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what are your must read ziam fics? or fics that are classics amongst ziam fans?

Ohh gosh.  I don’t feel worthy of this question tbh, I am quite new to the fandom and probably have not read many classics.  But alright some of my personal favorites are as follows:

So Let’s Say I’ll Come Another Day by sophieisgod 

One of the best fics I’ve ever read in general, it’s based off the same concept as The Time Traveller’s Wife and it’s just incredibly well-paced, beautifully written, and all-around brilliant.  You will cry, and you will love it.  

Not Happening by scottmcniceass 

College AU.  AMAZING.  I would actually recommend pretty much everything by that author, especially if you want fandom classics.  It’s all wonderful.  But this one holds a special place in my heart.  

Some Girls by Rave is a three-part series that I literally – I don’t even know what to say about it.  One of my all-time favorites.  It’s a genderswap AU where Zayn randomly turns into a girl and he and Liam must learn to deal with it (wink).  Hilarious, heartfelt, well-written, and incredibly hot.  (Her Hogwarts Ziam is also great, fyi.  Just go through her works, actually.  She’s excellent.)

honey, you’re familiar by tachycardia 

This fic honestly wrecked me.  It’s absolutely gorgeous. Future fic where Zayn and Liam find each other again post 1D.  Fantastic prose, excellent characterization, and just a wonderful story.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wonder how the author managed to personally meet ziam in order to capture their personalities so flawlessly.  

Once For Everybody Who Got Left Behind by pukeandcry

AU where Zayn is a ghost and Liam moves into his room.  I loved every word of this fic from start to finish.  I’m a big sucker for supernatural stuff, and this is excellently paced, hilarious, angsty, romantic and sexy all at once.  

Til I See You by vastlyunknown

AU where Zayn and Liam get set up on a blind date, and it’s BRILLIANT.  It’s Zayn POV, funny, romantic and adorable.  It was one of the first ziam fics I ever read and I still think about it all the time.  

I can see my baby swingin’ (my sweet boy swayin’) by Paynegerous

!!!! I’ve been going through my Ao3 history to find these, and I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT THIS FIC, I LOVE IT SO MUCH.  X-Factor fic where Zayn’s never wanked off successfully and Liam helps him out.  Smutty, adorable and AMAZING.  

startin’ fires by xxcaribbean

Jealous!Liam balcony sex.  What more do I need to say?  CLASSIC (also shoutout to my Jealous!Liam anon, you ought to read this fic, it’s incredible)

i wanna save that light by sarcasticfluentry

This is pure smut, and it’s soooo good.  Liam taking care of Zayn after they get mobbed at LAX, it’s kinky yet sweet, and I’ve read it like 48932 times.  

Morning Glory by Suchthingbutnever

Ziam morning sex, also one of the first fics I ever read, and I absolutely adore it.  Sweet, hot, amazing characterization and just all-around beautifully written.  

Let My Love Adorn You by makesomelove

JUST READ IT. I promise you won’t regret it.  A+

a jerk in the right direction by auntie spice (october)

I. love. this. fic.  I was actually just raving to thedimplesinyourback14 the other day about how much I love it.  SUPER HOT, but also manages to be really earnest and sweet at the same time, which is truly a gift.  It’s OT5 but mainly ziam.  It’s also perfect. 

you’re so excited, you only need just a try by sarcasticfluentry

Liam/Zayn/clone!Liam.  Do I really need to say anymore?  Seriously this fic is amazing, creative, well-written, and SO SO HOT.  (thanks to the anon who linked me when I couldn’t find it, you rock!)

So this actually got mega-long, haha.  Seriously though, every single one of these fics I linked are incredible and deserve to be read and re-read hundreds of times.  Enjoy anon :)