have come anyway because you’re the doppelganger Elena. Granted also not your fault for being born one but Klaus would’ve come for you even if Katherine was not around. 

Somehow Kat got the blame for everything shitty Damon or Klaus has ever done. This stinks of misogyny. 

And no, Kat, you don’t freaking deserve everything they’re saying. 

Out of respect for the dead, we will make no mention of Elena Gilbert in this fauxbituary.

So you mentioned her just to say you wouldn’t mention her? Bravo. 

So when she arrived on the scene in present day Mystic Falls, we as writers expected her to be an old-world, distinguished woman with a taste for the classics. 

You are the writer you get to chose what she is like! And you know she wouldn’t be like this because you set her up as an antagonist. 

Ms. Pierce’s survival skills had become so good even the writers couldn’t kill her. We tried so many times, so many ways.

Again you kind of decide what to do. And the way you did do it was crap. 

When Stefan ended the tragic life of Katherine Pierce for good, Katherine got the most unique post-death experience of any character who has ever died on The Vampire Diaries: She got sent to something that felt suspiciously like “hell.”

I’m never going to be ok with Stefan actually killing her. Of course he’d prefer Elena. But I don’t get why they didn’t just make Damon do it. (Since he’s convinced himself he hates Katherine but actually loves her and needs to turn Elena into a crap person so he can actually be with her okay.) Why Stefan? 

Also you sent her to this ‘hell’ because you wanted it to feel final. Well it didn’t. You sent her to hell and let a lot of (male) character who’ve done just as bad or worse cross over. Does that make sense. Not it doesn’t. Why do you hate Kat and her fans Julie? Why? 

Her fate beyond death remains a mystery, but wherever she is, it’s safe to assume she’s not floating on a white cloud strumming a harp.

For a tiny second after it happened I thought maybe you’d explain where Kat has gone off to. Because again this made it feel anything but final. This does not give me closure. I need a freaking explanation. 

RIP, HBIC. You will be missed by some, forgotten by none.

Missed by most. If not all. I’m not liking this season at all and that’s because there’s been no Katherine or Dobsley to counteract all the crap (Delena, the awful pressured way they’re doing romantic Steroline, Bonnie being dealt the worst hand as usual).