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Can we suggest prompts from that list u reblogged? Bc if so, can you try 4 pls?

So, this somehow turned into a 11k monstrosity. Hope you enjoy it! And as always, also on ao3! (Thinking about turning this into a series, what do y’all think?)

One would think that after living his entire life ― almost twenty nine years now ― as a werewolf Derek would be used to the exhaustion and disorientation that came with the morning after a full moon. One would think that he would be used to the insufferable cottonmouth often accompanied by the humiliating realization that he had made some poor little woodland creature his meal, finding clumps of fur and bits of flesh around his mouth.

One would also think that he would be used to waking up completely naked, or at the very least nearly so, in the most random of places, ranging from the roof of his family’s home in the preserve to an unfamiliar parking lot across town. One might think that he would be used to the sensory overload the full moon brought with it, every sense heightened and intensified, a wave of primordial instincts rushing to the forefront of his mind.

One might think that he would be used to actually being a werewolf. But one would be wrong.

Because each and every month, without fail, Derek was overwhelmed by the thrall of the full moon and all its influencing effects. In mere moments, the control he worked so hard to maintain, in both his personal and professional lives, was shattered the instant the moon rose above the treetops.

Like clockwork, he and most of his family succumbed to their lupine instincts, the moonlight baptizing them each month, letting them shed their human burdens and be reborn in the night. It was like a cocktail of adrenaline and endorphins being shot into their veins, invigorating them the way nothing else on earth possibly could.

Most took to the woods, in either full or beta shift, spending the night hunting white-tailed and mule deer, whetting their ravenous appetites with fresh venison, painting their lips and fangs with warm blood. Others spent the time satisfying their more carnal desires, locking themselves behind closed doors with their mates to romp around in the sheets, testing both the limits of the Hale House’s soundproofing and the integrity of the headboards.

Personally, Derek preferred the thrill of the hunt, having no mate or partner by any stretch of the imagination, spending his night on four paws instead of two feet. He reveled in the carefree rush of chasing down prey, his eyes glittering yellow in the dark depths of the forest as he brought a buck to bay, sinking his fangs into the ungulate’s throat.

But he was also prone to wander, especially after his eating his fill of freshly killed deer or elk, his entire pack poking fun at his ‘lone wolf’ tendencies as they had been dubbed, wandering away the from the pack for seemingly no reason. Usually, he didn’t remember his little episodes of midnight wanderlust, only recalling catching wind of the most wondrous scent he had ever even dreamed of encountering, drawn to it like a moth to the flame, or rather a wolf to the moon.

His sisters, and more often than not his uncle and even both of his parents, constantly teases him about the mysterious siren scent he kept finding himself inexplicably attracted to, it luring him like the sweetest ambrosia. Their ribbing was mostly tolerable, a necessary evil he had grown accustomed to throughout his childhood of growing up with all of his family, both immediate and extended, living under the same roof.

But what was truly insufferable was the fact that his mother insisted that it was the scent of his mate, thus why it was so very intoxicating to him, sometimes going off on unbelievably embarrassing tangents about how she had met their father. It was a story they had all heard a million times before, the details burned into their memories, with a few more sordid details added once they were old enough.

It was such a foolishly romantic notion that it couldn’t possibly be true, an old omega’s tale of true mates and the moon’s heavenly light guiding couples, together though, admittedly, he found the idea of mates rather palatable. He was bolstered by the knowledge that somewhere out there in the world was someone absolutely perfect for him, someone who complemented him completely.

Where he was shy and at times cold and distant, his mate would be extroverted and exuberant and warm. Where he was more domestic and content at home, his mate would be adventurous and energetic, loud where he was quiet. His mate would be the day to his night, the sun to his moon. And it would be perfect.

The very thought appealed to him a great deal, especially with his less than stellar dating history.

First, there had been Kate, a woman older than him by more than twenty years who had used her charms and worldliness to entice and seduce him when he was barely legal, only a high school senior. She had been his first real girlfriend, making him feel older and more confident than he actually was, his friends on the basketball team practically worshipping him for sleeping with an older woman, christening her Cougar Kate.

They had shortly thereafter learned that she came from what was possibly the most well known family of werewolf hunters, the harsh truth coming to light when she attempted to burn down the Hale House. Fortunately, they had caught her red-handed before she could strike a single match, having had the bright idea to use pure gasoline and kerosene, the mere scent waking up everyone in the house. She had been arrested on the spot, given a speedy trial during which she was quickly convicted of over twenty counts of attempted murder, sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

Derek had sworn off relationships after that, shifting his focus to his studies. Having gotten into his first choice school, Stanford, he jumped headfirst into college life.

After graduating college with his Master’s in both education and history, he started dating Jennifer Blake, an English professor at a local community college. She had too had initially been sweet and intriguing, engaging him in the most intriguing talks about literature and the humanities but she hadn’t been much better than Kate in the long run.

In all actuality, she was not merely an English teacher, she was also a darach, a former emissary who had been betrayed by her ex-girlfriend and former pack. Apparently, from what Derek could gather, her plan was to siphon off as much energy from him and his family as she could, conspiring to conduct a series of sacrifices to revitalize her own power enough so she could exact revenge on her former pack.

It was all very convoluted and downright crazy, like something out of a bad Syfy original movie Peter always insisted on watching for the sole purpose of verbally ripping them apart, pointing out plot holes and awful dialogue. Again, luckily, they had discovered her devious little plot before she could lay a finger on a single virgin, shooing her out of their territory after relieving her of the last remainders of her power.

After all of that, Derek had completely sworn off any sort of romantic relationships, along with any sexual relationships, vehemently refusing to join any dating sites or pick up a one night stand like Laura and Erica insisted he do. With his luck, he would probably end up sleeping with a succubus, or an incubus as he had officially announced that he was bisexual shortly after graduating high school, after the whole Kate debacle.

Instead, he dedicated all of his time and energy to his family and his career, pouring all of himself, body and soul, into his new job at Beacon University, teaching History 135: Native American and Indigenous Peoples. And while he loved his job with all his heart, and his family even more so, he had to admit that sometimes he did long for a partner.

He longed for someone to curl up on the couch with after a long day, wrapped up in a warm blanket as they cuddled by the fireplace. He longed for someone to come home to after a long day of teaching and grading papers, someone to greet him with a quick kiss and a, “How was your day?”

He wanted someone he could bring home to meet his family, someone both of his parents could interrogate about their intentions with him, putting the fear of the moon into them. He wanted someone he could rely on to always be there for him, through thick and thin, through good times and bad.

He wanted someone he could wake up to on mornings like this.

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More Than A Celebrity Crush

Anonymous requested: Could you do one on Kate McKinnon were reader host SNL and Kate has a crush on her

Fandom: Misc
Pairing: Kate McKinnon x reader
Word count: 619

A/N: this is really short and rushed but there wasn’t much of a prompt to work of so :/ 

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Prompt #4. “Is that my shirt?” - Young Sully and Marlowe. Please?

[i hope this is alright! I’ve never done this ship before, and honestly never written Marlowe in a fic so hopefully it’s not too ooc!]

Victor Sullivan was usually better with the ladies. Spilling a drink on his lady was not what he’d had in mind for his one date opportunity, but here they were. By chance, Katherine Marlowe had arrived in the city the night before his flight out, and had been in the bar below his motel room when he’d come down for a drink.

Now he was sitting alone at the table while she searched upstairs for a new shirt; her blouse soiled from an enthusiastic swing of his beer after one of his jokes. She had been extraordinarily unimpressed, and he worried what the mood of the night would be on her return. He suspected that the ruined item had been worth more than his motel room.

When his panic had reached nearly its maximum, the sound of a door opening alerted Victor to Marlowe’s return. Still dressed in her slim black slacks, she was now sporting a rather flamboyant pattern button-up that was a good few sizes too large. She was also sporting a very disgusted expression on her face.

“Is that my shirt?” Victor said, an eyebrow raised. Kate wearing one of his shirts willingly was one of the last sights he thought he would see. Then again, willingly was probably the incorrect word to use.

She lowered her gaze at him. “I think I should be asking if this is your shirt - you look like a street merchant!”

Victor gaped in protest.

“Well excuse me, darling, but I actually like my sense of style! You didn’t have to put on the shirt.”

“I disagree - every shirt in your wardrobe is an abomination. I had no choice.”

Ask Meme

Kate had come over to her friends house because she had mentioned wanting to show her something over the phone.
“You won’t believe what I found. Come over after classes.” Kris said to her. Kate had also happened to hear creaks and groans in the background, wondering if her neighbors in the dorm were having loud sex.

She managed to come over, right after class as she was told, to her friends dorm room. She had only one other roommate, who didn’t seem to be around. Kris’ dorm seemed a little disheveled. Lots of smaller stuff on the ground, tattered clothes scattered around the living room. Kate wandered aimlessly around the living room, wondering what had happened. She finally came across a pile of flesh colored scraps, sweeped up into a corner of the room and poorly hidden from sight. “Kris? You home?” she called out, hearing a quick shuffle from behind a bedroom door. Kris emerged, with a beaming smile like she’s known for.

“Hey Kate, how are you?” she said, walking over and and grabbing some glasses from the kitchen, one for each of them. “Doing fine, but what happened here?” Kate said, motioning to the whole living room mess. “Oh, my roommate brought her family’s dog over and he made a mess!” Kris said quickly, as if almost she was expecting the question. She walked over and gave Kate the glass, which had some liquid in it, that Kate couldn’t identify.

“What’s this?” she asked, looking at the bubbly clear liquid in her glass. Kris smiled and drank her glass of regular water. “It’s a weight loss drink I found in a health food store around here. It’s supposed to start working the same day you drink it.” she told Kate, watching her take a long drink from it while she explained. “Is this what you wanted to show me?” the red haired girl smirked, feeling the bubbles tickle her throat and belly, drinking the whole glass the next drink she took.

Almost within seconds, the somewhat slender Kate hiccupped and felt her body start to get that same tingle she just felt in her throat. She hastily put the glass down and felt herself over, hearing a slight bubbling sound, followed by a soft hiss. Kate gasped as she looked down to her normally modest chest, just barely a B cup. Her shirt was stretched to show off a much larger set of tits now, barely containing the D cups she was sporting now. Kris had maneuvered behind the red head and gripped Kate’s chest from behind, giving a full palmed grope. Kate couldn’t help but feel her knees buckle and bite her lip. “W-what was in that, Kris!?” she shouted at her, her breathing becoming sharper and faster.

“Juuuust wait for it.” Kris whispered, dodging the question as she pulled Kate’s shirt down, showing her just what was happening. She was swelling up. Her breasts had now started to tear at her bra for escape, creaking as they spilled over her bra cups. Kate even felt her belly start to push out, the tingling getting worse as the seconds ticked by…

Kate was at such a loss for words and actions that she could only watch in abject horror, as well as a mix of curiosity, as her slender frame now started to resemble an overblown pregnant sex doll. Her pants began to shred as her expansion started to really take off. Her whole body started to swell, but her main concern was her ballooning breasts and belly. Kate’s bra, which she spent a pretty penny on, finally failed her as the hooks bent and made her bra POP! off, much to Kris’ delight. Her tips bounced and squeaked in relief, like two balloons attached to her body. “That’s more like it.” Kris said aloud, watching from a few feet away as her friend blimped before her eyes. “Why did you do this?” Kate yelled as her shirt finally gave way, the red haired balloon now donning just a simple pair of panties, which wouldn’t last long either.

Kris wore that magnetic smile she was known for the whole school over. “Because, I like watching girls like you POP for me.” she finally admitted, using her pink nails to race across Kate’s now tight belly, just sinking in enough to make Kate worry even more than she already was.

Pop?… Like a balloon? Kate thought to herself, as she felt her panties dig into her decidedly bigger and rounder form. Could she pop? How much more could she take before then? These thoughts ran amuck in her head as she huffed and groaned, her body getting tighter. Her tits covered almost her entire view, and she felt her belly almost lift off the ground, the insistent hissing getting louder in there…

Her mind soon drew the conclusion that the shredded clothes and rubbery scraps were probably from Kris’ roommate. She CAN pop. And as her old friend watched her swell, a glimmer of lust in her eyes, Kate felt her whole body start to rapidly surge outwards…

Her skin tight body began to rapidly creak and give low, dangerous groans. She was reminded of playing with cheap party balloons as a child, and knew she wasn’t far off from joining the other victim of the mysterious drink. Her tits began to show dark stress marks, also becoming hollow, and she felt her insanely tight belly would be showing the same. She felt SO tight. Too tight. Her panties blew off her form at last, kind of letting Kate’s body swell unchecked by clothes…

Kate could only close her eyes and grip what she could of her drum tight body as she heard a high pitched whine, one she knew she heard before. Like a balloon about to pop on a helium tank. “If it makes you feel any better, my roommate only got to half your size…” Kris said, actually feeling herself over as she watched her handiwork almost come to fruition. Kate breathed tight, small breaths as she felt her limit finally catch up with her…

“I’m… I’m gonna blo-”



This was a story I wanted to make as a gift to @curzon-nana, using her profile picture (which IS her, by the by!), which gave me some inspiration to write a story. Hope you enjoyed it! :)

the signs as bad teen wolf plot lines

aries: idk just fucking send jackson to london??? without a real explanation… no one will ask questions?

taurus: listen listen listen- an alpha pack. a pack of alphas. they won’t really do much and their reason for being here will be kind of unclear. but. how fucking badass man. make two of them fist each other and become A BIG ALPHA.

gemini: let’s go look for half a dead body in the woods, y’know. like normal teenagers.

cancer: derek hale gets seduced by his love interest and ultimately she is a bad guy- again. no one will see it coming.

leo: malia

virgo: heart of darkness. they all have these crazy things to overcome! like bad hallucinations. but it’ll only last like an ep or two at most. 

libra: let’s kill allison

scorpio: no but hear me out, what about a giant lizard man??

sagittarius: we’re not gonna explain how kate gets the beserkers around with her because how the fuck would one of those things legally get across the boarder

capricorn: bRO, BRO, NINJAS! but mythological. but dude ninjas. like with ninja swords. killin people in hospitals. but maybe they’re actually bugs. like from the fuckin’ power tree. ninja bugs. can’t fuckin’ kill ninja bugs. 

aquarius: dudes let’s go to mexico

pisces: no, no, really, bring peter hale back from the dead. he’s a totally useful character that we’ll probably do something with

Be a good girl.

Summary: OFC Kate is Tom’s submissive and comes home to realise she was made a vital mistake. 

Warnings: Dom/Sub, DD/lg, Rough/Unprotected sex punishment, spanking, leather belt. 

Kate knew as soon as she walked in the door that something was wrong, usually after a long day studying at University, Tom Hiddleston, her boyfriend/dominant would be waiting to greet her at the door with the kisses and cuddles that she had come to adore so much in last eight months. However he wasn’t there to greet her today, although it was obvious he was home; his jag was in the garage and the keys were hanging up in their rightful place. They were a constant, but subtle, reminder of his dominance.  The house was silent, no gentle background music or quiet sound from the television at all; like Kate was used to when she came home. Which could only mean one thing. That she had supremely fucked up.

As Kate walked through the house to dump her Uni work and then search for Tom, she racked her brain for what she had done. Kate couldn’t think of anything to warrant Tom being made at her. It had been three weeks since she had received a true punishment, a paddling for talking back to Tom. Back talking was a form of defiance, and defiance was not something Tom took lightly, so punishment was swift. Kate could think of no other such incidents recently. After searching through the whole house the only place left was Tom’s office. Unlike the rest of the house his office was nothing like him, a very dark room that wasn’t warm at all; it was a darkened room which sent shivers down her spine. She wasn’t forbidden in anyway to visit the room but she choose not, and when searching for misplaced items, she always saved it for last. Which is exactly what she had done today. The exception today being that the missing thing wasn’t a phone or a book it was her Tom.

While working up the courage to check Tom’s office Kate reflected on their relationship of eight months and the month before they became serious. The simplest way to describe their relationship was, Tom equals dominant and Kate equals the submissive. However with a closer examination you would discover that Tom was more of a “sugar daddy” to coin a popular phrase; though again this didn’t really describe their relationship either. Yes there was a considerable age gap between them, Kate was only twenty while Tom was thirty-five. Yes Tom did enjoy buying her things, but he didn’t spoil her and he was definitely NOT a crusty old man, he was every bit the virile young man he was made out to be. Kate was more of a pet or little girl to Tom, something precious that Tom had to protect, and Kate was extremely happy to think of Tom as her Daddy.

Shit. Sudden realisation struck Kate, today was her birthday and today was also the day Tom wanted her passport to book them a holiday overseas. She officially turned twenty years old today and she had never told Tom when her birthday was. Which was a major problem now because Tom didn’t like her to keep secrets; it wasn’t like she had purposely kept the secret from him. Kate hadn’t bothered to tell Tom when they were celebrating his birthday because it hadn’t come up in conversation and she hadn’t felt it necessary because she wasn’t sure how long relationship would last.

After steeling her nerves Kate decided rather than prolonging her anxiety she would enter his office to take her punishment like a good little kitten so that she pleased Tom and he would know longer be mad at her. Upon entering Tom’s office she noticed that he only had his desk lamp on which created a dark glow on his face making him look rather dangerous. His usually friendly face was set in a dark look, his mouth in a very straight line, looking more like Loki then her ever friendly Tom. “Finally you have come to me my sweet girl” said Tom “I’m hoping that you already know why you’re here.” Kate wanted nothing more than to be swallowed up by the floor because of Tom’s disapproving tone and it was more than enough to set her straight and look back on her mistake but she knew it wasn’t that easy Tom would never let her off without a punishment and, such a personal detail as not telling Tom her birthday, punishment would be extremely severe, probably a spanking session as well as a night of being Tom’s personal fuck toy but that didn’t matter as much because she already was.

“Since you already know why you are here I’m not going to waste my time explaining it to you. I would rather move straight to the punishment and then to fucking you as that’s all I’ve been able to think about all day. I can’t wait to get my cock in your tight little cunt. You know why daddy loves your little cunt so much, because its still as tight as the day that I took your virginity. My darling if only you knew that My cock has been stiff and hard all day just thinking of you, stretched out like a precious little kitten, this morning completely naked I would’ve taken you right then and there but it would’ve been a quickie and I couldn’t have had enough time to give your body the proper praise it deserved. But now that I find out you kept one of the most important pieces of information from me well it’s time for you to be punished. ”

While Tom said this whole speech Kate stood there steadily growing more excited at the prospect of being throughly fucked by Tom, her cunt was practically gushing by now, if she hadn’t been wearing jeans she was sure it would running down her legs. 

“Now strip everything off darling and lean over my desk, present that glorious ass of yours for me and I’ll make this quick so I can bury my cock in that gorgeous little kitty of yours.” 

Kate pulled her clothes off and threw them onto the floor of Tom’s office without a second thought, now leaning over his desk with her ass in the air Kate heard the unmistakable sound of his belt being pulled from the loops of his suit pants. Then it was softly caressing her before hissing threw the air to land with a resounding smack on her right ass cheek. This happened twenty-six more times. Twenty for her age. Five for the month and two for the day. Accepting her punishment the way she knew Tom liked, quietly without fuss she knew she would be rewarded for her efforts.

“"Well done my gorgeous little kitten, it’s now time for your reward.” With that Kate heard Tom pulling down his zipper, not bothering to undress knowing Kate loved him fucking her still fully dressed while she was completely naked.

“"Hang on Darling this is going to be rough”. And it was. Tom rutted in Kate as fast as he could, one hand held her waist while the other closed around her neck squeezing ever so gently as a reminder, forcing her to orgasm, Tom kept rutting into her cunt. Kate started whimpering wanting to stop but never daring to use her safe word. “"Keep up darling I’m not even half way through with you yet.” Tom kept his promise by bringing her seven glorious orgasms and each time squeezing his hand on her neck to stretch out her orgasm until they rolled into each other.

Tom rutted into her until his climax, seated deep inside her and spilling into her warm wet cunt making sure his kitten got all of his cum and then slowly pulling out to watch it dribble down her legs.  

20 Questions

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NAME: Kate

NICKNAME: don’t really have one altho I fall in love with anyone who calls me by my last name…

BIRTH MONTH: September

HEIGHT: 5′ 4″

ETHNICITY: White (with some Irish Romani mixed in from a couple of generations back)

ORIENTATION: of the queer variety

FAVOURITE FRUIT: GREEN apples, also bananas are my go-to food when I’m feeling ill, love me some strawberries and grapes

FAVOURITE SEASON: warm autumn or cool spring

FAVOURITE BOOK: the last book I read for pleasure was Silence of the Lambs… idk I (supposedly) read so many books for my degree… I just read Coriolanus that was surprisingly gay and therefore pretty enjoyable 

FAVOURITE FLOWERS: daffodils, bluebells, heather and gorse in general I really like

FAVOURITE SCENT: i have a v weak sense of smell, but probs nature-y smells like running water and meadows and mountain air etc

FAVOURITE ANIMAL: dogs. i had a dream last night that I stole this lady’s dog and she was like ‘could I have him back?’ and I said ‘no’ and she said ‘okay’. It was a good dream


AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: ha what is sleep

FAVOURITE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS:  me. i am not real. life is fiction

NUMBER OF BLANKETS YOU SLEEP WITH:  just the one, I get hot so easily

DREAM TRIP:  New Zealand!!! or New York, or maybe just camping in Scotland would do me good

BLOG CREATED: in like 2013 ahaha it was for Inception originally oml then I forgot about it for 4 years and revived it around Jan

NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS: let me check…. 488 wow i am shook

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Good things that happen in 2016

-the pandas are off the endangered list
-the new Ghostbusters movie
-kate McKinnon
-having a whole three months of Steven universe
-rebecca surger
-alot of celebs coming out as bi
-including Rebecca suger
-twenty one pilots and Lin-Manuel Miranda were on SNL at the same time simultaneously
-josh dun
-tyler Joseph
-their parents
-Lin-Manuel Miranda
-Im somehow still living

If anyone would like to add they may
Eight For Eight.

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Last movie i watched: (in cinema) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (on tv) Star Trek -Chris Pine version (such a sweetie!)

Last Song I listened to: Heathens: Twenty One Pilots (part of my Bucky playlist)

Last Book I Read: I’m still reading Kate Mosse’s ‘Labyrinth. I can’t remember what i read before that. 

Last Thing I Ate: chocolate

Where Would You Like to Time Travel To: A time where my maternal grandfather was still alive. He died before i was born and from the stories my mum and uncles told me about him, he was a very special man. 

Fictional Character I Would Hang Out With For A Day: Bucky Barnes (and Cap too)

If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now, Where Would I Be? Somewhere writing.

Current Fandom Obsession: Sebastian Stan.

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Relationship Status: single
Last Song I Listened To: Lust for Life by Lana Del Rey
Last Book Read/Listened To: Carrie by Stephen King
Favorite Color(s): red, khaki, beige, black (actually I love all colours it’s hard to pick ONE)
Top Three Shows: Daria, Twin Peaks, Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Top Three Characters: Alistair Theirin (Dragon Age), Constantine (DC), Kate Beckett (Casle)
Top Three Ships: honestly I don’t ship anyone, it’s not my cup of tea so idk

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Eight by Eight!

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Last Movie I watched: ‘The End of Evangelion’, I don’t know why I decided to start my rewatch with this but it is what I felt like at the time lol

Last Song I listened to: ‘Bleed Like Me’ by Garbage

Last Book I read: The Secret River by Kate Grenville

Last thing I ate: A crumpet

Where would I want to Time Travel to: I’d like to watch the beginning of the universe - a spectacle with no comparison.

Fictional Character I would hang out with for a day: There are too many for me to think of just one D:

If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be: In my bed.

Current Fandom Obsession: Considering I had to create an entirely separate blog for it so I didn’t annoy you all with it: Overwatch! It is OW’s one year anniversary in a few days and I’m very excited :D

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Last Movie I Saw - Freedom Writers -> I loved that movie! 

Last Song I Heard - Slut like you - P!NK

Last Book I Read - Return of Sherlock Holmes by A.C.Doyle 

Currently reading: Prime of Miss Jean Brodie - M. Spark 

Last Thing I Ate - tortillas with vegetable

Where/When Would I Go If I Could Time Travel? - 1940′s London or New York OR 1950′s USA - love the fashion and would be a supporter of M.L.King :) 

Fictional Character I Would Hang Out With For A Day - That is difficult one. I don’t know, there are so many characters. I’ll go with Luce Price from Fallen series by Lauren Kate

If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now, Where Would I Be? - London or New York because both cities are amazing

Current Fandom Obsession - Still with Marvel movies :)

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“Mm. Turn around.”

He was starting to have fun with this. After taking me on an unexpected shopping spree to Victoria’s Secret, I decided to perform a fashion show to thank him. My hardworking man deserved it. I watched him take another sip of his Amber liquor, slowly swallowing it and licking his lips.

“As you wish”, I wink and turn around. I lift my hair off of my back, swaying my hips a little. “What cha think, daddy?”

I was now modeling the black flowery piece he picked out.

“I think I could eat that lingerie right off of you.” He raises his glass, “I have good taste.”

I look into the full body mirror, admiring the material hugging my curves. Then I paid too much attention to my stomach. It wasn’t flat. Absentmindedly I gripped my muffin top, rubbing my love handles in annoyance. How on earth could Joe find this attractive and sexy in Vickies? Hell, I damn sure don’t. Looking back at my face, I roll my eyes at my sudden thoughts. Typical, Josie. Real typical.

“I know what you were doing and you know how much I hate that.”

I sigh, rolling my eyes as I turn to face him. “I’m sorry but there’s no way you find me desirable in this, babe.” I start untying the back, “I’m going to wash all of these garments and return them tomorrow.”

Joe crinkles his nose, “You can’t be serious.” He tosses back the last of his drink, slamming the glass down. “Josie bring your ass here right now.”

That hard bass in his voice swam through my body. He watched me walk slowly towards him until his face was a few inches away from my stomach.

He grabs my hips, “Now explain to me why you would say that.”


“Josie if I didn’t think you were sexy in lingerie I wouldn’t have spent over $2,000 in Victoria’s Secret today.”

I tilt my head, “Come to think about it, Joe you can’t stand that store.”

He clears his throat, “I’ve never said that.”

“Yes, yes you have. There was a time when I literally had to drag you by your ponytail into the store.”

“I honestly don’t recall”, his voice gets higher, “It was possibly just a bad day.”

I almost want to chuckle. His voice gets higher when he’s lying. “Leati Joseph A'noai I know when you’re lying to me.”

His face falls, “What makes you think I’m ly—”

“You’re singing like Mariah”, I thump his Adam’s apple.

He reaches for his throat, “Ok fine.” He takes a deep breath, “I overheard you talking to Kate last year about one day going on a shopping spree there. At the time, I wanted to make that come true for you but financially it was impossible. So since I’ve had this new job for a few months now, I’ve been putting money aside from every pay check for the day that I would make that wish come true.”

I’m at a lost for words right now. I do remember that conversation I had with my best friend, but I never would’ve thought he heard it. Kate was telling me about all the things she bought at the semi annual sale. Although I was excited to hear what all she bought, I was a little depressed that I couldn’t share that moment with her. Joe and I had both been working two jobs while in school, so as a married couple financial aide wasn’t enough. So after all the bills were paid, we made payments towards tuition. We barely went out especially to go shopping. But when we finally graduated with our Masters’ degrees, opportunities came knocking at our door and we moved forward with full time careers. No more living check to check, and spending majority of our off days at home because we couldn’t afford to go out.

“Joe”, I begin, “You didn’t have to do this.” I cup his face.

He faintly smiles, pulling me closer to him. “I know I didn’t, but I wanted to. Whatever my wife wants, I feel my wife should get. Josie, I want you to stop downing yourself. For over five years now, you’re still the most beautiful, flawless woman that I met in Biology class. I wouldn’t change a damn thing about you, and I’d rather you not do it as well. If you do, make sure it’s for you. Not for me.”

Suddenly feeling robbed of my heart, I straddle his lap. “I’m sorry and I promise to work on that. It’s just been hard to do because I’ve always been this way. I’ve always had the guys that told me I was cute, but not cute enough to be their’s. Then days later I would see them with these girls that had the flat stomachs and toned bodies. Here I am with my—well..” I trail off not wanting to remember those moments.

Joe slid his hands from my stomach to my thighs, caressing every curve and flab I possessed. “The guys that turned you down for this were jerks. However their rejections led you to me, someone that’ll adore every single pore on your body the way it is. And besides, I guarantee you that half of those guys are still single with a bunch of kids by different women.”

My eyes narrow, “What makes you so sure?”

“Being superficial never brings you true happiness, Josie.” He pulls me in to some adorable Eskimo kisses.

“I love you so much”, I peck his lips. “I couldn’t have asked for a better husband.”

“I love you too.” He smacks my butt, “Now, we have about three more bags to go. So continue.”

I look behind me in exhaustion at the stuffed pink bags, “Ugh! Can we take a small break?”

Joe reaches over to the table and pours him another drink. “We just did.” He swirls the liquor in his glass, “We have all night, baby. The show must go on!”

I warmly smile, “Anything for you, daddy.”

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Rate acotar, acomaf and acowar on 100!

ACOTAR - 87 (slow start, but the middle & especially the last 20% more than made up for it)
ACOMAF- 98 (only reason I’m not giving it 100 is for details that would have been nice in world building, like the names of Rhys’s parents & sister & rules for the magic that were consistent. Tied in excellently with the first one & felt cohesive, but significantly better than the first one. This book is easily my favorite.)
ACOWAR - 39 (this is the generous, improved score after I had a day to process what I read & was able to find a few scenes I actually liked. I originally would have given it around 20. This book was a travesty of character assassination & SJM trying but failing at pacing, using plot twists, & handling her characters effectively. If ACOMAF was two steps forward, this book was at least six steps back. But then again, they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, & I certainly feel like I went through hell reading it.)


Happy Halloween!

“I hate Halloween!” Beckett growled as Castle dragged her through Spirit, one of the many costume stores that just seem to pop up around this time of year. They were on the women’s side now, as Castle thought it wise to pick a costume that she would actually approve of, before he found his own.

“Nobody hates Halloween,” he scoffed as he reached for one of the nearby dresses on a hook. “How about a slutty nurse?” The force of Beckett’s glare nearly gave him a headache. He put the costume back. “No nurse,” he murmured. “What about a slutty cop then?”

“I’m already a cop,” Beckett growled.

“Are you calling yourself slutty?” Castle asked with a grin. Beckett growled—actually, truly growled at him—and he put it back. “Werewolf?”

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Protected (Part 7)

summary: reader witnesses something horrible and somehow Bucky ends up being her bodyguard

warnings: 1% angst, swearing

word count: 1323

a/n: mwaahhaa don’t hate me

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

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Buckys POV

After exiting the store, I headed to a coffee shop across the street, to get some coffee but also to keep an eye on Kate for a bit longer, just to make sure she was okay. I could see her perfectly from here. She was messing with some books and she looked as comfortable as ever. Like there wasn’t a worry in the world. 

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from a cute cold weather prompt list: "you walked here in a blizzard to get your hot chocolage but you forgot your wallet at home, here, let me buy your drink for you"

The front door to the cafe swings open with a shuddering force, gusts of snow flurries and biting winds swirling inside with the man bundled in a black pea coat and a bright red scarf, far too little protection from the raging blizzard outside. He fights with the glass door, shoves it closed with a grunt and the strength of his shoulder. 

The barista is eyeing him warily as he approaches, shivering violently throughout his walk to the counter, and Kate doesn’t blame the woman. She wouldn’t be thrilled to cater to a crazy person either.

“One extra large, double hot chocolate with extra marshmallows please,” he orders through chattering teeth, and Kate can see from her place in the corner that he’s attempting a smile, polite and cracking beneath the chill, and she’s strangely grateful when the woman behind the counter gives him one back.

“That’ll be $5.62, sir.“ 

The man reaches into his coat pocket, digging around with a hand that shakes, his shoulders growing tense as his search comes up empty. 

"Uh, let me just - just check my other pocket,” he tells the barista with a nervous undertone to his voice. “I was in a hurry when I left the loft, but I couldn’t have… I never forget my wallet. I’m sure I have something-”

Kate watches as panic consumes the bright blue eyes, spreading across the wind slapped skin of his cheeks, the vibrant red tip of nose, as he checks every pocket of his coat and comes up empty. 

“I’m so sorry, I-" 

Kate stands without thinking and strides up to the counter, withdrawing a few bills from the pocket of her jeans and reaching past the frozen man’s snow sprinkled shoulder to hand the barista the money. He turns wide eyes onto her, his lips parting with surprise as the barista accepts the payment without question, hands Kate her change and the receipt.  

"Your order will be ready in just a few minutes, sir." 

"Thanks, and thank you,” he says, stepping back from the counter to face Kate, strolling off to the side with her despite the lack of customers.  

“Not a problem. You braved a blizzard for hot chocolate, couldn’t let your efforts go to waste,” she muses wryly, making fun of him, and she watches his eyes spark with amusement, tries not to stare as it spreads to his lips, revealing a gorgeous smile. 

“I’ll pay you back,” he promises earnestly. “The second I have my wallet.”

Kate waves him off. “It’s not a big deal. Just hope you enjoy it.”

“Oh, it’s not for me,” he tells her with a chuckle, rubbing at his ears, bright pink and ravished by the cold. “My little girl, she loves this place, says no one can make hot chocolate like they do. She asked me if I could get her some, since it’s only a couple of blocks away, but I didn’t think… well, I wasn’t aware of how bad the weather actually was until I stepped outside." 

"I think you’d be safer just asking for the recipe,” Kate murmurs with a quirked brow. “Also, don’t you watch the news? They’ve been talking about this blizzard since last night. Or, you know, look out the window every now and then?" 

"Yes,” he sighs, loud and over dramatic. “I caught a bit of the weather last night, but I try not to keep the news on too often when Alexis is around. She’s only eight, and maybe it’s not smart, but I just try to shield her from the bad things that go on in the city, in the world.”  

Kate softens a little at that, decides the man standing in front of her isn’t quite as crazy as she’d originally thought.  

“No, it’s smart. Maybe not for you when it comes to weather conditions, but good for your daughter." 

He grins at her, apparently delighted to have her acceptance, and props his hip against the nearest empty table. The cafe is understandably empty, only a few patrons trapped inside, awaiting the blizzard’s end with anxious eyes. 

"As for the window,” he continues. “We were in our blanket fort most of the day, so I have an excuse.”  

A laugh bubbles past her lips without her permission and his eyes burn an even brighter shade of blue. Kate lifts her fingers to cover her mouth, conceal the unexpected smile that feels almost foreign on her lips these days.  

“Extra large, double chocolate,” the barista calls, placing the massive cup of hot chocolate on the counter and quickly retiring to behind the ‘staff only’ doors. 

“Well, good luck getting back home,” Kate offers, glancing out towards the storefront windows, noticing that the winds have slowed, the snow has lessened in its intensity. He may actually be able to make it back to his apartment without issue if he were to leave now. 

“Are you - do you live far from here?” he asks, flicking his gaze between her and the cafe door.  

“Kind of,” she hedges, slipping her hands into the pockets of her coat. “I had just stopped by for coffee while I was running down a lead, but then the blizzard picked up, so I-“

“Wait, a lead?” he echoes, his eyes shimmering with intrigue. 

She sighs, decides to bite the bullet and reveal the information that has most men backing away from her with nervous smiles. 

“Yeah, homicide detective,” she explains, witnessing the excitement ripple through the sapphires of his irises with her brow falling into a crease. 

“Listen, I know we just met, but you’re pretty amazing so far.” Another laugh threatens to breach her lips. When was the last time someone had made her laugh twice in five minutes, made her laugh at all, really? “Do you think maybe sometime we could… would you like to hang out sometime? Grab coffee, when the chances of being trapped inside the coffee shop aren’t quite as great?”

Kate pierces her bottom lip beneath her teeth as she nods, withdraws one of the cards she had made when she’d finally been promoted to detective last year.

“I’d like that,” she murmurs, handing him the card, catching her breath when their fingers brush. And it’s so cliché, probably due to the frostbitten quality to his fingertips, but she swears she can feel a ridiculous spark of warmth surge up her arm. 

“Kate Beckett,” he reads out, his lips curling around her name. “Richard Castle,” he returns, and she knew that beneath the snow in his hair and the rush of blood to his cheeks, his nose, that he had looked familiar. “I look forward to seeing you again.”

“Likewise,” she says, surprised to find for the first time in too long that she actually means it, as she reaches for his hot chocolate, savoring the burn of the plastic travel cup in her palm before she transfers it to his. “Now hurry up and get this to your kid before the blizzard picks up again.”

“Thanks, for everything, Kate.” He cradles the hot chocolate to his chest, the dopey smile illuminating his face, sending warmth unfurling through her stomach. “Talk to you soon.”

“Bye Rick.” He bumps into the door at the sound of his name slipping from her mouth and Kate rolls her eyes, leans back against the counter and watches him trudge back into the world of white and wave to her through the window before he disappears down the street.  

She palms the phone in her pocket as she returns to her seat, gathering her things and preparing to return to the station. She doesn’t think she’s been this excited for a phone call in year 

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  1. who’s your favorite character of all time? Wichita or Abigail Hobbs
  2. do you play video games? if so, which ones? Just Star Wars Battlefront and The Last of Us. I’m not any good.
  3. who would you pick to play you in a biopic? Uhhh, no idea. 
  4. what 3 items would you take to a deserted island? Besides like essentials like water and food? My pillow, my iphone, and my dog?
  5. what’s one place you could spend forever at? Saint Augustine
  6. what’s your favorite classic piece of literature? The Awakening by Kate Chopin
  7. which superpower would you love to have? Shapeshifter?
  8. are you more organized or scattered? I’m a solid combination of both.
  9. who’s a character that you most relate to? Sam from SPN and Elliot from The Magicians
  10. if you could paint the world one color what would it be? PURPLE
You know what, I wanna make a toast. Physics is the study of the movement of, uh, bodies and space, and it can unlock the mysteries of the Universe, but it cannot answer the essential question of what is our purpose here and to me the purpose of life is to love and to love is what you have shown me. I didn’t think that I would ever really have a friend until I met Abby, and then I feel like I have a family of my own, and I love you, thank you

Jillian Holtzmann/ Kate McKinnon, Ghostbusters (2016)

I promise this is the last one, needed to vent the new obsession 😂

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