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Welcome back! Don't worry, rl comes first. Now, for my ask, let's see... Some exchange between Gokudera, Tsuna and Yamamoto greeting you back :D

Thank you so much! Funny how I thought id be more active during summer break buT WELP 

Also I did this as school age trio cuz…I’m their age so yeah time to get SELF INDULGENT LOWKEY

I hope I did thisright


Tsuna, Yamamoto and Gokudera stood at the gates at the front of the school, their usual spot for talking before class, though as of late their had been an absent member of their little group. No one mentioned it, so Tsuna stayed quiet but he was sure the other two had noticed the absence as well. He could rationalise the absence during summer, but now it was a week into the school year and still barely a peep. The odd message here and there calmed Tsuna’s worries but still, he could not help but wonder if his ties to the mafia had anything to do with this. 

They were about to start walking to class before a very familiar voice rang through the otherwise calm air of the morning. 

“Hey guys wait!!” A figure was running toward them and honestly the trio already knew who this late hot mess of a person was. 

“Haha Zappy hey! Long time no see!” Yamamoto grinned, waving at his friend as they approached. Tsuna smiled, Gokudera on the other hand raised an eyebrow but Tsuna could tell he was somewhat relieved. Slowing to a halt “Zappy” gave a sheepish smile, rubbing her neck.

“yeah haha I’m glad to be back!” She replied. Tsuna noted how messy the poor girls hair was and, well let’s just say he was having flashbacks to sleeping in for school. 

Yamamoto threw his arm over Zappy’s shoulder as the four of them started walking to class. Of course Gokudera’s questioning gaze soon gave way to interrogating Zappy on why she had basically went missing for weeks. Though really behind his mean tone was worry, which made Yamamoto laugh, flinging his other arm around Gokudera. Tsuna laughed along with them and made conversation. 

“Are you sure your okay enough to be back?” Tsuna prodded, causing Zappy to pause in her laughter and glance at him. 

“Well… being here with you guys will make me even better. At least that’s what I think y’know?” She said, awkward smile gracing her face.  Yamamoto gave her a one armed hug. “aweeeee Zappy” 

“Well now Baseball idiot and Tsuna can stop worrying-”

“But Gokudera you were worrying too-”

“yeah well-” 

Zappy just laughed as Gokudera tried to defend himself, just moments after they reached the classroom the belle rang out. 

Sitting down beside Gokudera, who whispered a quiet “Welcome back” as the teacher walked in. Zappy smiled to herself, glancing over her three friends, she was already feeling better just being around them!