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Hi! I wanted to ask what’s the deal with Dirk and Thor? Why are people assuming there’s something between the two? Thanks in advance!


Serious answer: This all comes from the first episode of Season 1 where Dirk talks about some of the cases he’s solved being “a thing about a sofa, a thing with Thor” and in response to Todd’s “…Thor?” he replies: “He’s not nearly as good-looking as people say.” Then laughs, and tries to continue “actually, it’s kind of a funny story -!” before Todd cuts him off.

These are oblique references to the first and second Dirk Gently books - the “sofa” referring to the sofa MacDuff has permanently lodged in his stairwell in Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, and “a thing with Thor” being related to the events of The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul.

The interesting thing is that, in the original novel, Dirk never actually *meets* Thor. Although Dirk is tangentially involved - acting as a kind of lawyer for Odin, sort of, all a bit complicated as you might expect - Thor only meets Kate Schechter, who Dirk also meets earlier in the book (”kicking off the case” as it were).

So it’s either a) that Dirk’s comment of ‘not as handsome’ can be read as, you know… camp as fuck, and people are extrapolating from there (Sam had given Dirk a slight bit of a flirty edge in that line reading) or b) that the fact Dirk has met Thor in this universe might mean he played Kate’s role in that case. Which involved a lot of sweet smelling baths…

For some odd reason it was the one frustration she could never learn simply to live with and accept, and about once a month or so she would get very depressed, phone a pizza restaurant, order the biggest, most lavish pizza she could describe - pizza with an extra pizza on it, essentially - and then, sweetly, ask them to deliver it.

‘To what?’

'Deliver. Let me give you the address–’

'I don’t understand. Aren’t you going to come and pick it up?’

'No. Aren’t you going to deliver? My address–’

'Er, we don’t do that, miss.’

'Don’t do what?’

'Er, deliver.’

'You DON’T DELIVER? Am I HEARING you correctly?’

—  Douglas Adams, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul
She threw open the window in her bedroom and for a moment or two leaned out of it at the rather dangerous and awkward angle which allowed her to see a patch of the park. It was a small corner patch with just a couple of plane trees standing in it. The backs of some of the intervening houses framed it, or rather, just failed totally to obscure it, and made it very personal and private to Kate in the way a vast, sweeping vista would not have been.

On one occasion she had gone to this corner of the park and walked around the invisible perimeter that marked out the very limits of what she could see, and had come very close to feeling that this was her own domain. She had even patted the plane trees in a proprietorial sort of way, and had then sat beneath them watching the sun going down over London—over its badly spoiled skyline and its nondelivering pizza restaurants—and had come away with a profound sense of something or other, though she wasn’t quite certain what. Still, she had told herself, these days she should feel grateful for a profound sense of anything at all, however unspecific.
—  douglas adams — the long dark tea-time of the soul

There was another pause, of a different and slightly disordered quality.

It was a long one. It hung there nervously, wondering which direction it was going to get broken from. The darkened street took on a withdrawn, defensive aspect.

‘What?’ Kate screamed at the figure, at last. ‘I said … what?’

The great figure stirred. Kate still could not see him properly because her eyes were still dancing with blue shadows, seared there by the orange light.

‘I was,‘ said the figure, ‘glued to the floor. My father –‘

‘Did you … are you …’ Kate quivered with incoherent rage, ‘are you responsible … for all this?’

‘It is important that you know who I am.’

‘Oh yeah? Said Kate. ‘Well let’s get the name down right now so I can take it straight to the police and get you done for breach of something wilful or other. Intimidation. Interfering with –‘

‘I am Thor. I am the God of Thunder. The God of Rain. The God of the High Towering Clouds. The God of Lightning. The God of the Flowing Currents. The God of the Particles. The God of the Shaping and the Binding Forces. The God of the Wind. The God of the Growing Crops. The God of the Hammer Mjollnir.’

‘Are you?’ simmered Kate. ‘Well, I’ve no doubt that if you’d picked a slack moment to mention all that, I might have taken an interest, but right now it just makes me very angry. Turn the damn lights on!’

Douglas Adams  -  “The Long Dark Tea-time of the Soul”

Slowly, a little woozily, she pushed herself up on to her elbows, and slid her legs out from under the sheets and onto the floor, which was cold to her feet. She could tell almost immediately that she shouldn’t be doing this because every part of her feet was sending back streams of messages telling her exactly what every tiniest bit of the floor that they touched felt like, as if it was a strange and worrying thing the like of which they had never encountered before.

The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul by Douglas Adams

Why do so many stories seem to involve people who should quite clearly not be leaving the hospital trying to leave the hospital?