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I think we are all too wrapped up in the 5sos album being released and Selena Gomez turning 22 and One Direction turning 4 tomorrow that we all are overlooking the fact that PRINCE GEORGE IS 1 TODAY! This little cutie needs more attention. 


I get so fucking mad when I watch interviews and the interviewers are trash. Seriously how hard can it be to find an interviewer that isn’t sexist or tries to objectify the artists or actors they interview, have some respect. I also hate interviewers that are so obvious while hitting on the person they are interviewing on LIVE television. THIS IS YOUR JOB!! You’re not in a club this is not a casual interaction. This is your profession, act like it. Don’t be unprofessional. I cringe every time I watch these interviews, they make me feel so uncomfortable and most important it makes the people you’re interviewing uncomfortable. I’ve seen this so many times I want to cry.

Telling a bunch of 21-23 year olds “I am younger than I look and very fertile” is so inappropriate. I as a 19 year old can see that, heck you as a 30 year old something woman should know that too. You shouldn’t hit on the people you’re interviewing, it’s awkward. Doesn’t matter if you are a lot older than them or their age, it is still wrong. Touching another person without their permission is also something that should struck you as an adult, as something that shouldn’t be done while doing your job (you shouldn’t touch another person without permission period). Even if it’s just hair, it doesn’t matter. I don’t care if this is your way of connecting with the fans, it’s weird and us (the fans) aren’t here for it. (1D on The View)

Isn’t there a class people can take so they learn how to interview properly. I’ll teach it if it’s needed, interviewing 101. Seriously telling a person “you look tired, maybe we should cut this interview short so you can take a nap” or “you need a red bull” is not something a person that has been doing weeks of promo for something they have worked really hard on and they haven’t had the time to rest properly needs to hear. It’s just plain rude. (Cara Delevingne on Good Day Sacramento). I can’t stress enough how upset it makes me to see these interviews. (John Green words perfectly why this interview was just wrong in this article)

Making comment after comment about someone’s looks and pointing out what you don’t like about it is plain rude. Some things should just not be said in an interview, like “I’m a toe guy and your toes are great”. It makes people really uncomfortable and it ruins the whole point of the interview. (Cast of Fantastic Four on Rock 100.5 Morning Show)

I will never understand if these interviewers ignore the awkwardness in the room or they are just plainly blind to what is happening. I know some people don’t know how to read other people but come on. When the people they are interviewing are very obvious showing that they are uncomfortable with what you are asking them, maybe I don’t know change the question? Move on. Instead of pushing it further. When the interview comes to a point where the artist needs to ask you questions because all your questions have been shit, you should really take that as a sign. Don’t make them beg you to ask questions about what they really are there for. (1D on Telehit Special Report)

I’m sick and tired of interviewers saying the dumbest and most offensive shit in interviews. You get the chance to interview these bright, talented and amazing people that have worked hard on something, don’t ask shit questions, don’t make them uncomfortable. These people are here to answer your questions, yes, but they shouldn’t have to put up with your bullshit. Ask about their new movie, the making of it, the new album, the new single, the music videos and everything about their art. Do not ask personal questions that no one really wants to know, and do not blame it on “oh the fans want to know” or “our audience wants us to ask” I can assure you we (the fans/the audience) sure as hell don’t want you to ask that. Don’t blame us for your lack of questions. Just do your research on who you’re interviewing and ask good questions. Basically what I’m asking you is, do your job. Be professional.  

These artists and actors have to put up with so much bullshit from some interviewers I’m surprised they can keep their cool for so long. I sure as hell could never do that. I applaud you for not saying anything rude back. I applaud you for being the bigger person. 

When you’re out in public and you see your best friend so someone has to hold you down …🌚


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