Arden Cho as Hua Mulan (花木兰)

inspired by joeswest



“They rattled my cage to see if I’d bite. When they released me, they’d see that the answer was yes.”

im so incredibly lonely in such a big school. i knew not being in my sorority anymore would seperate me a little, but it made me realize all people talk about is greek life.
idk if its just me but i have so many other things i want to do and so many other aspirations and its like theres something wrong with me because i dont want to go out
so eventually they dont even ask
and its like the same cycle all over again and i just really wish i had some girlfriends here that had the same interests in fitness and exploring as me but i just dont. and i love my guy friends but its obviously not the same as having girlfriends.
and ive been independent all my life and it seems like thats how its always going to be.
i wish i was near my favorite girls so we could hang out marisaaprice fitnika themarzipanvolta kate-windsor aubernutter

The smarty look is one of my favorite so far …


fifty shades of grey meme » 1/4 relationships » Kate Kavanagh and Anastasia Steele
are you wearing that?                                                                                                                         a: okay, maybe a little less talking more eating

Those brooklyn nights set us free !