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My fancast for the DCEU *PART 1*.

Bryce Dallas Howard as Poison Ivy
Katheryn Winnick as Black Canary
Charlie Hunnam as Green Arrow
Danay García as Catwoman
Armie Hammer as Green Lantern
Lindsey Morgan as Batgirl
Matt Bomer as Nightwing
Evan Rachel Wood as Batwoman
Meghan Ory as Huntress

I had so much fun doing this ❤

no one asked you to become Atlas
no one looked at you and thought:

“yes, this one, this one deserves to be cursed
cursed to hold the world on their aching shoulder
deserves to scream as the weight crushes them
deserves to have no one hear them cry
this one, this one, deserves to be forgotten”

no one else but you 
you were the one who chose to take on the burdens of a broken world
you were the one who decided to carrying the darkness 
the one who believes they do not matter
so they might as well try to hold up the universe

darling, why?
why of all the olden Gods would you chose Atlas?

was it because you understand that each person is a entire world
that by saving one person you’ve proved that you can save the universe
darling, it doesn’t work like that


By accident, my sister came across these Doctor Who Series 9 videos by TheUnknownTechnician: some of the most extremely sad moments without the music. This means you hear every movement made. You’ll hear every breath, gasp, sigh, and any other emotional sound at maximum volume. This is like standing in the same room and witnessing the powerful acting between Peter and Jenna. The first one I watched is from Face the Raven when Clara discovers she’s going to die, and she does her final farewell speech to the Doctor. Listening to Peter’s panic breaths and Jenna’s rapid gasps was so difficult to sit through. :(

So let’s play some more! :D Here are other videos in chronological order:

Doctor Who | “I’m The Doctor, and I save people!” Speech Extract

Doctor Who | The Doctor’s Zygon War Speech Extract

Doctor Who | Clara’s Death Scene Speech Extract

Doctor Who | Heaven Sent - “How Many Seconds in Eternity?” Speech Extract

Doctor Who | The Doctor Forgets Clara Speech Extract


Doctor Who Meme ▬ Two quotes (2/2) :

“Listen to me… Listen, I just… I just want you to think. Do you know what thinking is ? It’s just a fancy word for changing your mind.”