kate would like that last one

this didn’t happen to me, it happened to an old friend who now goes to art school. my close friend, kate, told me about it.

so the friend’s name is christopher, but he’s been going by “pher” since sixth grade. halfway through seventh grade, pher showed up to class in a suit. and then. he never. stopped. wearing suits. he wore suitS for the rest of seventh grade and ALL of eighth.

oh, and then my friends got him into homestuck. for about, like, two weeks, he was constructing himself a vriska cosplay out of paper. it got progressively more elaborate: he gave himself a paper robot hand, horns, and even got a pair of sunglasses to imitate vriska’s. it was weird.

and then ninth grade came along. he went to art school (along with kate) while i went to the standard one. and last time i saw kate, she told me of one of his… exploits.

on the first day of school, he decided that he would go by a different name for every class.

every. class.

all year.

none of the teachers ever noticed.


I had a great Saturday at Birmingham Collectormania hanging out with @awesomelesbiansurgeon and @room-2o3, and meeting this special bean:

(no Jemma, holding the mic to your ear does not, in fact, help you hear the questions, but thanks for being so cute.)

Anyway, nothing special here but I’m just writing things down for my own benefit while I still remember something. This post is basically just me rambling for far too long.

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This is sooo cute omg!

Dick would really like The Regular Show.
Jason would watch Bob’s Burgers
This boy is so into Gravity Falls
Insists cartoons are stupid but has been caught watching Avatar the Last Airbender
Bruce would be secretly very enthusiastic about Phineas and Ferb and has been heard humming the theme song.
Likes Adventure Time!
Her fave cartoon is Scooby Doo! Any version except the weird new one (yuck)
Shamelessly watches Totally Spies. Has gotten Jason to watch with her.
Rick and Morty!

More Than A Celebrity Crush

Anonymous requested: Could you do one on Kate McKinnon were reader host SNL and Kate has a crush on her

Fandom: Misc
Pairing: Kate McKinnon x reader
Word count: 619

A/N: this is really short and rushed but there wasn’t much of a prompt to work of so :/ 

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Can we suggest prompts from that list u reblogged? Bc if so, can you try 4 pls?

So, this somehow turned into a 11k monstrosity. Hope you enjoy it! And as always, also on ao3! (Thinking about turning this into a series, what do y’all think?)

One would think that after living his entire life ― almost twenty nine years now ― as a werewolf Derek would be used to the exhaustion and disorientation that came with the morning after a full moon. One would think that he would be used to the insufferable cottonmouth often accompanied by the humiliating realization that he had made some poor little woodland creature his meal, finding clumps of fur and bits of flesh around his mouth.

One would also think that he would be used to waking up completely naked, or at the very least nearly so, in the most random of places, ranging from the roof of his family’s home in the preserve to an unfamiliar parking lot across town. One might think that he would be used to the sensory overload the full moon brought with it, every sense heightened and intensified, a wave of primordial instincts rushing to the forefront of his mind.

One might think that he would be used to actually being a werewolf. But one would be wrong.

Because each and every month, without fail, Derek was overwhelmed by the thrall of the full moon and all its influencing effects. In mere moments, the control he worked so hard to maintain, in both his personal and professional lives, was shattered the instant the moon rose above the treetops.

Like clockwork, he and most of his family succumbed to their lupine instincts, the moonlight baptizing them each month, letting them shed their human burdens and be reborn in the night. It was like a cocktail of adrenaline and endorphins being shot into their veins, invigorating them the way nothing else on earth possibly could.

Most took to the woods, in either full or beta shift, spending the night hunting white-tailed and mule deer, whetting their ravenous appetites with fresh venison, painting their lips and fangs with warm blood. Others spent the time satisfying their more carnal desires, locking themselves behind closed doors with their mates to romp around in the sheets, testing both the limits of the Hale House’s soundproofing and the integrity of the headboards.

Personally, Derek preferred the thrill of the hunt, having no mate or partner by any stretch of the imagination, spending his night on four paws instead of two feet. He reveled in the carefree rush of chasing down prey, his eyes glittering yellow in the dark depths of the forest as he brought a buck to bay, sinking his fangs into the ungulate’s throat.

But he was also prone to wander, especially after his eating his fill of freshly killed deer or elk, his entire pack poking fun at his ‘lone wolf’ tendencies as they had been dubbed, wandering away the from the pack for seemingly no reason. Usually, he didn’t remember his little episodes of midnight wanderlust, only recalling catching wind of the most wondrous scent he had ever even dreamed of encountering, drawn to it like a moth to the flame, or rather a wolf to the moon.

His sisters, and more often than not his uncle and even both of his parents, constantly teases him about the mysterious siren scent he kept finding himself inexplicably attracted to, it luring him like the sweetest ambrosia. Their ribbing was mostly tolerable, a necessary evil he had grown accustomed to throughout his childhood of growing up with all of his family, both immediate and extended, living under the same roof.

But what was truly insufferable was the fact that his mother insisted that it was the scent of his mate, thus why it was so very intoxicating to him, sometimes going off on unbelievably embarrassing tangents about how she had met their father. It was a story they had all heard a million times before, the details burned into their memories, with a few more sordid details added once they were old enough.

It was such a foolishly romantic notion that it couldn’t possibly be true, an old omega’s tale of true mates and the moon’s heavenly light guiding couples, together though, admittedly, he found the idea of mates rather palatable. He was bolstered by the knowledge that somewhere out there in the world was someone absolutely perfect for him, someone who complemented him completely.

Where he was shy and at times cold and distant, his mate would be extroverted and exuberant and warm. Where he was more domestic and content at home, his mate would be adventurous and energetic, loud where he was quiet. His mate would be the day to his night, the sun to his moon. And it would be perfect.

The very thought appealed to him a great deal, especially with his less than stellar dating history.

First, there had been Kate, a woman older than him by more than twenty years who had used her charms and worldliness to entice and seduce him when he was barely legal, only a high school senior. She had been his first real girlfriend, making him feel older and more confident than he actually was, his friends on the basketball team practically worshipping him for sleeping with an older woman, christening her Cougar Kate.

They had shortly thereafter learned that she came from what was possibly the most well known family of werewolf hunters, the harsh truth coming to light when she attempted to burn down the Hale House. Fortunately, they had caught her red-handed before she could strike a single match, having had the bright idea to use pure gasoline and kerosene, the mere scent waking up everyone in the house. She had been arrested on the spot, given a speedy trial during which she was quickly convicted of over twenty counts of attempted murder, sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

Derek had sworn off relationships after that, shifting his focus to his studies. Having gotten into his first choice school, Stanford, he jumped headfirst into college life.

After graduating college with his Master’s in both education and history, he started dating Jennifer Blake, an English professor at a local community college. She had too had initially been sweet and intriguing, engaging him in the most intriguing talks about literature and the humanities but she hadn’t been much better than Kate in the long run.

In all actuality, she was not merely an English teacher, she was also a darach, a former emissary who had been betrayed by her ex-girlfriend and former pack. Apparently, from what Derek could gather, her plan was to siphon off as much energy from him and his family as she could, conspiring to conduct a series of sacrifices to revitalize her own power enough so she could exact revenge on her former pack.

It was all very convoluted and downright crazy, like something out of a bad Syfy original movie Peter always insisted on watching for the sole purpose of verbally ripping them apart, pointing out plot holes and awful dialogue. Again, luckily, they had discovered her devious little plot before she could lay a finger on a single virgin, shooing her out of their territory after relieving her of the last remainders of her power.

After all of that, Derek had completely sworn off any sort of romantic relationships, along with any sexual relationships, vehemently refusing to join any dating sites or pick up a one night stand like Laura and Erica insisted he do. With his luck, he would probably end up sleeping with a succubus, or an incubus as he had officially announced that he was bisexual shortly after graduating high school, after the whole Kate debacle.

Instead, he dedicated all of his time and energy to his family and his career, pouring all of himself, body and soul, into his new job at Beacon University, teaching History 135: Native American and Indigenous Peoples. And while he loved his job with all his heart, and his family even more so, he had to admit that sometimes he did long for a partner.

He longed for someone to curl up on the couch with after a long day, wrapped up in a warm blanket as they cuddled by the fireplace. He longed for someone to come home to after a long day of teaching and grading papers, someone to greet him with a quick kiss and a, “How was your day?”

He wanted someone he could bring home to meet his family, someone both of his parents could interrogate about their intentions with him, putting the fear of the moon into them. He wanted someone he could rely on to always be there for him, through thick and thin, through good times and bad.

He wanted someone he could wake up to on mornings like this.

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Hey prettiest, what did you think of the TW finale?

it was mundane and a huge let-down (what’s new lol) apart from a few good scenes, and it took way too long for them to beat the Anuk-something for how easy it actually was,

and the biggest mistake they did was start with Scott talking to that Alec guy in the future, because it pretty much spoiled the whole episode with the fact that nothing happened to him, it made the whole part with him clawing his eyes out and not being able to heal completely pointless, because you already knew from the start that he will heal (with that true love kiss garbage again), not to mention introducing a new random guy in the finale was completely unnecessary and pointless

Kate ripping Gerard to shreds was satisfying, her surviving (?) was definitely not, Monroe surviving is also complete bullshit, and I hoped there would be a bit more focus on the pack after everything, not just show them walk together in the last 30 seconds

I did like the part with Sheriff kicking the deputies’ asses, Stiles and Derek bickering over how they ran into each other, Scott fighting the thing, and Corey and Mason finally having some screen time together and kicking ass was cool too

also what would be pretty satisfying is if Peter was the one to kill Gerard and Kate as well, because the whole show pretty much started with him murdering people who killed the Hales, so to finish the show with him finishing his revenge would be a nice touch, but that’s just me lol

Prompt: You’ve been dating your partner for six months. Tonight they’ve invited you to a work event, and as you step onto the red carpet, you realize it for the first time: you’re dating a celebrity.

Their six month anniversary is next Tuesday.

Six months, and Kate isn’t sure how time passed so quickly, how she feels like she’s known him forever after just a few short months.

It’s not the longest relationship she’s had since her mother passed away, but it’s definitely the most serious. Every single one before that was fleeting, meaningless, never meant to last. A way to feel a connection, something. But they would always fail sooner or later. And she knew very well who was to blame for never letting it get further than it had.

They met in the streets of New York. She was heading to a crime scene, while he was just mindlessly strolling through the streets, daydreaming. One of his habits, she would later learn. He bumped into her with full force, causing her to topple over and spill her fresh coffee, which stained her favorite beige coat.

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(kate drunk london)


“We’ll have to get up and shower and pack soon.” His arm tightened as he spoke, his nose buried into the nape of her neck. “Not that you don’t smell good. I really love sweat and sex on you.”

She didn’t laugh, even though she supposed it was amusing, or meant to be. She didn’t laugh because they did actually have to head back to Heathrow soon. And then get on a plane and land in New York and somehow keep this up, make it real.


“Yeah,” she answered. “Soon.”

His arm again. Maybe he was just as afraid as she was.

“I don’t want to leave this bed,” she whispered.

He groaned and pushed his whole body into hers, practically crushing her to the mattress. How did he know that was exactly what she needed? To be overwhelmed by him, to be - in a way - consumed.

His lips to her nape, her bare shoulder, a rough breath against her skin. “You’ll leave with me.” He was pressing his whole forehead into her shoulder blade, a hot breath, a groan. “You’re leaving with me. With me-”

“Yes,” she said. A ragged sigh as she tried to turn into him. Her body twisting, her arms winding around his neck. “I’m with you.” She nudged her nose into his temple. “But what happens when we get home? What - happens when she texts you - or anyone does - or when - or when your daughter-”


She swallowed. She felt bad, a wave dragging her out. His daughter who glared instead of smile these days, his mother who used to like her but hadn’t said much since the shooting. The funs and uncomplicateds of the world who would be calling him, Ricky, wanting one last go round the block, or whatever it was-

“What about the Twelfth?” she added. “My boss-”

“She hates me,” he whispered, little boy sounding. His head lifted; he wasn’t joking, wasn’t playing it off with his usual confidence. “She really hates me.” A wash of panic. “We can’t tell her. She’ll be so mad at you.”

Kate blinked. “We can’t tell her,” she echoed.

“She thinks you’re the best thing since sliced bread, professionally speaking. And I don’t disagree, I mean really. Look at you. But she hates me. You attach yourself to me and she’ll be more than just disappointed.”

“She’s a professional, Castle.” But her protest felt weak. A frailty inside her she was losing control over. “You really want to hide?”

“It could be kinda hot,” he said, eyebrows wriggling. But he wasn’t selling it. Or he was trying too hard to sell it. Maybe that was it.

“No,” she said. “I don’t want it to be a secret. I mean, keep it from Gates, okay, just for the sake of assigned partnerships and - they discourage it in the NYPD but they don’t forbid it. But Lanie and the boys?”

“My mother and Alexis,” he added.

“Oh.” Her world lurched. “Oh, maybe so. Alexis hates me.”


Maybe. She didn’t push it; she was that selfish about him right now. Later, later she could figure out how to be better for him, later when she had more therapy hours behind her, when this wasn’t so new and impossible.

“No secrets,” he said roughly. He was shifting above her, shifting right up - oh - right there. “No more damn secrets, Kate.”

She tightened her arms around him, pushed her body up so he’d feel how ready she was. Let him. Let them do this instead, let them forget secrets and the impossible and the things they wanted to protect.

But she couldn’t help saying, “This is going to blow up in our faces.”

“I won’t let it.” His fingers pressing right where he knew - oh he knew so well - and her thighs parted, shifting and nudging her closer. “I won’t let it,” he repeated, an oath against her mouth. “I won’t let it.”

“You’re right, you’re right.” She’d promise him anything if he just kept-


“Yes,” she moaned.

Her whole body opened for him.


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Prompt #4. “Is that my shirt?” - Young Sully and Marlowe. Please?

[i hope this is alright! I’ve never done this ship before, and honestly never written Marlowe in a fic so hopefully it’s not too ooc!]

Victor Sullivan was usually better with the ladies. Spilling a drink on his lady was not what he’d had in mind for his one date opportunity, but here they were. By chance, Katherine Marlowe had arrived in the city the night before his flight out, and had been in the bar below his motel room when he’d come down for a drink.

Now he was sitting alone at the table while she searched upstairs for a new shirt; her blouse soiled from an enthusiastic swing of his beer after one of his jokes. She had been extraordinarily unimpressed, and he worried what the mood of the night would be on her return. He suspected that the ruined item had been worth more than his motel room.

When his panic had reached nearly its maximum, the sound of a door opening alerted Victor to Marlowe’s return. Still dressed in her slim black slacks, she was now sporting a rather flamboyant pattern button-up that was a good few sizes too large. She was also sporting a very disgusted expression on her face.

“Is that my shirt?” Victor said, an eyebrow raised. Kate wearing one of his shirts willingly was one of the last sights he thought he would see. Then again, willingly was probably the incorrect word to use.

She lowered her gaze at him. “I think I should be asking if this is your shirt - you look like a street merchant!”

Victor gaped in protest.

“Well excuse me, darling, but I actually like my sense of style! You didn’t have to put on the shirt.”

“I disagree - every shirt in your wardrobe is an abomination. I had no choice.”

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Kate’s Hiatus Bellarke Playlist - Song 8

I’m the worst and it’s taken me forever to post this but this song is one of my favourite songs ever and it’s so emotional and basically you have to listen to it and cry with me so let’s get on with it.

“Waves (Acoustic)” by Dean Lewis

If you haven’t heard this song, listen to it rIgHt nOW. You will not be disappointed - it is amazing. I’m pretty sure that this played on Riverdale but - no offense or anything - I don’t really care because I don’t watch Riverdale and this song is so Bellarke following Season 4 IT’S INSANE. So please, if you watch Riverdale, just try to separate it from that show to recognize just how much of a Bellarke song it is if you haven’t in the past??? 

Also, do yourself a huge favour and LISTEN TO THE ACOUSTIC VERSION. IT IS WAY BETTER. I promise you that.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, it’s time for me to point the lyrics that remind me of Bellarke. Which means, for this song, that’s ALL of them.

There is a swelling storm
And I’m caught up in the middle of it all
And it takes control
Of the person that I thought I was
The boy I used to know

First off, this song is so Bellamy right off the bat. The swelling storm would be - in a more literal sense - Praimfaya. But, more than that, it could be just about war in general in the context of the show. Bellamy and Clarke are caught up in the middle of it and it never seems to end.

The idea that it “takes control” is also very Bellamy. War has changed him, given him all of this pain and guilt that he is constantly weighed down by. He is no longer the person he thought he was, who he wanted to be (”my mom raised me to be better, to be good”). He’s not the little boy he used to be on the Ark, hasn’t been that little boy for a long time.

But there is a light
In the dark
And I feel its warmth
In my hands
In my heart

That light, my friends, is Clarke Griffin. That warmth he feels is love. And I absolutely adore this line because the singer specifically points out that he feels it in his hands and Bellarke have almost always expressed their affection for each other through gestures from their hands. The touches they exchange with their hands have always given us an indication of where their relationship stands, and they take special care on this show to focus in on them.

I mean, some examples just off the top of my head: Bellamy catching Clarke in 1x02 (camera focusing heavily on their hands), focusing on Bellamy and Clarke’s hands touching at the end of 1x07 when Bellamy takes that spike or whatever it was from her, Bellamy getting flustered after touching his hand to her back (thrown by the intimacy), the special focus on their hands “just barely touching” in the leaked Day Trip script, pulling the lever “together”, Bellamy kneeling in 3x05 to hold Clarke’s hand, the mutual hand-wrapping in 3x11, hand-holding in 3x16, the shoulder touch thing in 4x03, not-so-subtly zooming in on Clarke’s hands wrapping around Bellamy’s waist in 4x13, Clarke placing her hand over Bellamy’s heart, etc, etc. 

The point is, they express their love for each other with their hands, so I enjoyed that.

And the heart part. Oh my fucking god, THE HEART PART. 


But why can’t I hold on?  

This line breaks me. It really bloody breaks me. Because even though Bellamy and Clarke love each other so much they can’t hold on to it - whether it was because “love is weakness”, or because there was always a war to fight, or because they were too afraid or didn’t think they deserved it or because they were fucking separated (again!!) they have NEVER been able to hold onto each other. They’ve never been able to fully give into that love. And now it’s too late. They’re nowhere near each other. He thinks she’s dead. She doesn’t know if he’s alive. It’s been six years.

Wow, the universe must really hate us.

‘Cause it comes and goes in waves
It always does
It always does
And we watch as our young hearts fade
Into the flood
Into the flood

Peace and war - it’s like a constant cycle. Death and pain keeps coming in waves, over and over again. And because of it, their youth has left them (their “young hearts” faded) and escaped into the storm (aka. war).

After watching 4x13, the image of their young hearts fading into a storm makes me thing of their youth literally being burned away by Praimfaya. Because right after that episode there was a six year time jump and none of our characters are kids anymore. Their young hearts have literally faded.

And the freedom of falling
And the feeling I thought was set in stone
It slips through my fingers
And I’m trying hard to let go
But it comes and goes in waves
‘Cause it comes and goes in waves
And carries us away

The freedom of falling … in love? And the feeling he thought was set in stone: that through it all, she would always be by his side. That love, that certainty, slips through his fingers again and again. He just can’t hold onto it, but he can’t let it go either.

He can’t let Clarke Griffin go. 

But the war doesn’t end and the cycle continues and carries them along with it.

Through the wind
Down to the place we used to lay when we were kids
Memories of a stolen place
Caught in the silence
An echo lost in space


(Also, “an echo lost in space” … lmao. i’m sorry)

But anyway, the more metaphorical meaning: they can’t hold onto the innocence that they used to have anymore. They’ve lost that now. 

Also, the image of him being carried away down to the place he used to lay when he was a kid? Bellamy and Clarke were separated with Bellamy literally being carried away to that “echo lost in space” again.

'Cause it comes and goes in waves
It always does
It always does
We watch as our young hearts fade
Into the flood
Into the flood

And the freedom of falling
And the feeling I thought was set in stone
It slips through my fingers
And I’m trying hard to let go
But it comes and goes in waves
'Cause it comes and goes in waves
And carries us away 

I’ve watched my wild youth disappear in front of my eyes
Moments of magic and wonder
It seems so hard to find
Is it ever coming back again?
Is it ever coming back again?
Take me back to the feeling when
Everything was left to find

Again, the theme of losing their innocence and their youth (metaphorically and - after 4x13 - literally). The “moments of magic and wonder” make me think of those stolen moments of happiness in Season 1 - like the party on Unity Day, where Bellamy and Clarke just got to kind of relax and laugh with each other. Or the days when they first landed on the ground and it was exciting and “everything was left to find”. The show has gotten so dark again. Will those moments ever come back again? Will they find happiness ever again? It’s like a plea: “oh, take me back to the start”. Back before Bellamy and Clarke were constantly being separated, before the bloodshed, before he thought that she was dead, when things were simple. And my poor Blorke heart can’t help but think about Bellamy wanting to go back to the time when everything was left to find in his relationship with Clarke - when it was still new. And now he thinks it’s too late.

'Cause it comes and goes in waves
It always does
It always does

And the freedom of falling
And the feeling I thought was set in stone
It slips through my fingers
And I’m trying hard to let go
But it comes and goes in waves
'Cause it comes and goes in waves
And carries us away

And that is it folks. That’s the song. If you didn’t actually listen to it, and just read the lyrics and my notes, PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR AND LISTEN TO THE SONG. It was way more emotional and easier to visualize as a Bellarke song that way. 

Also, I totally forgot to tag people in my last one so I apologize. I also kind of forgot a lot of the people who asked to be tagged, so if you would like to be tagged in future posts please do let me know!

unironic circus coach quotes   /   credit   /   edit pronouns as needed.

  • “he’s vegan, atheist and gay but don’t worry, he’s actually a nice person! the disclaimer was because he’s vegan, not because he’s gay. obviously, my boyfriend would be pretty upset if i was getting at someone for being gay.”
  • “if i messed up, i‘d be the first to run into traffic. don’t tell the children i said that, jokes like that are never funny. unless i’m making them.”
  • “this child doesn’t know that paper comes from trees. i mean i know this is a circus school, not a normal school, but you can leave now.”
  • “not that i’m promoting alcoholism. just alcohol.”
  • “i wouldn’t care about kylie jenner except she’s promoted this contouring culture and now i can’t walk down the street without seeing fifty women who don’t know where to correctly apply their shading”
  • “child, you look tragic. oh god, don’t tell your mother i said that”
  • “i don’t know why they keep paying me to be here. what am i doing? other than looking amazing, that is.”
  • “i got my entire ballet class to play football with a pilates ball today and we broke it, and, long story short: the ballet mistress has murder on the mind.”
  • “you’ll regret it like i regretted my first shot of absinthe. well, that’s a lie. i never regret anything. especially absinthe.”
  • “have you ever done a handstand hungover? no? don’t.”
  • “everyone can dance if they believe enough! well, everyone can dance if they work at it all the time and don’t quit, but anyone can move their body roughly in time to the rhythm if they believe enough!”
  • “dating a baker is great in theory, but he keeps baking, and i ate an entire cake last night all to myself. don’t laugh, i don’t know if our relationship will survive if i get fat”
  • “everyone has natural virtues. well. most people have natural virtues.”
  • “glitter makes everything better. you can quote me on that.”
  • “i swear to goodness. haha. i swear to goodness? there’s no goodness in me”
  • “if reincarnation is real then i hope i come back as kate bush”
  • “have you ever got a hula hoop to the face? no? would you like one? no? then stop talking”
  • “hello! i know i’m late but the world will end some day and you won’t care about it then.”
  • “it was very funny when that ball hit you in the face. not that i promote violence! i just promote violence that makes me laugh”

Last night I finished “Life is strange”
I practically cried all Chapter 5 :c
I could not avoid shipping Kate with Victoria u v u, after Kate’s suicide attempt, imagine Victoria would do her best for her pardon, and well, one thing would lead to the other (?)

I hope you liked my work, if so, please let me know. A like or share can help me get further!

The life is strange by Squeare enix
Illustration by NikoDere

Undercover(s) Chapter 2
This chapter does for Maggie what chapter 1 did for Alex (so it's a bit slower, building up her character as well as the role she'll be playing in Metropolis), but next chapter which will be up on Tuesday or Wednesday morning finally launches us into the action and interaction that will speed the story up quite a bit! Though if you've got thoughts/comments on this chapter, even without a ton of action, I'd still love to hear them :)
By Organization for Transformative Works

“Why is step one of my plan always to seduce someone?” Maggie whined, throwing her file back down onto Kate’s desk.

“Because it always works,” Kate answered, smiling wanly back up at Maggie.

“You know one of these days I could have a girlfriend who would be more than a little annoyed about this.” She didn’t mention the fact that Emily left her because of a situation exactly like this one.

“And yet, you don’t.”

“I could.”

“And one day I could be married to something other than this agency. But here we sit.”

“It already has your last name,” Maggie teased, gesturing at the Kane Investigations business cards on Kate’s desk, but she finally relented with a loud huff. “Fine. But you don’t get to complain when I break a guy’s hand this time.”

Kate just sighed and shook her head. She didn’t want Maggie getting groped out in the field either, but the sheer number of hands, fingers, and wrists the woman managed to break was truly astounding. Of course, when she could stomach the target, it helped. After all, she wasn’t meant to get too close, just close enough to slip bugs and trackers onto someone, maybe pull files from computers while they slept.

“At least try not to break hands. This is supposed to be a long-term mission,” Kate reminded Maggie.

“I know, I know. Meet someone. Seduce them. Infiltrate terrorist organization. Plant all sorts of bugs. Destroy the bad guys.”

“By god, it’s like you’ve found the solution for world peace,” Kate teased.

“Ah yes. My cleavage.”

“That’s the can-do attitude I like to see, Sawyer!”

Maggie grumbled about it, but she still made a point of picking up the file, intent on familiarizing herself with all of the details she might need to know in advance of Friday’s event. Even though the thought of having to attend an alien fight club made her stomach churn, she knew that it was a necessary first step in making the kind of contacts she would need to slip into their ranks and help bring down the Metropolis branch of Cadmus.

Her main targets were partners, Samantha (Sam) Wheeler and Victor Holmes, who were working under Lillian Luthor to stir up anti-alien sentiment in Metropolis. From the intel they’d been able to gather, it seemed Sam and Victor met serving in the military and remained close in the years following their tours of duty. Both of them were obviously well-trained in combat and had advanced the ranks in the military quite rapidly, and Sam had a law degree on top of everything. Most recently, they appeared to be gathering followers in Metropolis, surrounding themselves with a small group of individuals Maggie assumed would be made to take the fall for anything they might be caught doing.

For the next several weeks (Kate had prepared her for months just in case), she would be Maria Sterling, a consultant specializing in risk assessment who saw too much of the damage wrought during the intergalactic fights brought to this planet by “superheroes” like Superman and Supergirl. No matter how much crime they stopped, they still attracted villains and disasters far worse than what they prevented to the cities they claimed as their own.

Maria had been engaged once, but her fiancé broke it off after she cheated on him—that detail stung a little, unearthing several painful memories that Maggie had tried to move on from. In a far cry from her day-to-day life, Maggie would be playing a member of high society. Maria was more likely to be found in luxury brand athletic wear in an expensive pilates class or a spin studio than out with the masses jogging in the streets. Flirty to those who won her favor but frequently accused of being cold, Maria had few close friends outside her inner circle. She was in Metropolis scouting out new locations for a possible office of her consulting firm and would find her way to the events through word-of-mouth from like-minded peers.

On Wednesday night, Maggie shipped out in a first class seat on a redeye to Metropolis as Maria, complete with designer luggage filled with clothing expensive enough to make her nervous and a set of keys to a luxury apartment in downtown Metropolis that had already been properly set up by the agency and a car Kate had assured her she “wouldn’t be able to miss.”

…Continued on AO3

Julius Caesar review

  • Yesterday I saw Julius Caesar reviewed for the first time. Here’s my review.
  • It was performed at a replica Elizabethan theater at an art camp in the woods and that was so cool.
  • The costumes were Elizabethan-inspired and really neat.
  • Cassius was probably (and unsurprisingly) my favorite performance. He was played by the same actor who played Henry IV last year and I loved him in both roles.
  • As Cassius, he wasn’t sly, he really seemed truly concerned with the situation.
  • Brutus was really good to.
  • The soothsayer also Cinna the Poet! Awesome choice.
  • So was Casca. Who really needs an attitude adjustment.
  • During the Cinna the Poet scene before they decide to lynch him for at least being a sucky poet, when he answers he’s a bachelor one of the female citizens was like :3
  • They kept Young Cato in!! Though he survived.
  • Lucius was precious.
  • The Portus was a little disappointing. They didn’t even kiss, but they did one of my favorite things, which is him kneeling in front of her when she reveals the wound. That sort of made up for it.
  • This was disappointing in part because last year Portia played Kate Percy and there was so much Katespur fanservice. Oh well.
  • It was really great how Portia said “Brutus is wise and were he not in health he would embrace the means to come by it” completely flat. She’s 315% done with your shish Brutus.
  • Titinius (whoever the fuck he is) and Casca were played by the same actress (they cast genderblind) and she was great as both.
  • When Titinius died he fell on Cassius. Oh sure stab me in the heart why don’t you.
  • Caesar also played Strato.
  • When Cassius gave Brutus his dagger, Brutus ended up behind him with Cassius on his knees on the ground, knife held to his throat in a choke hold.
  • They omitted the second report of Portia’s death but they kept “Portia, art thou gone?” and Cassius looked truly devastated.
  • There was no Brutecass and so there wasn’t any suggestion of Cassportus (which of course wasn’t too great to me) but Cassius’s response to Portia’s death suggested he loved her at least as a friend.
  • They made use of the balcony for both funeral speeches. Very effective!
  • I forgot about how manipulative Antony is with the will, being like “I really shouldn’t tell you…” it makes me wonder even more about how planned his speech is.
  • Oh and in the scene at the Lupercal Antony was wearing a polyester exercise shirt and shorts, the only thing modern in this. That was perfect.
  • Cassius also played Lepidus. 10/10 nice choice if you know they were historically brothers-in-law.
  • As always with this company, the live music, this time Elizabethan-inspired, was A .
  • Blood, from Portia’s thigh to the conspirators’ washed hands and Caesar’s wounds were red cloth.
  • I never made the connection between Calpurnia’s nightmare of Romans bathing their hands in Caesar’s bloody and that the conspirators do that literally.
  • All in all it was a good performance and a fun day!

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phoenixyfriend  asked:

What would your ideal Voltron/Runaways crossover look like? Voltron/Young Avengers?

I think a good starting off point for voltron aus is Who is Allura?

For Runaways… see, first thought is ‘make one of the aliens allura’. But I’m actually gonna go with Molly. I want Molly as the Princess, frozen for so long. Frozen with her? Victor, maybe? They froze a mechanic who could help with the Lions - so instead of an adviser, like Coran, he’s more of a mechanic and tech. Coran is those as well, but he has a personal relationship with Allura. I don’t think Molly knew Victor really, before.

Now, for the Runaways I wouldn’t have a Shiro-esque role, I don’t think… Might change my mind on this, but I think I would rather have them stumbling upon the Blue Lion as they run away from their parents, maybe even sticking close to canon for this.

Now… Lions. Gonna go with my first instinct on these:

Green - Gert.
Blue - Karolina
Red - Nico
Yellow - Chase
Black - Alex

I’m not sure where they would end up, but gosh it would be a good story.

Bonus: Xavin as a Galra that switches sides for them, Klara as an Olkari. Old Lace is a fully sentient and can totally talk. 

Now… the Young Avengers. Same question: Who Is The Alien?

And with Young Avengers…. I gotta go with Teddy. Teddy the frozen shapeshifting prince. Whereas in the Runaways AU I picture them being Altean, I might leave Teddy a Skrull? Or at least have shapeshifting feature a little more prominently in their culture, for this AU.

His companion… America? She has the story of the lost civilization, after all. I might make her actually the princess, and Teddy a lesser prince, so he follows her orders…? Not sure on that one, actually. Either way works.

Also, for this AU I’d age them up a bit perhaps? Because they gotta be old enough for this:

Tommy graduates fast, passes every test with flying colours, can run circles around any pilot, his age or older. So at the bright young age of twenty or so, he’s picked as the pilot on the Kerberos mission.

His twin, who’s training to be a communications officer, is a little jealous but mostly just very proud.

When he hears they’ve crashed, he doesn’t believe it. He can’t believe his brother is gone.

It’s pure luck that his training squad (graduated but waiting for their assignments) is the one that’s patrolling the night Tommy comes falling back down to earth. It’s not luck that the scientist on that mission’s daughter almost beats them to the wreckage. She’s been waiting for something like this to happen.  (yeah Scott Lang went up to space with Tommy and someone else. That’s a bit of a mess)

They find a Lion, and off they go.

Lion assignments are trickier on this one, too. I am gonna go with…

Red - Tommy. He’s the fastest, he blows stuff up. Also, it’s fun to have their theme colours reversed.
Green - Billy! 
Yellow - Cassie. I like the idea of her being the biggest Lion (aside from Black). Might change my mind on this but I like this so far.
Black - Kate and Eli copilot. I think either of them could do it, can’t really see either of them piloting the other lions, and I think the important thing about these two is they balance each other out. I want a team co-led by these co-pilots.
Blue - ah. I think Blue is still the one on Earth. I think Blue takes them to the castle. I do not think any of them are actually Blue’s pilot. So, who is? Maybe Teddy (which is why I would want to make him a lesser Prince). I don’t think they think to try this until like… a last ditch moment.

There are other ways you could do this… I could see having America be the ‘Shiro’. I could see the twins being the alien princes. But I went with this one ‘cause I thought it seemed the most… interesting? To me, in this moment?

Again, might change my mind on all this tomorrow, who knows.

Be a good girl.

Summary: OFC Kate is Tom’s submissive and comes home to realise she was made a vital mistake. 

Warnings: Dom/Sub, DD/lg, Rough/Unprotected sex punishment, spanking, leather belt. 

Kate knew as soon as she walked in the door that something was wrong, usually after a long day studying at University, Tom Hiddleston, her boyfriend/dominant would be waiting to greet her at the door with the kisses and cuddles that she had come to adore so much in last eight months. However he wasn’t there to greet her today, although it was obvious he was home; his jag was in the garage and the keys were hanging up in their rightful place. They were a constant, but subtle, reminder of his dominance.  The house was silent, no gentle background music or quiet sound from the television at all; like Kate was used to when she came home. Which could only mean one thing. That she had supremely fucked up.

As Kate walked through the house to dump her Uni work and then search for Tom, she racked her brain for what she had done. Kate couldn’t think of anything to warrant Tom being made at her. It had been three weeks since she had received a true punishment, a paddling for talking back to Tom. Back talking was a form of defiance, and defiance was not something Tom took lightly, so punishment was swift. Kate could think of no other such incidents recently. After searching through the whole house the only place left was Tom’s office. Unlike the rest of the house his office was nothing like him, a very dark room that wasn’t warm at all; it was a darkened room which sent shivers down her spine. She wasn’t forbidden in anyway to visit the room but she choose not, and when searching for misplaced items, she always saved it for last. Which is exactly what she had done today. The exception today being that the missing thing wasn’t a phone or a book it was her Tom.

While working up the courage to check Tom’s office Kate reflected on their relationship of eight months and the month before they became serious. The simplest way to describe their relationship was, Tom equals dominant and Kate equals the submissive. However with a closer examination you would discover that Tom was more of a “sugar daddy” to coin a popular phrase; though again this didn’t really describe their relationship either. Yes there was a considerable age gap between them, Kate was only twenty while Tom was thirty-five. Yes Tom did enjoy buying her things, but he didn’t spoil her and he was definitely NOT a crusty old man, he was every bit the virile young man he was made out to be. Kate was more of a pet or little girl to Tom, something precious that Tom had to protect, and Kate was extremely happy to think of Tom as her Daddy.

Shit. Sudden realisation struck Kate, today was her birthday and today was also the day Tom wanted her passport to book them a holiday overseas. She officially turned twenty years old today and she had never told Tom when her birthday was. Which was a major problem now because Tom didn’t like her to keep secrets; it wasn’t like she had purposely kept the secret from him. Kate hadn’t bothered to tell Tom when they were celebrating his birthday because it hadn’t come up in conversation and she hadn’t felt it necessary because she wasn’t sure how long relationship would last.

After steeling her nerves Kate decided rather than prolonging her anxiety she would enter his office to take her punishment like a good little kitten so that she pleased Tom and he would know longer be mad at her. Upon entering Tom’s office she noticed that he only had his desk lamp on which created a dark glow on his face making him look rather dangerous. His usually friendly face was set in a dark look, his mouth in a very straight line, looking more like Loki then her ever friendly Tom. “Finally you have come to me my sweet girl” said Tom “I’m hoping that you already know why you’re here.” Kate wanted nothing more than to be swallowed up by the floor because of Tom’s disapproving tone and it was more than enough to set her straight and look back on her mistake but she knew it wasn’t that easy Tom would never let her off without a punishment and, such a personal detail as not telling Tom her birthday, punishment would be extremely severe, probably a spanking session as well as a night of being Tom’s personal fuck toy but that didn’t matter as much because she already was.

“Since you already know why you are here I’m not going to waste my time explaining it to you. I would rather move straight to the punishment and then to fucking you as that’s all I’ve been able to think about all day. I can’t wait to get my cock in your tight little cunt. You know why daddy loves your little cunt so much, because its still as tight as the day that I took your virginity. My darling if only you knew that My cock has been stiff and hard all day just thinking of you, stretched out like a precious little kitten, this morning completely naked I would’ve taken you right then and there but it would’ve been a quickie and I couldn’t have had enough time to give your body the proper praise it deserved. But now that I find out you kept one of the most important pieces of information from me well it’s time for you to be punished. ”

While Tom said this whole speech Kate stood there steadily growing more excited at the prospect of being throughly fucked by Tom, her cunt was practically gushing by now, if she hadn’t been wearing jeans she was sure it would running down her legs. 

“Now strip everything off darling and lean over my desk, present that glorious ass of yours for me and I’ll make this quick so I can bury my cock in that gorgeous little kitty of yours.” 

Kate pulled her clothes off and threw them onto the floor of Tom’s office without a second thought, now leaning over his desk with her ass in the air Kate heard the unmistakable sound of his belt being pulled from the loops of his suit pants. Then it was softly caressing her before hissing threw the air to land with a resounding smack on her right ass cheek. This happened twenty-six more times. Twenty for her age. Five for the month and two for the day. Accepting her punishment the way she knew Tom liked, quietly without fuss she knew she would be rewarded for her efforts.

“"Well done my gorgeous little kitten, it’s now time for your reward.” With that Kate heard Tom pulling down his zipper, not bothering to undress knowing Kate loved him fucking her still fully dressed while she was completely naked.

“"Hang on Darling this is going to be rough”. And it was. Tom rutted in Kate as fast as he could, one hand held her waist while the other closed around her neck squeezing ever so gently as a reminder, forcing her to orgasm, Tom kept rutting into her cunt. Kate started whimpering wanting to stop but never daring to use her safe word. “"Keep up darling I’m not even half way through with you yet.” Tom kept his promise by bringing her seven glorious orgasms and each time squeezing his hand on her neck to stretch out her orgasm until they rolled into each other.

Tom rutted into her until his climax, seated deep inside her and spilling into her warm wet cunt making sure his kitten got all of his cum and then slowly pulling out to watch it dribble down her legs.  

the signs as bad teen wolf plot lines

aries: idk just fucking send jackson to london??? without a real explanation… no one will ask questions?

taurus: listen listen listen- an alpha pack. a pack of alphas. they won’t really do much and their reason for being here will be kind of unclear. but. how fucking badass man. make two of them fist each other and become A BIG ALPHA.

gemini: let’s go look for half a dead body in the woods, y’know. like normal teenagers.

cancer: derek hale gets seduced by his love interest and ultimately she is a bad guy- again. no one will see it coming.

leo: malia

virgo: heart of darkness. they all have these crazy things to overcome! like bad hallucinations. but it’ll only last like an ep or two at most. 

libra: let’s kill allison

scorpio: no but hear me out, what about a giant lizard man??

sagittarius: we’re not gonna explain how kate gets the beserkers around with her because how the fuck would one of those things legally get across the boarder

capricorn: bRO, BRO, NINJAS! but mythological. but dude ninjas. like with ninja swords. killin people in hospitals. but maybe they’re actually bugs. like from the fuckin’ power tree. ninja bugs. can’t fuckin’ kill ninja bugs. 

aquarius: dudes let’s go to mexico

pisces: no, no, really, bring peter hale back from the dead. he’s a totally useful character that we’ll probably do something with

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rules: answer 30 questions and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better

1. nicknames: one of the orthodontist assistants calls me jill 

2. gender: female

3. star sign: capri sun 

4. height: approximately 163.79cm 

5. time: 2:30am

6. birthday: 3rdthnd of january

7. favorite bands: twenty one pilots, day6, bts, shinee, red velvet, coldplay, the staves, haim, florence and the machine, the national, seventeen 

8. favorite solo artists: lorde, the japanese house, luna, bleachers, monica heldal, laura marling, vancouver sleep clinic, iu, sleeping at last, kate bush, marina and the diamonds, gallant 

9. song stuck in my head: change up by seventeen

10. last movie i watched: castle in the sky which was beautiful and kind and i love my kids

11. last show i watched: age of youth season 2 (not as good as season 1 but i didn’t expect it to be and i really missed my girls so . i think i’m gonna rewatch all of s1 after i finish it which will be whenever someone is kind enough to sub the finale for me)

12. when did i create my blog: the actual creation of it was i think late 2012/early 2013 but i didn’t start using it until june 2013 (i just made it so i could like tree pictures and look at them later when i was sad and in the mood for tree pics) 

13. what do i post: it used to be mostly fandom (lotr, doctor who, marvel, sherlock, and whatever else went with that lifestyle kjbnkfb) but it’s just memes now lads. there’s only esoteric nonsense and crowd-pandering confusion around here folks. i see a garbage can, tag it ‘me’ and call it blogging. what will u cactus slurpers do about it. 

14. last thing i googled: was it “how do i open raw files in gimp“ or “how to remove popcorn husk stuck in throat” someone please shoot me 

15. do i have any other blogs: @jeanneofarcs is my amazingly consistent aesthetic blog and @nue5t is the evidence that i was too much of a coward to just become a kpop blog and lose the followers i’ve spent over 4 years amassing to no useful end

16. do i get asks: maybe once or twice a week but i’m bad at replying :/

17. why i chose my url: here’s an interesting doctoral dissertation on the subject of my url which is too good for me to even have in all honesty 

18. following: 89

19. followers: 414, only 6 away from 420 after which i’ll pull the plug on this mess (i won’t actually but it’s a cool concept) 

21. average hours of sleep: somewhere between 4 and 9 but i do drink 1.5 litres of water a day so it’s all good 

22. lucky number: 5 is easy to work with mathematically so i’ve had great success with it in the past but 7 really keeps coming through for me these days 👀

23. instruments: once upon a time i could play both piano and harp, but i’ve downgraded to being able to play exactly one (1) song on the ukulele

24. what am i wearing: sweatpants, a hoodie, and really nice red nail polish to balance out the look

26. dream job: uhh i cant imagine how nice it would be if someday i get to the point where i make a comfortable living off of sprawling gracefully across the arts. for instance, i achieve a respectable amount of knowhow and capability in, say, 3 different artistic areas and people pay me for it and i never get bored and it all works out very well. there’s also an alternate universe where I wasn’t an academic flop and i become a successful and respected linguist or historian or both and enjoy it to a reasonable degree. 

27. dream trip: when am i going to italy. when’s that gonna happen huh

28. favourite food: my relationship with food is weird but when i actually do feel like food is a good thing, potstickers, pizza, italian hamburger soup, sushi, and pitas are among my favourites. (although right now at this moment i would really like the kimchi beef udon and tempura roll from the japanese korean restaurant i went to last week when alightfromtheshadowswillspring was staying with me for a few days. i miss mary and kimchi beef udon. Where Are They And Where Is My Tempura Roll) 

29. nationality: canadian 

30. favourite song right now: right now?? i need my girl by the national probably. but serendipity by bts did manage to pass i need my girl as the most played song on my phone in under 2 days (though to be fair i got my phone quite recently so only a fraction of my inmg plays are accounted for here and i was in a good mood those 2 days). also hannah hunt by vampire weekend. i think that’s a neat song.

“Mm. Turn around.”

He was starting to have fun with this. After taking me on an unexpected shopping spree to Victoria’s Secret, I decided to perform a fashion show to thank him. My hardworking man deserved it. I watched him take another sip of his Amber liquor, slowly swallowing it and licking his lips.

“As you wish”, I wink and turn around. I lift my hair off of my back, swaying my hips a little. “What cha think, daddy?”

I was now modeling the black flowery piece he picked out.

“I think I could eat that lingerie right off of you.” He raises his glass, “I have good taste.”

I look into the full body mirror, admiring the material hugging my curves. Then I paid too much attention to my stomach. It wasn’t flat. Absentmindedly I gripped my muffin top, rubbing my love handles in annoyance. How on earth could Joe find this attractive and sexy in Vickies? Hell, I damn sure don’t. Looking back at my face, I roll my eyes at my sudden thoughts. Typical, Josie. Real typical.

“I know what you were doing and you know how much I hate that.”

I sigh, rolling my eyes as I turn to face him. “I’m sorry but there’s no way you find me desirable in this, babe.” I start untying the back, “I’m going to wash all of these garments and return them tomorrow.”

Joe crinkles his nose, “You can’t be serious.” He tosses back the last of his drink, slamming the glass down. “Josie bring your ass here right now.”

That hard bass in his voice swam through my body. He watched me walk slowly towards him until his face was a few inches away from my stomach.

He grabs my hips, “Now explain to me why you would say that.”


“Josie if I didn’t think you were sexy in lingerie I wouldn’t have spent over $2,000 in Victoria’s Secret today.”

I tilt my head, “Come to think about it, Joe you can’t stand that store.”

He clears his throat, “I’ve never said that.”

“Yes, yes you have. There was a time when I literally had to drag you by your ponytail into the store.”

“I honestly don’t recall”, his voice gets higher, “It was possibly just a bad day.”

I almost want to chuckle. His voice gets higher when he’s lying. “Leati Joseph A'noai I know when you’re lying to me.”

His face falls, “What makes you think I’m ly—”

“You’re singing like Mariah”, I thump his Adam’s apple.

He reaches for his throat, “Ok fine.” He takes a deep breath, “I overheard you talking to Kate last year about one day going on a shopping spree there. At the time, I wanted to make that come true for you but financially it was impossible. So since I’ve had this new job for a few months now, I’ve been putting money aside from every pay check for the day that I would make that wish come true.”

I’m at a lost for words right now. I do remember that conversation I had with my best friend, but I never would’ve thought he heard it. Kate was telling me about all the things she bought at the semi annual sale. Although I was excited to hear what all she bought, I was a little depressed that I couldn’t share that moment with her. Joe and I had both been working two jobs while in school, so as a married couple financial aide wasn’t enough. So after all the bills were paid, we made payments towards tuition. We barely went out especially to go shopping. But when we finally graduated with our Masters’ degrees, opportunities came knocking at our door and we moved forward with full time careers. No more living check to check, and spending majority of our off days at home because we couldn’t afford to go out.

“Joe”, I begin, “You didn’t have to do this.” I cup his face.

He faintly smiles, pulling me closer to him. “I know I didn’t, but I wanted to. Whatever my wife wants, I feel my wife should get. Josie, I want you to stop downing yourself. For over five years now, you’re still the most beautiful, flawless woman that I met in Biology class. I wouldn’t change a damn thing about you, and I’d rather you not do it as well. If you do, make sure it’s for you. Not for me.”

Suddenly feeling robbed of my heart, I straddle his lap. “I’m sorry and I promise to work on that. It’s just been hard to do because I’ve always been this way. I’ve always had the guys that told me I was cute, but not cute enough to be their’s. Then days later I would see them with these girls that had the flat stomachs and toned bodies. Here I am with my—well..” I trail off not wanting to remember those moments.

Joe slid his hands from my stomach to my thighs, caressing every curve and flab I possessed. “The guys that turned you down for this were jerks. However their rejections led you to me, someone that’ll adore every single pore on your body the way it is. And besides, I guarantee you that half of those guys are still single with a bunch of kids by different women.”

My eyes narrow, “What makes you so sure?”

“Being superficial never brings you true happiness, Josie.” He pulls me in to some adorable Eskimo kisses.

“I love you so much”, I peck his lips. “I couldn’t have asked for a better husband.”

“I love you too.” He smacks my butt, “Now, we have about three more bags to go. So continue.”

I look behind me in exhaustion at the stuffed pink bags, “Ugh! Can we take a small break?”

Joe reaches over to the table and pours him another drink. “We just did.” He swirls the liquor in his glass, “We have all night, baby. The show must go on!”

I warmly smile, “Anything for you, daddy.”