kate newman

Kate: Go talk to this Dean Smith character.
Sam: You only want me to talk to him because you want to be friends with his wife.
Kate: She seems particularly wonderful and didn’t you want to talk to Dean? Something about how you think we’re all meant for something else?
Sam: I don’t think I should…he has a kid. He can’t do this.
Kate: Sam…if you want to touch these again, *shakes her breasts*, go talk to him and at least tell him how you feel.
Sam: *laughs a little* Did you just…?
Kate: Shake my cha-chas then deny you of them? Yes. Go.
Sam: Fine–anything for you.
Kate: *heads for the living room* My job here is done.

(“Hunting Demons” - Chapter 86: A Fox in the Hen House. Kate is just like my favorite these days, okay? Not to mention I love how she handles Sam, and I love how very similar she and Lana act this chapter, but that has a lot to do with the fact that they’re cousins and their playful natures are really all they have in common. This chapter is almost up, I promise.)


Quick video of the OTIS class of 2015’s fine art Senior group show.


Lana/Dean//Sam/Kate - Broken…yeah, I’m reminiscing and thinking of updating this fic…