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Dating Addison Montgomery would include:

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✩ you met her through Meredith, of course. Her, you and Cristina were the squad goals of the hospital - so naturally, you hated Addison at first.

           ↳  but you couldn’t deny that she was extremely hot

✩ you often got assigned to her service and worked rather closely with her. it was then you got to know her and realise she wasn’t a bitch. just a complicated person to say the least. 

✩ one night you went to Joe’s Bar and went over to Addison who you saw drinking alone.

          ↳  the rest of the night is a hazy blur, but you wake up to find Addison in your bed - both of you naked. she tells you to forget any of this and you never mention it again

✩ when Derek chooses Addison over Meredith it crushes you, but you still don’t tell anyone what happened and you help Meredith through everything. 

✩ when it doesn’t work out between them, Addison comes to you and apologises.

✩ after a long time of being friends again (and a lot of talks between Addison and Callie) you become a couple.

✩ At first, Derek is taken back by this news but is supportive. You go on double dates with him and Meredith. The same with Callie and Arizona. 

✩ Addison is the big spoon. always.

✩ is not above giving the silent treatment if you deny her kisses - though it is rare that you do.

✩ she thinks you’re too good for her and that she will destroy you. you now know the signs of when she thinks these things because she is pretty reserved and a tiny bit cold with you. 

         ↳ when it’s one of those days you give her some space in the hospital, but when you’re both at home you talk it out. it normally ends in loving sex.

✩ Addison thinks the world of you and will do anything in her power to make you happy.