photographer Chip Willis

model Kateley

i keep looking at this picture and i fall harder and harder for it. first of all you have the model. her face is full of this raw emotion. you can see the tears running down her face. the light hits her in a way that makes her look alive and yet vunerable. you can really see her as a person, she’s more than just a model in this picture, and i love it. 

what i've learned from my chip willis week

first of all, i have a lot more in common with chip willis than i thought i would. that sounds weird, but it’s the truth. when i looked up things he said, or read his blog i found i related with quite a few things. i looked and saw the music he reflected on was music i listen to now.

second, the more i got to know the photographer himself the more i valued his work and what went into it. it was really interesting to learn the stories and the thoughts of both the model and the photographer that were involved in a picture.

the third thing that has come to my realization was not all photographers were good in the beginning. to tell the truth they all had to find their way and learn a lot to get where they are today. in searching for a new photographer for the coming week i looked through portfolios and i was amazing to see the evolution that would take place in the short period of a few years. 

the fourth thing i have come upon is the a lot of models and photographers are really easy people to talk to and are willing to take time out of their day to talk about what they love to do. thank you Nettie Harris for letting me know what it’s like to shoot with Chip. Also, thank you Kateley (lushflora) for writing me that wonderful reply. it was really amazing to hear something that lovely, as well as gratitude for my comment. you deserve every ounce of respect and admiration for what you do. oh! thank you Chip Willis for answering my email. 

lastly, i have cemented the idea in my mind that photography is important to me and something i want to pursue. knowing this i also know that i’ll improve as i go. which makes me excited.