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Kate is a curator of all things fascinating ranging from current events, science, and art – all accompanied with stunning, storytelling photos.

Kate is also a Tumblr editor for News and Design in Tumblr’s Explore.

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More on Tumblr's spam problem

kateoplis asks: so should I block every last one of them until/IF Tumblr gets it under control? do they in any way harm my traffic?

» SFB says: According to a support e-mail we just got about this, blocking doesn’t have an effect on that. “If you’d like, you can Block any blogs that are causing you concern,” the note says. “Blocking does not prevent someone from showing up as Follower or prevent them from viewing a public blog’s web pages or RSS feed.” So, blocking has no effect on your traffic … it just makes them invisible to you. The real issue is that they have a method to continue spamming a post forever. Disqus allows you to turn a comment thread off after two weeks. Tumblr should do that. Tumblr’s note says they’re working on the problem, however. Our suggestion to Tumblr on the spam issue: Prevent posts from getting liked or reblogged after a certain period — say, two weeks. The really old posts are the ones getting affected. — Ernie @ SFB

EDIT: We’re getting a lot of dissenting opinions on the blocking thing … but Tumblr could make it an option to shut off the hose. That would prove helpful. What I’m finding, personally, is that posts that haven’t had any reblogs in months are the ones getting targeted by likespam. It would be nice to simply be able to have a way to block it.

In Regards to the '148 Feet' in the Mike Brown Shooting

Its a common problem with the pro-mike brown camp not being able to actually research before opening their mouths. As you may have guessed by the title I am specifically referring to the nonsense concerning the distance Michael Browns body was from Wilson’s SUV. It has been said by rags like the Daily Kos (your home for leftist propaganda) and certain blogs here that the Ferguson PD (FPD) and Darren Wilson have been lying this entire time about the distance between Officer Wilson and Brown. 

According to these sources the FPD has been claiming that that Brown dropped thirty five feet from Wilson’s SUV where he was stationary and shot brown when he ran back. In actuality (according to these less then reliable sources) Wilson lied and actually chased Brown while shooting him in the back, it is this that leads to the 148 feet away from the SUV.

Now, there is one problem here. It is true the FPD originally said Wilson was stationary, but according to Wilson’s own version he took a much more logical route when dealing with an individual who just assaulted him and gave chase after Brown with his weapon drawn, but not firing his weapon, it was only after Brown turned to attach did Wilson open fire.

This explains why Brown was 148 feet away from the SUV, because he was being chased by the man he attacked, and was shot approximately 35 feet away from him(incidentally nearly perfectly what is considered ‘standard engagement range’ to many Police Departments). 

So what have we learned? Only that the people who continue to support the thug that was Michael Brown can’t do research to save their lives, that or they are intentionally spreading lies. Doesn’t really matter.

Also I tagged some of the people spreading this lie. Shits and giggles mostly if you want to take a look.