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Hi! I was wondering, what did you think of Stiles in last episode's I.E.D. scene? Many say his reaction shows just how much of a heartless jerk he really is, and how he's always made fun of other people's pain, but I think there's much more to the scene than that.

well i did see a gifset of this scene on my dash that seemed to spur a lot of discussion about stiles and sosiopathic tendencies etc.

personally, i didn’t read anything more into that scene except stiles being stiles. he’s got a tendency to respond to stressful situations with snark and sass, and this didn’t trigger anything else for me. But people read scenes and dialogue differently i suppose.

what i did get from that scene was how totally frustrated stiles seems to be with scott and the situation him biting Liam has put them in. They had enough on their plates with kate, the search for derek and now these supernatural assassins running around. they did not need a freshfaced beta with anger issues on top of that. and scott is handling it poorly.

take the scene from 4x04 where scott gives liam the half-assed copy of derek’s “we’re brothers now” and “the bite is a gift” - stiles was 184 % done with scott

also the scene in the locker room with scott and kira looking for Garrett’s lacrosse weapon, he was suggesting they try to cancel the game, and neither scott nor kira would listen and he was so so frustrated.

I read this shower scene the same way - his snark is actually more pointed at scott rather than Liam. Was it insensitive - sure. But i believe it came from a place of intense frustration rather than pure malice like some people are suggesting.

just my 2 cents


The end (until December) is here.

This Wednesday. September 17th. 2014. A.D.

People (and not-people) are reunited. Revelations start coming. Blood’s drawn. 

The fuller picture opens up (THE SHUTTER, IF YOU WILL)* placing Kate & co. in a very different place than when the series began and kicking off our next big arc, taking us to… well, you’ll see.

*sorry not sorry

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