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Nat. Wonderful as always. Kate’s moved in your room because, and I quote, ‘you and Clint suck at everything, including houses’ so I think it has to do with the decor? 

Age Of Ultron AU with Daniel Craig as Barney Barton.

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Kate Bishop in the MCU

This is just going to be a small thing because I had thoughts while rewatching Civil War and it’s late and I have school in the morning. (Go into this knowing that I have only seen the trash fire known as AOU once and I have since tried to purge it from my brain.) When Ultron came out, there was hullabaloo first about Clint having a farm and how funny that could be if it was in character for comics Clint Barton. Then there was the realization that that farm came with a wife, kids, the whole domestic shebang. And that caused a different kind of uproar. This was out of left field both for movie-goers (even though Clint’s characterization had mostly been “wet paper bag with bow and arrow” before this in the MCU) and comic-readers alike. However, this domestic life makes a little more sense if you consider the possibility that Clint hasn’t been THE Hawkeye for a while (a couple years at least).
Thus enters Kate Bishop. When Clint met Kate, he was still a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and not much else, going on missions and hanging out with Nat to hide his lack of personal life from himself. He’s well on his way to secret agent-ing himself into an early grave before he meets this girl who really is WAY too young to be vigilante-ing and way too posh to be stealing his shtick.
Whatever, yada yada, there’s a begrudging mentorship, a training montage (because however good Kate is with a bow, she still can’t go toe to toe with Black Widow hand to hand), and eventually a mission that Clint goes on where he gets decommissioned and in the heat of the battle, Kate picks up his bow and his comm, introduces herself as Hawkeye and saves the day. (I’m imagining this as like…. an early 2000s period piece movie??)
And a few months down the road, with some pressure taken off him, Clint has gone from vaguely suicidal murder machine to something more closely resembling a human being. And at the farmer’s market (“You can’t live off of coffee and ramen, Clint,” inform Kate and Nat) he bumps into a beautiful woman with a baby in a sling that introduces herself as Laura.
Thus we could get a Fraction based Hawkeye movie, an explanation for the current state of affairs, and Kate Bishop in the MCU.

The most beautiful things often times are the most dangerous.



Bobbi Morse’s butt-kicking levels are off the charts in Mockingbird by Chelsea Cain and Kate Niemczyk!

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Age of Ultron AU where instead for forcing Bruce and Nat in that weird ass romantic plot they just brought Betty Ross back to MCU, made Natasha actually deal with the shit of having all her secrets thrown around and where their amazing “where the fuck was hawkeye” cover story was Clint spending the last three years in Bed Stuy feeding pizza to his dog and watching dumb TV shows with Kate while absently being the third wheel to her and America

FANCAST: Katie McGrath as Kate Bishop.

When Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) finds a Hydra facility still operating, one she knows to be a derivative of the Red Room, she seeks out Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) to help her take it down. With a new child to raise, Clint refuses to put his life on the line again. But he might know someone who will…
Enter Kate Bishop (McGrath), a former protege of Clint’s who is just as much a Hawkeye in her own right. Together, Hawkeye and Black Widow research the facility extensively. Natasha finds out that the Red Room she was in kept her eggs, and later used them to produce offspring in the hopes of creating the best soldier Hydra could dream of.
They enter the facility with the intention of freeing the young woman, Alyona Rogers (Dove Cameron), who’s paternal genetics came from what turned out to be a pre-serum sample of Steve Roger’s DNA. Alyona suffers several ailments, but is proficient in technology and engineering and proves vital to Kate and Natasha’s mission.

All part of the Black Widow solo movie…


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