katelyn mccaigue

Ugg these two cute dorks give me so many feels and I have finally gotten the chance to do a full color fan art!  This was really fun and I really enjoyed making the lanterns.
This will be one of my prints available at Phoenix Comic Con at booth 11124 : ) Also I am thinking of starting a society 6 account to sell prints off of.  What do you guys think? 

Art created by Katelyn McCaigue 
Legend of Korra © Nick 

Jade Dragon Posting Update!

Hey all!  
So I finally am to the point where I can announce I will be posting a new Jade Dragon page TWICE A WEEK!   

I will start posting page updates every Wednesday and Friday starting the week of August 12th :D The time that they are posted will usually be around 2-3 PM MST but may very depend on the day.  

I also wanted to thank you all for becoming fans!  We just broke 80 fans on Jade Dragon! Thank you all again and I can finally start getting this story rolling!  

Thanks you guys! Love you all!  

Katelyn <3

Watching avatar while doing some jade dragon character studies :) I havent watched avatar for a while and it’s nice to rewatch mu favorite episodes while working :D probably will add the piece I am working on to my portfolio.
I sent in the application for the nickelodeon internship btw! I hope I get in. That would be amazing! I already gave the link to my portfolio to them but I think I’ll just add a few more pieces lol
Wish me luck with finishing up my work lol