kate's challenge

A key aspect of confident people is that they’ve high self esteem – they hold themselves in positive self regard. This means that they know how to love themselves and they acknowledge what they’re good at. These realisations boost their resilience and their ability to take on greater challenges.
—  Kate Burton
Would anyone be interested in a Book Photo Challenge called “Books Against Bigotry”?

It can be for a week or a month with challenges like:

- Bookish rainbow;

- Book by a WoC;

- Book with bisexual protagonists;

- Book by a disabled author;

- Book by a non-US WoC;

- Fantasy series with queer characters.

And the like. If there is interest, I’ll set one up!

@books-and-cookies, @bookphile, @readaroundtherosie, @whatlovelybooks what do you guys think?