In  s i l e n t  screams,

in wildest dreams

I never dreamed of  t h i s.

Lost, Then Found → it’s not every day your best friend gets resurrected

1. Freedom - Afrojack  2. We Used To Be Friends - Emma Wells  3. Fireside - Arctic Monkeys  4. Shattered & Hollow - First Aid Kit  5. The Top Of Memory Lane - Lenka  6. Chasing The Sun - Sara Bareilles  7. Goodbye - Asobi Seksu  8. This Love - Taylor Swift  9. At Home - Crystal Fighters  10. Sitting On Top Of The World - Alexandra Burke


This became a Kate/Cassie fic? Okay then

“It’s nearly midnight,” Cassie murmurs in Kate’s ear, arms wrapped tight around her middle as Kate fixes a drink for herself and Eli, “Can’t I just have one sip?”

“I’m sorry,” Kate says, not sounding very at all, “But you’re still underage and I won’t corrupt you anymore than I have.”

Cassie giggles.

Around them walk superheroes; Iron Man and Captain America, Hawkeye and Falcon, Black Widow and Winter Solider. It’s still weird being in the Avenger’s mansion, being welcomed with open arms, but when the invitations to spend New Year’s Eve among the bold and the brave arrived, Billy basically told them all in no certain terms that they wouldn’t be missing it. 

Kate waves Eli over for his drink, then turns so she’s more in Cassie’s arms. Eli wanders over, arguing intensely with Tommy; Kate hides her smile in Cassie’s shoulder but hears Cassie giggle knowingly. 

“I’m just saying,” Tommy bites, “If you got off your high horse, than maybe-”

“Guys, it’s New Year’s Eve. Do you have to spend the last minutes of 2012 fighting?”

“Yes,” they answer in unison; Eli downs his drink, glaring. 

They continue on and Cassie at least waits until they’re out of earshot because she says, “God, I can’t wait until they finally just snap and do it.”

Kate coughs on her drink. Out of the corner of the eye, she sees Billy and Teddy stumble into the room, fixing their clothes. Billy looks probably ravished and she can see a hickey from all the way across the room; Teddy can’t stop smiling.

“Hello, ladies,” Billy greets walking up to them.

Kate grins. “You had sex in the Avengers mansion.”

“No we didn’t,” Billy says quickly. Too quickly.

Cassie high-fives Teddy, who just grins unabashedly. 

“Way to blow our cover, T,” Billy mutters.

“That’s not all I blew,” Teddy says quietly. “I need Tommy here for a fist-bump…”

Instead, he gets Clint (and a fist bump) but Kate gets yanked away much from them much to Cassie's chagrin.

“So, how were you guys enjoying the party?” Teddy asks.

Cassie smiles. “We were having a great time…until Hawkeye the Original stole my girlfriend.”

“Are they playing Mario Kart?!” Billy’s eyes bug out and he grabs for Teddy’s hand on his way toward the television. “I can play Mario Kart against Spiderman.”

“Bye, Cassie,” Teddy says as he’s pulled away.


Kate finds Cassie with seconds to spare, smiling happily as her girlfriend forms in her arms.

“Just in time,” Cassie murmurs.

“I try.”

The superheros around them begin counting down; Billy and Teddy curl toward each other on the couch; Teddy murmurs something that has Billy smiling. Tommy and Eli are standing in a corner, still arguing. 

“3, 2, 1…Happy New Year!”

Kate kisses Cassie, smiling against her lips, hand tangling in Cassie’s hair as Cassie tilts her head and kisses back. Behind them, Teddy and Billy kiss on the couch and Tommy pushes Eli against the wall and Eli grabs for him, their lips finally connecting. 

When Cassie pulls away, she brushes away some of Kate’s hair and says quietly, “I hope this year is better than the last.”

“You’re back,” Kate murmurs, “Ever year is best."