Vidcon was buzzing with energy as people met their idols from the Internet. The badges, the vlogger, the performances, and everything else was like a state of allusion for youtuber Kate Evans. She had been on YouTube for a few years, but this year she was at Vidcon to meet and greet all the friends and fans she hade made in the past years of video making.
She hade a extra feeling of delight in her that this year she planned on meeting her idols, Danisnotonfire and Amazingphil.

Kate had a few YouTube friends already that she loved so much, but meeting and Dan and Phil was something different. Through the years they had helped her push forward her YouTube career, inspiring many of her videos. Dan and Phil didn’t know she existed, but they helped her so much. Its funny how people can have such an impact without ever talking to them, the feeling of being reached out to by someone through a computers careen. Sometimes, it helps much more than the people surrounding you, and that is what Kate wanted to do. Make people smile, make people feel like they are not alone in the world, and inspire them to follow their dreams.

Vidcon was known for it’s mad rush of people, so Kate wasn’t surprised when she accidentally ran into someone while vlogging. She was annoyed, but her mood brightened when she looked up and saw a teenage girl with a huge smile. Kate put down her camera so she could properly talk to the girl.

“ OH my god, you’re Kate Evans! Can I get a picture please?!?”

The smile on Kate’s lips was huge. ” Sure, I’m cool with that.” The girl pulled out her iPhone from her purse, and she and Kate took selfies. Both girls had genuine joys in their eyes of dreams meeting. The girl disappeared after that and a profuse thank you to the female youtuber.

Kate’s Vidcon experience was amazing. Kate didn’t have a panel (yet) so she wandered most of the day. She talked to so many youtubers and made friends with so many people. She met people who told her stories of inspiration and her, actually her, helping them get through some shit they were in. Wandering through the halls of the building she passed a food vendor. Hungry from the the excitement of the day she could go for a slice of pizza. Unfortunately, lots of other people had the same idea, and there was a long ass line. After about 2 minutes of waiting she heard the people behind her talk.

“ Come on! I’m sure we can find somewhere else that has food, and not have to wait 20 minutes in line!"the accented voice whined.

Kate’s attitude turned on, and turned around ” Good luck with that.” she said in a sassy nice way. The man who had spoken looked at Kate with soft brown eyes and brown hair with a well cut fringe. ” Wait shit are you Danisnotonfire.” attention swept across to his blue eyed and black haired friend ” and, sweet Jesus, Amazingphil!”

Phil responded first ” Yep, nice to meet you.” She couldn’t believe she was actually hearing Phil’s northern accent. Kate shook Phil’s hand to be polite until he pulled her in for a bear hug of warmth.

Dan was squinting at you for quite a while before his eyes finally widened with aN astounding resolution. ” Hey, I know you! You’re a youtuber right? Phil she’s the girl that did Impressions of us. Remember we saw those videos.”

” Well damn you saw those videos. Um I mean thank you… I like your videos too.“ Kate was flabbergasted with the fact DAN AND PHIL SAW HER VIDEOS.

Phil’s mouth shaped into a O as he recognized her.” Right I remember that video. You said something about not being able to match the cuteness. I remember because I thought you were adorable.” Phil smiled at Kate. Kate thought he was the sweetest thing n the world in videos, but how is someone so nice in real life.

Kate pulled out her phone, and opened the camera app. “Do you guys mind.”

"It’s no problem, Kate. We literally took a billion selfies today, but would be glad to take one with you. Shit, Phil we are selfie professionals.” Dan said while leaning down and closer to Kate to get into the picture.

“ I should be honored to take selfies with you then.” Kate rolled her eyes at the boy’s reactions. Phil stuck his chin out and put his hands on his hips as a heroic figure, and Dan flipped his fringe back dramatically.

For the rest of the line the three youtubers talked and got to know each other. By the end the promised to meet up and talk again. Vidcon was perfect that year.

____________________________________________________ Sorry for the utter crap it turned out to be. I jus think Dan, Phil, and Kate would be like best friends with their attitudes. Bye sorry *hides behind couch*
Ghost Story Game (my entry)

My name is Giftalia! One night I was sleeping on my Lazy Susan (as I always do)
when I heard a moan (hot). It was coming from my attic (not so hot)
I opened the door and saw Kate Evans(Yay!), dead on the floor and covered in urine(oh shit)! I felt nostalgic! (I’ve done this before @_@)
I tried to escape but then I saw the ghost of Kate Evans blocking the door and making the sound of a wombat.(the birth of all nightmares)
I threw an injection at it but it bounced off the wall and hit me in the arm pit and I died. (injection fatality?)
In my new life as a ghost I possess a didgeridoo and haunt Emma Stone( need i say more?)