The Masterminds Behind The Wicked + The Divine C2E2 Panel Highlights

On the creative process and how they work as a team:

“I spend a lot of time dealing with Kieron’s words.”
     -Chrissy Williams (Series Editor)
She also stressed the importance of getting each character to really feel like themselves.

“He’ll write a bunch of stuff that he doesn’t all expect to be on the page.”
     -Jamie McKelvie (Series Artist) on Kieron Gillen (Series Writer)

“My main job is trying to extract story from his head in a way that makes sense to the wider world.”

She went on to use the scene in issue twenty, where Baphomet reveals himself to be Nergal, as an example. The way Baphomet explains why he keeps his true identity a secret went through a lot of tweaking.

Study the look on Baphomet’s face in each of these boxes. Especially the middle one. The creators discussed all of the things they wanted to convey, with little to no words from him.

“It’s nice that Kieron trusts me enough to pull that off with just an expression.”

“I like to say that any story worth its while started by being written on the back of a bus ticket.”

“A lot of (fan) theories will change when the next special comes out.”                      -Gillen

The first scenes ever written for the series include Luci’s courtroom speech, a scene at the end of issue number five, and Baphomet’s big Nergal reveal.

In the original version of this scene Cass backed down too much. When Kieron realized this he knew he had to rewrite it.

“Some of the things we do are deliberately bad.”

Gillen said that his favorite running visual is the phone.

“You can tell so much just from somebody’s phone screen,” added McKelvie.

Gillen talks about the characters:

Woden’s basic archetype is modeled after that of an abusive producer.

“Baphomet’s not quite as bad as he intends to be.”

“Baphomet’s really scared, (as) opposed to Baal. Baal is confident with who he is. And he takes on a lot of responsibilities in his own way.”

“(The) Verbal playfulness of rap, that’s where that comes from.”
     -On Baal’s nicknames for the other Gods

“Laura’s sister is very important in a way that hasn’t been foregrounded.”

Q&A led by the audience:

Q: What was the last song you heard and how did it make you feel?
     McKelvie: “Total eclipse of the heart. Kieron was leaping.”
     Gillen: “Under Pressure,” he adds that it was blasted in the bathroom.

Q: Are there any other Gods that you considered for the series?

     Gillen: A random Siberian God. Also some Native American Gods… but I          felt like we didn’t have a right to use them just for the sake of the story.

Q: For the final question the panelists were asked, essentially, which concerts affected them in the same way that Amaterasu’s concert in issue one affected Laura.

      Kate Bush was McKelvie’s answer.
     “Mogwai. They were like angels. Very violent angels running past my face.”       Gillen also mentioned a Robyn gig he saw in Brixton.
      Williams made an enthusiastic comment about the time she saw Joanna           Newsome in a field in Wales.  

     That was the last question before the moderator announced that time was up, which really took me by surprise. It had gone by so quickly. The strong dedication from the creators and the true passion from the other fans in the room are what made this panel an unforgettable experience.