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I’ve been looking for the right excuse to draw these characters, so since its Seinfeld day, enjoy “Incorrect Foxhole Court Quotes: Seinfeld Edition”!

I still gotta work on some of the designs, but for now I’m happy.

Trigger warning for sexual abuse!!

Okay but I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, who’s to say that Riko wasn’t sexually abusive as well as physically abusive? I know I can’t be the only one who’s thought of it. The fact Neil blocked out most of that Christmas break then to come back to Kevin saying “I know how he is” like this all don’t add up. Maybe that’s why Riko had such an emotion attachment to Kevin, Jean and Neil. Idk maybe that’s how he got attached to them and how he felt things, making it that much worse for him when they left

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Please please please! Expand on the sense8!aftg AU when you have the time! I'm so in love with it!

Anonymous said: I love your writing!! Could you develope the aftg+sense8 fic??

omfg you have no idea how hard this was for me to write! D: this is like the 3rd attempt and it’s still awful. but i’m done with it. just take it. 

  • okay so, before Neil’s cluster, there was another cluster with Tetsuji Moriyama and Kevin’s mum, Kayleigh. they came up with exy through their link
  • when Kengo found out about it, he tortured Tetsuji for information, finding out everything the sensates are capable of.
  • Kengo see’s them as a threat, and orders Tetsuji to kill everyone in his cluster
  • he then orders him to take Kevin in and watch for any signs that it runs in the blood
  • the first 2 ppl that actually made contact in the fox cluster were Dan and Kevin
  • it’s a little after Riko broke Kevin’s hand, and the doctor just told Kevin he’ll never be able to play with it again. he’s huddled in the bathroom, the sound of the shower drowning out his sobs
  • he flinches severely when he feels a hand on his shoulder, someone hushing him softly. he looks up to see a pretty girl with cropped hair.
  • he knows her, of course he knows her. the first female captain in NCAA Class I Exy history, everyone who knows exy, knows Dan Wilds
  • what he doesn’t know is why she’s here, how she got in the bathroom. he shoves her hand off his shoulder, harshly wiping the tears off his face.
  • he asks her what she’s doing here, how she’s here. she just shrugs, “that’s not what’s important. what’s important is getting you out of here.” she gives him a phone number
  • he rings it

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OK OK so someone tagged that matt and neil friendship post about a BEACH TRIP and lemme tell u i am READY (dedicated to @liarielle)

  • its neils sophomore year and the freshmen are being difficult so the original foxes decide they need some frosh free bonding time
  • the beach is nickys idea (ofc) and matts on board immediately
  • allison has a private beach resort booked before theyve even finished talking about it
  • andrew cant say no to neil and aaron is allowed to bring katelyn so theyre on board
  • kevin bitches and moans but secretly hes excited as shit (u better believe him and neil are bringing their raquets)
  • renee has the idea to invite jean (and by extension, jeremy) and the others agree pretty easily
  • they tell coach and pile into the cars ready to fuckin party
  • renee takes andrews car to get the 2 trojans from the airport once they get to the resort/beach house/whatever
  • neil suddenly panics bc SCARS once the others start running into the water and doesnt wanna take his shirt off so him and andrew sit together under the umbrella
  • at some point nicky risks death and maiming to dump water on them and andrew chases him into the tide 
  • neil is less enraged but decides that since his shirt is already wet he might as well go in the water w the others
  • matt and dan grab him immediately and they start splashing around in the waves and making up bizarre wave based games
  • aaron and katelyn r somewhere building crazy complicated sandcastles
  • kevin is reading and allison is tanning (this is how they bond, sometimes he reads out loud to her if hes reading something interesting)
  • nicky narrowly has escaped andrews grasp bc he was distracted by renees return
  • jeremy and kevin bro hug it the fuck out and then jeremy and nicky shove jean and kevin at each other
  • its all very emotional and allison is rolling her eyes the entire time and renee thinks its adorable
  • jeremy drags both of them into the water right away and renee sits w allison 
  • its all very gay and nicky feels at peace
  • andrew goes to see what neil is doing 
  • matt sees him and declares a chicken fight immediately, grabbing neil to put him on his shoulders
  • dan and andrew r Not Happy about this, but they will Not lose to their idiot boyfriends
  • andrew gets on dans shoulders
  • dan and andrew win (ofc) and they play again couple v couple, and then matt and andrew v neil and dan
  • (matt and dan win bc they have an unfair height advantage, but dan and neil win bc dan trips matt)
  • andrew acts all pouty but hes rly happy seeing neil having so much fun, and seeing kevin and jean having fun w/o exy involved
  • neil gets out of the water and without thinking takes his shirt off to dry
  • he panics for roughly 3 seconds before looking around and realizing he loves and trusts literally everyone here and he actually feels safe
  • (none of them say anything but later andrew kisses every one of his scars and reminds neil that he’ll never let anything hurt him like that again)
  • the others r kind of shocked but kevin and dan make sure nicky’s mouth doesnt ruin the moment
  • they play a shirts and skins exy game (kevin neil and jean r there this was inevitable)
  • the teams r neil, jeremy, jean, matt, allison, and andrew v kevin, dan, nicky, aaron, renee, and katelyn
  • katelyn reveals that she used to be a dealer in high school and kevin is overjoyed (aaron however, simply thinks ‘oh jesus not you too’)
  • neils team wins, kevin is pouty until alcohol becomes involved
  • the sun starts to set so matt (the Manly Man™) and neil go gather wood for a fire
  • they get back in time to watch the sunset w everyone and andrew drags neil off and they get sand in their pants if u know what i mean
  • they get back and all the others laugh and nicky makes all the dumb jokes until andrew threatens him w fire
  • (and then aaron and katelyn run off to do the same thing)
  • (matt and dan have the restraint to wait til they get back to the house thankfully)
  • matt also thought to bring hot dogs so they can roast them over the fire
  • renee brought marshmallows too now its a Real Campfire™
  • and they all just sit around the fire and have a wonderful time and Bond and shit and neil is so happy sitting w his FAMILY and andrew gets to watch his boo be HAPPY and jean feels so ACCEPTED and kevin feels like life is real and everything is wonderful
  • (they get back and wymack wonders when the fuck he turned around and his team actually learned how to get along??? what????)
  • ((now he owes abby like 50 bucks dammit))

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  • first order of business: glasses
  • andrew + glasses = neil dying
  • seriously the boy is already a fucking gift and glasses just make him even hotter
  • he doesnt wear them outside of home though, so it’s usually only neil who sees him in them
  • (kevin and aaron are the only other ones to see him in glasses, and nicky got a glimpse once)
  • after baltimore and everything, it became easier for the upperclassmen to tolerate andrew and the others through a mutual love and protectiveness of neil
    • andrew actually respects dan and matt when they arent annoying since they do have their own strengths
    • (he seems like the kind of guy who can respect strength - and, well, a mutual love of neil)
  • but imagine this: a tentative andrew and allison friendship

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nothing else was ever really said about Matt teaching Neil how to box, so i like to think that after the books, the whole team help Neil how to fight and defend himself

  • he takes regular boxing lessons with Matt. first thing Matt teaches him is how to make a proper fist. He teaches him how to not hurt himself, before he teaches him how to hurt other ppl
  • he also teaches him balance and how to stand on the balls of his feet, so he can dart in any direction. Neil’s already fast, and this just makes him uncatchable and Matt would always prefer Neil to be able to get away from a fight, over actually being in one
  • then he teaches him to box. first with a punching bag, then with a dummy - he shows him where to hit, where it hurts most, how to take down ur opponent with one hit - then they move into a ring
  • Matt teaches him to box with gloves, but also without. bare-knuckled boxing is more dangerous, but also more necessary
  • after their training they always go and get a burger and milkshake in the diner across the street, both bruised and smiling

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continuation of this post  cigarettesmokeandexyracquets

  • the vixens are an all girl pop band 
  • katelyn is lead singer and dating aaron
  • any picture of him smiling either has her in it or was taken by her 
  • erik is the monsters’s manager and nicky’s boyfriend 
  • they get neil to join the band and him and kein split lead vocals 
  • they go on tour 
  • the vixens do too 
  • renee, allison, dan, and matt get to accompany them as roadies or whatever  
  • everyone thinks andrew and renee are a couple. neil doesn’t know why it bothers him but it does 
  • kevin was in a band with riko before he joined the monsters and riko tried to ruin his singing career bc of rumors that kevin wanted to go solo 
  • riko’s band is also on tour 
  • they give a bunch of interviews and one show host brings out riko 
  • neil knows what it means when kevin freezes up and so he trash talks riko 
  • kevin gets drunk after that interview but he’s always better before the concert 
  • riko’s new roadie is drake bc i apparently like to suffer 
  • drake gets andrew alone and the tour gets cut short bc andrew goes to the hospital and aaron gets arrested 
  • aaron doesn’t go to trail bc defense of a third person 
  • andrew goes to rehab and when he gets back him and neil start the truth for truth game 
  • neil asks about andrew’s about his foster homes. andrew asks neil about his past 
  • katelyn supports aaron and andrew in everything, including what had just happened, even though andrew doesn’t like her too much 
  • he grows to like her after he sees how good she is for aaron but he doesn’t admit it or talk to her unless necessary 
  • andrew and neil start doing whatever they’re doing and they end up coming out during an interview to spite the people trash talking them 
  • renee is very happy for them 
  • allison wins like 500 bucks 
  • the trojans are also a band. when jean leaves riko’s band he joins them 
  • jeremy is lead singer. jean is drums. laila is guitar. alvarez is bass and back up vocals 
  • kevin has the biggest crush on jeremy and the whole band teases him about it 
  • thea is still an exy player and kevin is so in love with her it’s sickening 
  • allison and renee are together. dan and matt are together 
  • neil and matt are bros 
  • the monsters perform at dan and matt’s wedding and they ask andrew to sing and neil gives a toast and allison’s the maid of honor and renee and katelyn are bridesmaids and neil is the best man and nicky and kevin are groomsmen and wymack walks dan down the aisle 
  • wymack is still an exy coach and dan is still on his team 
10 things I hate about you - bluerockets - All For the Game - Nora Sakavic [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 2/?
Fandom: All For the Game - Nora Sakavic
Rating: Mature
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Relationships: Neil Josten/Andrew Minyard, Katelyn/Aaron Minyard
Characters: Andrew Minyard, Aaron Minyard, Neil Josten, Matt Boyd, Katelyn (All For The Game)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - High School, Love/Hate, Drinking, Smoking, Fluff and Angst, AU

Aaron can only go to prom with his girlfriend, Katelyn, if his brother, Andrew, finds a date to go with him. Except that Andrew is the most troubled teenager that does not believe in love or affection. Well, this is until he meest a guy who is even more complicated than him. But, things are even more difficult, since money and feelings are involved.

(inspired by the movie “10 Things I Hate About You”)

@glowingforyou @ravenclawboys and i were talking about the foxes playing pokemon go and we have come up with a few headcanons 

  • nicky is way into it, he’s constantly searching for new pokemon trying to beat everyone else 
  • kevin pretends to hate it but he secretly loves it so much?? he has more than nicky who gets so offended when he finds out kevin has more than him
  • kevin wakes andrew up at 2am to drive him to find pokemon. 
  • andrew is pissed but he brings along neil as well and the three of them go pokemon hunting in the early hours of the day
  • neil snapchats all of it, especially the part where kevin forces them to go into what looks like an abandoned hospital 
  • they end up at mcdonalds at 6am neil is asleep on the table, andrew is drinking a large coffee with a shit ton of sugar, kevin is in the women’s bathroom cause he heard there was a pikachu inside
  • allison, renee, and dan team up with matt occasionally joining in (he wasn’t really into pokemon as a kid more of a digimon dude) 
  • the three girls kill though, they completely crush everyone.
  • nick weeps at the thought 
  • “forget exy, i’m becoming a pokemon trainer” actual quote from nicky hemmick 
  • kevin starts crying when he hears that. 
  • aaron and katelyn are super into it as well
  • they go on pokemon hunting dates
  • for halloween they dress up as team rocket 
  • now andrew is secretly the biggest pokemon trainer
  • he and neil secretly have more than anyone even kevin 
  • whenever they go on drives by themselves they’re actually hunting for more pokemon
  • they have on more than one occasion crossed state lines because they were close to getting a mewtwo
  • kevin feels betrayed™ when he learns about this 
  • just the foxes playing pokemon go!!