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British royals featured in Vanity Fair’s International Best-Dressed Hall of Fame

  • Queen Elizabeth II (1958)
  • The Duchess of Windsor (1958)
  • The Duchess of Kent (1960)
  • The Duke of Windsor (1968)
  • Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh (1969)
  • The Prince of Wales (1980)
  • Diana, Princess of Wales (1989)
  • Prince Michael of Kent (1999)
  • The Duchess of Cambridge (2014)
I was the first female captain to walk onto the bridge of a starship and issue the signature command, “Engage.” I was also the first captain to have more than seven hairdos within a season, a corset sewn into her space suit, and a bra that resembled an alien species. I was puffed and shorn and stuffed and lit and scrutinized by every executive on the lot. I was criticized and cajoled, alternatively patronized and petted. It’s as if they had all gone out of their way to find this exotic animal who could, in fact, walk and talk and act at the same time, and yet when she appeared on deck, they were stunned to discover that under that feline coat was, God help us, a feline.
—  “The Influence of Captain Janeway” by Kate Mulgrew (Foreward to Homer Simpson Marches on Washington: Dissent through American Popular Culture, 2010)

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how to have the perfect royal baby party by chris (simpsons artist)