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Jake & Katie | Hurts like hell (1x11)

“I loved and I lost you.”

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Derek Hale Imagine: "Almost Lost You"

Derek Hale Imagine: “Almost Lost You”


Words: 431

Rating: V

You couldn’t believe your eyes, there he was sleeping with her when he wouldn’t even date you. ‘I cant believe I was so stupid to think he actually liked me or cared about me.’ You thought to yourself. ‘well who needs him? I can do this on my own.’ You thought to yourself as you left the loft and headed toward the warehouse.

You looked inside the warehouse and saw Peter standing there. You loaded the gun and slowly crept inside, you ducked behind a wall of barrels and waited to attack Peter but he never came around the barrels. Suddenly someone grabbed your hair and yanked you up over the barrels putting their hand over your mouth. “Scream and I’ll slice your throat.” Peter said in your ear. You panicked; how did he know you were in here? Could he smell you? He dragged your up to the top of the warehouse, and tied you to a chain. “Now you see this button? With one press, it will drag you off this walk way and dangle you about 25 feet from the ground. If you’re a good girl that wont happen.” He smirked when suddenly the doors below flew inside after being kicked in by the pack.

Peter taped your mouth shut and jumped down behind them. “Where is she?!” Derek roared. “She’s a bit…tied up at the moment. Maybe come back another time? No? Alright then.” Peter said smirking. Derek and everyone began looking around franticly. With them distracted, Peter threw a quick smirk your direction before attacking them. Somewhere along the way, Peter had pushed the button sending you flying into the middle of the warehouse room, dangling there. You tried to scream, to get someone-anyone’s- attention, when suddenly the rusty chain snapped and sent you flying toward the ground.

You squeezed your eyes shut waiting for the impact of the ground. But instead, what you felt, were two strong arms pulling you tightly into a warm chest as you landed in some boxes and other debris. “Are you okay?” Derek asked as he panted, his hot breath fanning over your face. “What are you doing here?” you asked after he removed the tape from your mouth carefully. “Scott told me everything, I just wanted to protect you. I never meant to hurt you, or break your heart Y/N, Im in love with you” he said caressing your cheek. “You….You are?” you asked breathlessly. He nodded and kissed you as Scott destroyed Peter once and for all.