1981 The McEnroe Tantrum.wmv (by mtb3241) HT: Kateopolis

Last night, I dreamed about you, Kateopolis. It was taking place in the USA, during the 30’s, not even one block away from the modern buildings of Times Square, in a semi-detached house (yeah, non sense but there was a whole block of house in the center of NYC). Here I come with my old blue sky colored US car (don’t even ask me which one, I have no idea.). I’m parking just in front of your house. Entering the house, you, classy, nice and charming, are doing a shoot about aluminum coils. The studio is full of non sense since you are at 10 o'clock, pointing with the camera at 4 but there are tree trunks surrounded with aluminum at 2 far in the back and it’s still part of the shot. One guy and one girl, both dressed as chef, are placing the aluminum coils on a table.

Then you’re asking for someone to do a monster shadow on the ceiling (no idea in which language, french or english). I’m doing it, placed near the entrance wall with no light behind me (Am I a shadow ?!?). 

Shot done ! Oups, I’m really late for work. 2 cheek kisses, time to leave ! Bye !