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Something pretty wonderful happened yesterday evening!

My first BIG goal was to hit 750$ a month, at which I would be able to produce a short or a sketch – something small, but still: something. 

I hit that goal.

And now Patreon starts to get REALLY interesting for me. 

At $1000, I’m going to put together a music video.

At $1500, I can start work on a short series.

At $2500, I can produce a longer short - or just a more complex one - or more episodes of the short series.

And at $3000 a month, I can step back from my “day job” and work on creating.

The more I make on Patreon, the easier it is for me to step away from my job and focus more and more on making Patreon fun and rewarding for Patrons – I’ll never be a vlogger, and I’m cool with that, but that just means our interaction is all the more creative. I’ll be able to bring my secret Instagram followers Live on Set, I’ll be able to put together photo shoots more regularly and start experimenting with characters, I can show you a rehearsal, etc. Basically – the more I do, the more I can bring you along

Now’s an awesome time to join – even just $1 gets you exclusive access to stuff – but if money’s tight, I get that: your shares got me here. Seriously, you sharing has been amazingly helpful. 

Thanks for watching, thanks for sharing, thanks for joining, and thanks for helping make some dreams (ew) come true (ew ew).