katerina grahm

Katerina Grahm as Felicia Collins → 18 → Reserved

“I know he’s not safe, but I’m in love with him.”

Past: Felicia had the typical life growing up. Normal parents, regular siblings, average financial status. Everything in her life was just.. boring. Felicia wasn’t ever very popular throughout her preteens and teenage years and she had been fine with that. Until she met Eli, of course. He was the one thing in her life that was different and dangerous. He gave her a chance at a life with recklessness and risk. He introduced her to so many new things that she found interesting and intriguing. This new life was one she preferred to her old one and she loved how amazing he made her feel. But then she realized that his temper was short whenever he was drunk or high and that proved to be dangerous for a lot people, including her, but only a few times.

Present: Felicia is still with Eli, hoping every second of every day that he will change his ways and be someone that the other people in her life will approve of and learn to care for almost as much as she does. In fact, she’s fallen in love with him, and she’s practically physically unable to leave him for long. She lives at his apartment now and tries her best to stay confident and keep her cool through his struggling. All of her friends try and convince her to leave him, but she can’t even think about it without having a panic attack. Maybe someday soon she’ll be able to see just how awful things have gotten and get out before it kills them both.

Ships: Eli Branson