kate murnane

Leg confidence! | #walktaller - YouTube

I’ve never posted anything that’s my views or opinions before on here but I just really want to get my point across. What your about to read are my views on the video titled “Leg confidence!” linked above. I know a lot of people are just going to argue and say it’s a sponsored video and she’s getting payed so why does it matter but I feel she’s sending the wrong message with this video.

Usually I enjoy Kates videos and find them inspirational, but all I got from this was shave your legs and buy this product. You don’t have to shave your legs to be confident with them, all this video is doing is reinforcing the idea that women need to be sleek and hairless, which is not true. I’m only going to shave my legs if I want to, which is not very often. I’m confident enough to go out bearing my natrual legs which are pale, have scars on the tops of my thighs and a lot of the time are hairy and there’s nothing wrong with that.