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Protected (Part 7)

summary: reader witnesses something horrible and somehow Bucky ends up being her bodyguard

warnings: 1% angst, swearing

word count: 1323

a/n: mwaahhaa don’t hate me

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Buckys POV

After exiting the store, I headed to a coffee shop across the street, to get some coffee but also to keep an eye on Kate for a bit longer, just to make sure she was okay. I could see her perfectly from here. She was messing with some books and she looked as comfortable as ever. Like there wasn’t a worry in the world. 

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Be a good girl.

Summary: OFC Kate is Tom’s submissive and comes home to realise she was made a vital mistake. 

Warnings: Dom/Sub, DD/lg, Rough/Unprotected sex punishment, spanking, leather belt. 

Kate knew as soon as she walked in the door that something was wrong, usually after a long day studying at University, Tom Hiddleston, her boyfriend/dominant would be waiting to greet her at the door with the kisses and cuddles that she had come to adore so much in last eight months. However he wasn’t there to greet her today, although it was obvious he was home; his jag was in the garage and the keys were hanging up in their rightful place. They were a constant, but subtle, reminder of his dominance.  The house was silent, no gentle background music or quiet sound from the television at all; like Kate was used to when she came home. Which could only mean one thing. That she had supremely fucked up.

As Kate walked through the house to dump her Uni work and then search for Tom, she racked her brain for what she had done. Kate couldn’t think of anything to warrant Tom being made at her. It had been three weeks since she had received a true punishment, a paddling for talking back to Tom. Back talking was a form of defiance, and defiance was not something Tom took lightly, so punishment was swift. Kate could think of no other such incidents recently. After searching through the whole house the only place left was Tom’s office. Unlike the rest of the house his office was nothing like him, a very dark room that wasn’t warm at all; it was a darkened room which sent shivers down her spine. She wasn’t forbidden in anyway to visit the room but she choose not, and when searching for misplaced items, she always saved it for last. Which is exactly what she had done today. The exception today being that the missing thing wasn’t a phone or a book it was her Tom.

While working up the courage to check Tom’s office Kate reflected on their relationship of eight months and the month before they became serious. The simplest way to describe their relationship was, Tom equals dominant and Kate equals the submissive. However with a closer examination you would discover that Tom was more of a “sugar daddy” to coin a popular phrase; though again this didn’t really describe their relationship either. Yes there was a considerable age gap between them, Kate was only twenty while Tom was thirty-five. Yes Tom did enjoy buying her things, but he didn’t spoil her and he was definitely NOT a crusty old man, he was every bit the virile young man he was made out to be. Kate was more of a pet or little girl to Tom, something precious that Tom had to protect, and Kate was extremely happy to think of Tom as her Daddy.

Shit. Sudden realisation struck Kate, today was her birthday and today was also the day Tom wanted her passport to book them a holiday overseas. She officially turned twenty years old today and she had never told Tom when her birthday was. Which was a major problem now because Tom didn’t like her to keep secrets; it wasn’t like she had purposely kept the secret from him. Kate hadn’t bothered to tell Tom when they were celebrating his birthday because it hadn’t come up in conversation and she hadn’t felt it necessary because she wasn’t sure how long relationship would last.

After steeling her nerves Kate decided rather than prolonging her anxiety she would enter his office to take her punishment like a good little kitten so that she pleased Tom and he would know longer be mad at her. Upon entering Tom’s office she noticed that he only had his desk lamp on which created a dark glow on his face making him look rather dangerous. His usually friendly face was set in a dark look, his mouth in a very straight line, looking more like Loki then her ever friendly Tom. “Finally you have come to me my sweet girl” said Tom “I’m hoping that you already know why you’re here.” Kate wanted nothing more than to be swallowed up by the floor because of Tom’s disapproving tone and it was more than enough to set her straight and look back on her mistake but she knew it wasn’t that easy Tom would never let her off without a punishment and, such a personal detail as not telling Tom her birthday, punishment would be extremely severe, probably a spanking session as well as a night of being Tom’s personal fuck toy but that didn’t matter as much because she already was.

“Since you already know why you are here I’m not going to waste my time explaining it to you. I would rather move straight to the punishment and then to fucking you as that’s all I’ve been able to think about all day. I can’t wait to get my cock in your tight little cunt. You know why daddy loves your little cunt so much, because its still as tight as the day that I took your virginity. My darling if only you knew that My cock has been stiff and hard all day just thinking of you, stretched out like a precious little kitten, this morning completely naked I would’ve taken you right then and there but it would’ve been a quickie and I couldn’t have had enough time to give your body the proper praise it deserved. But now that I find out you kept one of the most important pieces of information from me well it’s time for you to be punished. ”

While Tom said this whole speech Kate stood there steadily growing more excited at the prospect of being throughly fucked by Tom, her cunt was practically gushing by now, if she hadn’t been wearing jeans she was sure it would running down her legs. 

“Now strip everything off darling and lean over my desk, present that glorious ass of yours for me and I’ll make this quick so I can bury my cock in that gorgeous little kitty of yours.” 

Kate pulled her clothes off and threw them onto the floor of Tom’s office without a second thought, now leaning over his desk with her ass in the air Kate heard the unmistakable sound of his belt being pulled from the loops of his suit pants. Then it was softly caressing her before hissing threw the air to land with a resounding smack on her right ass cheek. This happened twenty-six more times. Twenty for her age. Five for the month and two for the day. Accepting her punishment the way she knew Tom liked, quietly without fuss she knew she would be rewarded for her efforts.

“"Well done my gorgeous little kitten, it’s now time for your reward.” With that Kate heard Tom pulling down his zipper, not bothering to undress knowing Kate loved him fucking her still fully dressed while she was completely naked.

“"Hang on Darling this is going to be rough”. And it was. Tom rutted in Kate as fast as he could, one hand held her waist while the other closed around her neck squeezing ever so gently as a reminder, forcing her to orgasm, Tom kept rutting into her cunt. Kate started whimpering wanting to stop but never daring to use her safe word. “"Keep up darling I’m not even half way through with you yet.” Tom kept his promise by bringing her seven glorious orgasms and each time squeezing his hand on her neck to stretch out her orgasm until they rolled into each other.

Tom rutted into her until his climax, seated deep inside her and spilling into her warm wet cunt making sure his kitten got all of his cum and then slowly pulling out to watch it dribble down her legs.  


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Dear Amy, what advice would you give to a young woman with body with body issues? I’ve never been happy with my body, and I feel like it’s preventing me from loving myself. Love always, Mary Kate.
Oh boy, Mary Kate. I feel what you’re feeling. And I think most women do. The advice that I would give you would be, when things get dark, when you feel really crappy about yourself, or your body, or how you look, sometimes a good way to help yourself get out of that is to have some gratitude. What I mean by that is go around your body and kind of thank it for what it gives you and thank yourself for your great eyesight, or your thick hair, or nice legs, or strong teeth or whatever it is that you have, that you were given, and make friends with those parts of your body, and not try to focus on the parts that will never change. Because, look, we’re all different, everybody’s different, every body is different. There’s only, like, five perfectly symmetrical people in the world, and they’re all movie stars, and they should be, because their faces are very pleasing to look at, but the rest of us are just a jangle of stuff, and the earlier you learn that you should focus on what you have and not obsess about what you don’t have, the happier you will be. You really will be happier in life if you let go of the things that you will never have. And the other thing that I would say is that when you do talk about yourself, or talk to yourself, or you have that tape running in your head, about yourself, try to picture you talking to your own daughter. Or your younger sister. Because you would tell your younger sister or your daughter that she is beautiful, and you wouldn’t be lying. Because she is. And so are you.  So, don’t worry about finding love. You will always find love. Every pot has a lid. There’s a lid for every pot, that’s what my grandma used to say. And you deserve love, and you’ll get it.”

You know what, I wanna make a toast. Physics is the study of the movement of, uh, bodies and space, and it can unlock the mysteries of the Universe, but it cannot answer the essential question of what is our purpose here and to me the purpose of life is to love and to love is what you have shown me. I didn’t think that I would ever really have a friend until I met Abby, and then I feel like I have a family of my own, and I love you, thank you

Jillian Holtzmann/ Kate McKinnon, Ghostbusters (2016)

I promise this is the last one, needed to vent the new obsession 😂

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Four Analysis: Track 11 - Stockholm Syndrome

Man, there’s always gotta be one.  That song that would be absolutely fucking perfect if it weren’t for the incredibly problematic lyrics. Last album it was Little White Lies, and now we get this hot mess.

Stockholm Syndrome is a real thing; it is a disordered trauma response.  WHY ARE YOU USING IT FOR A LOVE SONG like what does that say about your relationship??  This is basically begging to be used in a Teen Wolf Kate/Derek vid, that’s how fucked up it is.

At the same time, some of the lines are genuinely lovely.  It’s disarming, how beautifully worded things can soften the impact of what they’re actually expressing.  It reminds me of Lolita, in fact, except that Nabokov wrote an exquisitely excruciating exposition of predatorial rationalising and victim-blaming, and it has value as social commentary as well as art.  Stockholm Syndrome uses a serious psychological disorder as a cheaply powerful metaphor in service of some love story at the expense of the gravity of the former and the gravitas of the latter.

I mean, I understand wanting to take the inevitability of falling in love and express the helplessness in extreme terms, but INAPPROPRIATE METAPHOR IS INAPPROPRIATE.

The bitch of it is that I adore everything else about this.  The vocals are absolutely on point the entire way through.  I’m especially struck by Liam in the bridge; he sounds rather like Adam Lambert in Whataya Want From Me and I love it.  (Compelled to point out, however, that Liam’s falsetto is not as strong.  But then, whose is?)  The instrumentation choices couldn’t be more perfect.  The particular mix of guitars feels archetypal of something, but I can’t think what (help a sister out, it’s been bugging me for months).

Then there are the technical elements of composition.  The compound meter (compound time = the beat of the music is divided into threes rather than twos), for starters, is so fresh for 1D.  It stands out.  Then there are the cross-rhythms and hemiolas, which I always enjoy and which are used to great effect (cross-rhythm = when two parts of the same piece of music have competing rhythms; hemiola = when something is in one meter and sounds like it’s in another because the accents/stresses have been moved around)

Illustrations from the text:

  • compound time: it sounds like this song is in 12/8.  That means there are twelve eighth notes to the bar, in groups of three, so we count four beats per bar, each one having three subdivisions: dadada dadada dadada dadada
  • cross-rhythm: idk just listen to the rhythm guitar, especially in the choruses and second verse
  • hemiola: “baby look what you’ve done to me” and most of the rest of the chorus after that - sounds like 6/4 instead of 12/8.  Ratio’s the same, subdivisions are not.

I mean, musically, this is really solid, to the point where I could go for an instrumental jazz cover.  It’s just a crying shame about the lyrics.


Unrefined collection of favorite Steve Jobs things: Acting choices

“This image is something Michael and I talked about and we developed on the day. It was kind of like the idea of speaking through the computer, seemed like an obvious thing to do. Michael wanted to lie down for a moment, seeking variation in there.” – Danny Boyle

“Michael Fassbender said on this particular day ‘Aaron, I’m going to take off my shoes and wash my feet in the toilet’ and I said 'Why, why are you asking me’ and I didn’t understand what he was talking about and he said 'Because it’s a thing that Steve did.’” – Aaron Sorkin

“Everything he does with the flowers was all Michael on the day, it may have been in rehearsal. But it was all Michael, he just started having fun with the flowers.” – Aaron Sorkin

“There’s actually a scene in act three and in the middle of the scene he starts doing a little bit of yoga. And that was not scripted at all. He just decided to be extremely experimental that day. He came in the morning and was like 'I’m going to try a bunch of stuff’” – Kate Winslet

Ok, so I’ve never been eager to see Caskett babies. It’s not that I don’t want them to have kids, but because of a lot of practical (or impractical…) stuff and how a baby would change the show. I think the 7 years later scene is a good glimpse into their future life. If the circumstances were a little different at the time of filming the last episodes, had they known this was the last season then, they might have done some things a little different. One of the things I would like to have seen is Kate telling Rick she’s pregnant. In my head that scene would look something like this.

A Non-Surprise

My story for Castle Fanfic Monday is very short but hopefully also sweet. It’s also a very belated follower milestone gift.

This little moment comes from what is known as the “Henry ‘verse” an AU branch off from Season 2

I highly recommend you read A Glimpse before reading this but it is not necessary to read A Spark

“Katherine Beckett?”

“Here.” Kate responded automatically to the nurse’s call of her name. She pushed herself from the waiting room chair and stood as quickly as she could with her expanding belly.

Hopping quickly up from a seated position was just one of the many things Kate had to abandon as of late. As she eased through her twentieth week of pregnancy, she knew that list would only continue to grow. Like, the week prior, when she’d packed away the last of her “skinny fit” jeans and trousers. Ever since her belly popped those styles just weren’t fitting any more. Fortunately, some of her low-rise, relaxed fit style pants could still be worn, especially if the waist band could fit easily beneath her baby bump. Still, their life span was dwindling, and soon she’d be wearing exclusively maternity style pants—at least, for the next five months.

“This is exciting!” Her husband chimed in as they followed the pink scrub outfitted nurse back to Ultrasound Room 3.

“Even though we have a bit less mystery than some couples?” Kate asked with a knowing backwards glance.

The writer shrugged. “Still exciting every time we get to see the little guy.”

Kate hummed in agreement and stroked her hands down her rounded middle as she stepped into the room behind the nurse.

As they were only there for the all-important gender-reveal ultrasound, there was no need for her to change into a gown. Instead, she only needed to hoist herself up onto the exam table, flip up her shirt to expose her belly and wait patiently for the ultrasound tech to join them. After the nurse asked Kate some general health questions, she left them alone and Kate relaxed her head back against the table with a sigh. She felt a warm hand land on the cooled skin of her exposed stomach and she smiled inwardly.

It should have come as no surprise to her, really. From the first day they met, Kate saw how attentive Castle was as a father. How much he doted on and worried about Alexis. Naturally, he would feel the same about his second child after he was born—or so Kate thought.

From the moment they read the word “pregnant” on the pregnancy test’s digital output her husband had practically been trying to encase her stomach in bubble wrap. Though for the first few weeks it annoyed her (Honestly! She was barely pregnant!) she now found it adorable and a wonderful expression of his love for her—them…at least, until he did something absurd like suggest she never allow her police cruiser to travel more than twenty-five miles per hour “just in case.”

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Can you recommend any diaries (such as Filofax etc.) for the next academic year? I know I'm early haha, i want to try bullet journalling so would prefer plenty of space for each day. Thank you in advanced! & thank you for your inspiring blog. Have a good day! X

hey there! I do have a few suggestions, some of which would work better for bullet journals than others. Most academic planners haven’t been released yet so I have linked you to ones from last year for inspiration. To be honest, if you want to bullet journal I would suggest just making your own out of a blank notebook!



Celia: What would you call a baby if you had one?

Kate: Oh well, for a girl, I’ve always liked Emily. I’m with Alan, it’s good it’s- or Victoria. Virginia. Elizabeth, Charlotte, those sort of more traditional names. Helen! Helena. Elena. Oh no, that’s Ellie! Or… or… something pretty like Flora, Jasmine, Poppy. Grace…. That’s nice. Celia, you’ve got a lovely name! And there’s Rose, Rosie, Ros, Rosamund, Rosalind, Florence, Maisie, Daisy! Retro, I know, but it’s very sweet. I don’t know, it’ll all depend on what Caroline thinks!