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And if that is his, then, you know, maybe I could learn to look past his other flaws, you know what I mean? Look, the point is, I am not asking you to go into the men’s room and look at a stranger’s genitals. Well… I’m asking you to look inside my heart and see how confused I am right now and how much I need a hero. Will you do that, bartender?

Mixology 1×8 ‘Jessica & Ron’: How not to date

Welcome to a world where women have whiny voices and shallow minds, men pick fights like high schoolers, and everyone’s goal is to get laid by the end of the night. You have entered Mixology — which might as well be any bar in LA. Read the rest at gottawatchit.com…

Really funny: Mixology (2013-2014)

Pretty sure this goes without saying at this point, but I’m a total sucker for the ‘Recently Added’ feature on Netflix. My list of stuff to watch is so long, I’m always on the lookout for new streaming content. Mixology is a show I found randomly while scrolling through that list one night, and I recognized one of the guys from The Lizzie Bennett Diaries (hell yeah Fitz!). It was a short show- only one season- so this was a no-brainer.


I don’t remember having heard about this show AT ALL until it hit Netflix. I assume it was on TV at some point, but for the life of me I couldn’t tell you anything more than that. I will tell you, though, that this show is AMAZING. Is it the best show out there? No, of course not (I’ve perhaps mentioned Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Wire once or twice?). But it is damn entertaining. I love the premise. It follows a set of characters through a single night out at the bar, and each episode focuses on a pair of the characters. I love bar culture, and, even though the bar this is set at is MUCH nicer than the bars I frequent (what can I say, I love shitty dive bars), this is pretty much on point. I really do appreciate how well they weave all of the different stories into each other, and how all of the characters interact. I recognize a lot of them from my own nights out, and I appreciate that. One episode has a whole thing about a group of guys trying to snag a booth that’s opening up soon, and, dude…we’ve all been there. You’re tired of standing around a crowded bar, and it’s hard to get service when you’re just awkwardly hovering in a semi-open spot, and it would be awesome to just be able to set your drink down for a minute. I get it, and I love it.

There are some characters here that I thought would annoy me as the series went on, but that actually didn’t happen. Everyone managed to stay above the line in the funny, likable, and sympathetic categories. Even when some of them are just giving someone shit, it’s still funny. The whole show was actually pretty hilarious. Sure, there were some stereotypical bar characters, but that was almost one of my favorite aspects of this. It was really easy to connect to this show, and I imagine that anyone who’s spent even a little time at a bar (any bar, really. The prices change, but the people do not) would recognize some people. The woman who’s trying so hard to be a bitch to everyone but ends up inadvertently really liking the sensitive guy, the not-great-looking-but-oddly-charming guy who just never gives up, the single mom having a night out- they’re familiar, but that’s what I liked about it.

I know this show didn’t get awesome reviews (obviously- it’s only 13 episodes, so something didn’t go well), but I ultimately really dug it. It’s funny, it’s got an interesting concept, the cast was pretty much on point, and it’s SMART. These characters are giving us some really great insights into not only dating, love, sex, etc., but there are some really great life lesson stuff in here. They all have moments that go deeper than ordering the next round, and that’s what held my attention. I’d wager that anyone who’s spent an evening at the bar with some good friends having real talk has had nights like this, where you really figure shit out.

The verdict: Really funny. Glad I gave this show a chance.

Recommended if: You’re into sitcoms without laugh tracks. You’re looking for something quick to marathon on Netflix. You’re into bar culture.