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I love Kate & Leopold. It holds a special place in my heart

Me too, darling! ME TOO!! It has everything: comedy, drama, romance, time travel, dancing, beautiful cinematography, old fashioned sweetness, a perfect cast. And there are three things that really make it special for me:

- The way it presents the idea that we have forgotten how to relax, slow down, and enjoy the simple things in life. To find joy in simple pleasures like a carriage ride, a sunset, a delicious meal is a glorious thing.

- The old fashioned chivalry and manner of Leopold’s character. That he does things simple because he wishes to be kind. He doesn’t expect anything in return. I just think it presents a great commentary on what modern society is like . Manners should still be important and Chivalry is only sincere if you do something with no expectations.

- Lastly, that we see a man wiling to look past a woman’s seemingly cold exterior and does everything to win her heart. It’s so much like Emma and Hook I have no words.

I’ve gotten a bit carried away. I JUST REALLY LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!

Me at midnight to @honeycombhenry: So I want a sidgeno regency AU that reads like a storybook but also a Kate and Leopold vibe…with a dash of Nicholas Cage in The Family Man with the whole glimpse/final airport scene…but I also want time traveling and reincarnation and a lot of historical inaccuracies for the sake of CHEESY DRAMATIC ROMANCE.

Hence, this was born. 

(4k, sfw cheese, warning for plot holes, no beta, and ooc…like really this is just a self-indulgent fic…and yes, Geno goes full rom com Nicolas cage in the ending scene without stealing the declaration of independence) 

The master of the Malkin Estate falls in love with his valet on a rainy afternoon.

Sidney Crosby, fair-faced and kind, had revealed his love for snow and ice skating as he helped to dress Evgeni, and Evgeni had selfishly followed the curve of Sidney’s lips as he spoke of stories from his childhood, when he and his sister Taylor would get into all sorts of trouble with their wet boots leaving streaks all over the floorboards and rug. He loves rainy days, when Sidney would hold his umbrella as they go out on a walk, and once they are far enough out in the countryside, Evgeni would take the umbrella from Sidney and kiss his knuckles, saying, “My dear Sidney, please let me.” Evgeni wants to suck bruises on Sidney’s unmarred skin, a necklace of promises, but he holds himself back, if only barely. He learns that Sidney sends most of the money he makes back home to his parents and his sister, in the hopes that she can marry richly instead of becoming a governess, destined for loneliness and instability.

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My Top 100 Movies (in no particular order)

58/100: Kate & Leopold

Meg Ryan in romantic comedies always makes me happy.  As does Hugh Jackman in….anything.  I think he is brilliant and hilarious in this movie, of course pulling off the swash-buckling hero gentlemen who gets plucked out of time and has to get used to our crazy ways and devices.  Then there is of course Liev Schreiber and his hilarious physical comedy.  I love the way that Leopold makes a lot of good points about how hypocritical our world has become, and of course he is the gentlemen everyone wants to fall in love with them!  Love this movie!

“ Theoretically, if you go to the past in the future, then your future lies in the past. This is a picture of you in the future - in the past.”