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We are used to seeing them looking pristine on magazine covers and gracing the red carpet in their finery.

So fans might not immediately recognise the sight of Kate Winslet scrunching up her face, George Clooney pulling a silly expression in a pirate hat and Tom Hiddleston hiding behind his hands.

But British photographer Andy Gotts, who appears to be able to get even the most serious of A-listers to relax in front of the camera, has released untouched photos of 30 of our favourite celebrities goofing around.

In the series, a long-haired Brad Pitt, 53, can be seen pouting and sticking his tongue out in an army print cap, while photos of Clooney, 56, show the father-of-two giggling and going cross-eyed in the dress-up hat.

And snaps of Oscar-winning actress Miss Winslet, who we normally see portraying sombre roles on our screens, show the 41-year-old squirming, laughing with her hands over her mouth and looking as though she has just sucked a lemon.

Meanwhile, heart-throb Hiddleston, 36, chose to pull a number of poses with hands which see the actor having fun by peeping out behind them.

But although most of the celebrities managed to loosen up and poke fun at themselves in front of the camera, Kate Moss appeared unable to refrain from her trademark pout.

The 43-year-old model looks stunning as she poses in front of the camera, but does not let her personality shine through like her peers.

The Unseen Collection also features Penelope Cruz, Robert De Niro, Harrison Ford, Benedict Cumberbatch and Julia Roberts.

Each person’s montage shows a series of photographs taken in one sitting, all untouched but with the previously shown image’s frame highlighted and the others all being shown for the first time.

There are nine black and white photographs of each celebrity with red and yellow paint brushed sporadically across them.

Gotts, who was appointed an MBE in 2012, discovered his talent for getting celebrities to relax in front of the camera when he had the opportunity to photograph Stephen Fry when he was a student in 1990.

Fry, who usually seizes up in front of a camera, recommended the budding photographer to his friends after he was taken aback by his portraits.

Gotts likes to takes pictures of people in their own homes and does not have an assistant in the room so he can put his subjects at ease.

Source:The Daily Mail UK

noodleronpa  asked:

You've heard about David and Gabe playing Minecraft, now get ready for Javier and Gabe playing Wii sports baseball! In which Javier gets increasingly angry at the inaccuracies of the game mechanics and points them out continuously, screaming that he 'TOTALLY HIT THAT BALL' and that Gabe is 'USING PITCHING HACKS' until he inevitably throws the Wii remote into the TV screen. Then David walks in and yells at Javi about how his CO gave him that TV.

i bet this is how season four starts