I feel like its worth noting that Star Trek didn’t become what it is thanks to the writers/producer/creators. Gene Roddenberry wasn’t a saint, he said and did some pretty sexist and horrible stuff. Rick Berman, Brannon Braga, JJ Abrams, and Bob Orci definitely aren’t much better.

Star Trek became what it is because of the actors, because of people like Leonard Nimoy, George Takei, Deforest Kelly, Nichelle Nichols, Gates Mcfadden, Marina Sirtis, Patrick Stewart, Michael Dorn, LeVar Burton, Wil Weaton, Avery Brooks, Terry Farrell, Nana Visitor, Alexander Siddig, Kate Mulgrew, Garret Wang, and Jeri Ryan.

And people like Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, and Doug Jung have been continuing that legacy the others left behind. And from what I’ve already heard about the discovery cast, I think this is going to continue on for a while.


Okay so I FINALLY saw Breaking Dawn Part2 and I must say that movie was the best out of all of them.

Ever since the movie I now…

Love the Kate/Garrett pairing, wish they would’ve expanded their story (theres fanfic for a reason ;-) )

That part towards the end, my friends and I were like noooo and towards the end of it, I almost had a heart attack and was recovering from the shock. (You’ll know why if you guys havent seen it)

Jackson Rathobone still hot as ever

The ending I was happy about. A good way to close the series.

I would say more BUT I dont want to spoil for those who havent seen it. You just have to watch to find out!!