You Are My Sunshine

Omg don’t talk to me I cant believe I draw this, I’m glad I finely drew my otp (but why so sad) I feel like a jerk not drawing them cause I love them so much! Im so agry, I found out that SAI has a canvas size limit haft way through so I had to re-size the shit I had drawn already so the quality at the beginning now looks like shit I almost want to redraw it. that’s not happening

Yes I had Tsuna die at the end, please don’t kill me

“I love how Tsuna is so normal. He’s like the typical middle school student with bad grades, a lack of self confidence, a hate for sports.. He’s the typical student. Then suddenly out of nowhere, he’s supposed to become a mafia boss. The other Shonen Jump protagonists all have some kind of depressing past, or something that builds them up, but I think what makes Tsuna so strong about protecting his friends is because he came from such a normal background.”

24 Hour Ramen Stand

I’m gonna cry I’m so proud of this! So happy I got the lighting right for once. Colring everything pissed me off case I dont usually draw backgrounds.

I’v been eating crappy instant ramen the last 3 days cause my moms an lazyass and isent making any food, I need to try real ramen one day. I know NOTHING of Japanese what you see is google translate.  

Reborn and Tsuna my babys you should be together forever!