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Adi Shankar Presents a Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Bootleg Film By Joseph Kahn. Katee Sackhoff and James van der Beek star.

What ever happened to the original  team when they  grew up? Here’s one vision.

Had the show turned into THIS, we’d probably still be watching!

In honor of Oculus being released tonight I am finally posting this picture! In October 2012 during the film’s shoot in Mobile, Alabama I had the honor of being Katee Sackhoff’s double for a scene. She was lovely and everyone on the cast and crew that I met was so nice and friendly. It was a really unique experience and I’m glad I got the opportunity to do it–even if it meant getting eight inches of my hair cut off to match Katee’s!

(Evidently they wanted me to be Karen Gillan’s stand-in (asdkfjsjdff) but since I lived 3.5 hours away and couldn’t be there for the whole shoot they went with someone else. I did get to meet Karen though, and talk to her for about an hour. She is amazing.)



Oculus - Official Trailer (2014) [HD]

things I want to see in the mcu

  • a black panther movie
  • asian doctor strange
  • anthony mackie in a tight red kevlar-blend uniform also redwing
  • a black widow movie
  • katee sackhoff as carol danvers
  • monica rambeau
  • any actress with asian heritage cast for janet van dyne 
  • a sequel to the RAGINGLY SUCCESSFUL heroes for hire tv series starring misty knight and colleen wing
  • danny rand with asian-american heritage
  • M O N I C A  R A M B E A U

so not much just a few minor things u know