Your scheduled suggested dose of...

Television: Also known as “TV.”

The 100 rises to No. 1. May we meet again, Commander.
Miraculous! Superheroes Ladybug and Cat Noir land at No. 3.
☆  O, Canada. Big Brother Canada makes its debut at No. 11.

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Movies: Can be referred to as “films.”

Zootopia (No. 1) is king of the jungle.
⬇︎ Spring is coming. Frozen melts eight spots to No. 18.

Music: Many call these “jams” or “sing-a-dings.”

5 Seconds of Summer (No. 1) reclaim their throne.
⬆ Happy belated birthday, Justin Bieber! The Beliebers give you No. 4.
⬇︎ Drake falls to No. 14, will hopefully write an emotional song about it.

Celebrities: Synonymous with “Hey good-lookings.”

Eliza Taylor moves to No. 8 as Tumblr hopes Elyza Lex becomes her full time job.
Leonardo DiCaprio is still No. 1; hopefully found a nice laundromat to dry clean his Oscar.
☆ Everyone is so proud of Kate Winslet being proud of Leo that she debuts at No. 6.

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Games: Or “pew-pew-pews.”

Kirby: Planet Robobot is announced and rightfully debuts at No. 10.
⬇︎ Pokémon Sun and Moon wasn’t talked about much and it was super effective. It fell twelve to No. 19.

Web stuff: These are things online, there’s actually no other term for it.

Game Grumps (No. 6) supported Crisis Text Line and Tumblr supports that.
AmazingPhil (No. 2) is once again close to danisnotonfire (No. 1), just as he should be.