Well! We’ve come to the end of 2015 and I haven’t made a follow forever in years. I thought I’d honour my mutuals and give everyone a virtual kiss under the mistletoe. I also have to thank my 10,000+ followers, I can’t believe y’all still hang around this multi-fandom mess. I hope 2016 is everything you want it to be and you are happy.

Squad: I’m blessed to have met all of you this year! Meeting @danakatharine in Australia and seeing Cate Blanchett on stage and then visiting my first gay club in England with @klytemnestras and @rhondaboneys​. Formative experiences. You’re so important to me. 

I also met @katullys this year in New York and went to Washington DC with her! I stayed with @robertcarlyle in Vancouver and then we travelled France and the UK together. I met @kingstonmcbride in England and @gillianaanderson in Paris! Basically what I want to say is I’m so thankful to everyone for proving that “online friends” can become real life friends and that really there is no difference. 


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Hello everyone!! 

I’ve decided to do my first ever follow forever. I wanna thank y’all for being awesome and filling my dash with cool content and being lovely people & having rad blogs.

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