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So this is how my spread for the week looks so far and it’s really not as busy as it looks, but I’m a lover for a full spread!

On a side note because I have too much time since it’s the beginning of the holidays. I actually ended up collecting materials to create my own traveler’s notebooks/fauxdori. So expect pictures of it when I’ve finished.


this really hurt to watch. (starts around the mid-beginning) kate looks so uncomfortable. dear interviewers, please do some research on the celebs you are interviewing if you plan to ask personal questions. that “first movie with a guy?” question could’ve so easily been “first movie date?” so kate could answer the question without feeling like the odd one out. and to put her on the spot to answer the question she obviously doesn’t have an answer to was also kind of cruel, if she didn’t have an answer before and remained quiet then don’t pressure her to answer. the “i can’t remember” was her only response because she was nervous and i want to hug her so bad. 😰😤

“I knew it was too good to be true,” Clint hissed. He threw his jacket into the corner beside the door and flopped down on the couch, face first.

“What did you do this time?” Kate sighed and came over to the couch.

“Who said it was something I did?” He said, muffled by a cushion.

“I don’t know, maybe because I know you?” She said.

“Just to make it clear, it was nothing I did!” He raised his head for a moment and snapped at her.

“Then what did he do?” Kate sat down in the armchair and folded her hands over her stomach.

“He’s the biggest asshole walking on earth!” Clint hissed and let his head drop into the cushion again.

“Why?” Kate wanted to know.

“Because he talked and talked and talked about how great he is and what he had done and what he had achieved and…” Clint snapped and Kate stopped him mid-sentence.

“Okay, I get it, he’s an asshole. But why did you go out with him then?”

“Natasha insisted. She introduced us and at first he seemed like a nice guy, you know, good looking and smart and funny and all that but then…” he let his face drop into the cushion once again.

“Oh, Clint,” Kate rose, went to him, patted his shoulder and went to the kitchen. She opened the fridge to grab a beer, opened it and went back to the living room. “Here, take this,” she said. Clint glanced up, saw the beer, took it out of her hand and emptied it in two big gulps.

“I will never go out again!” Clint muttered and finally sat up.  

“Uh huh,” Kate said and typed a text message.

“Whom did you text?” he asked. Kate looked up and frowned.

“Oh, uhm… Natasha. I just want to let her know that your date fell through,” she said.

“I was a happy man, living on my own, just me and my dog and you and then she had to drag me out and…”

“Clint,” Kate interrupted him. “You’ve been far from happy. You’ve been moping the whole time that your life sucked.”

“But I was happy moping,” he muttered. Kate snorted and when he looked at her she took a deep breath.

“You’ve been far from happy,” she repeated. Clint just opened his mouth to say something, when someone knocked at the door. Both looked at each other and after a duel with their eyes Clint huffed and went to the door. He opened it and saw a man outside, dark haired with a pony tail.

“Hi,” the man greeted and smiled at Cint. “I’m your new neighbor, I just moved in and…” he scratched the back of his neck, “I just want to assemble my furniture but I can’t find my cordless screwdriver and… and I wondered if you maybe have one I could borrow?”

“Oh, yes,” Kate answered instead of Clint when she saw him stare at the guy. He was exactly Clint’s type and it was better to intervene before he could make an ass out of himself. “Yes, he has one. And he’s pretty skilful with tools, I’m sure he wants to help you.” She smiled at the guy.

“Really?” He asked, looking unsure from her to Clint and back. “That would be awesome.” He smiled and Kate saw Clint literally melt at this smile.

“Uhm… yeah, sure,” he eventually managed. “Let me get my stuff,” he said.

“Thank you so much,” the cute guy said and beamed at Clint who blushed violently. “I’m Bucky, by the way.”

“Clint,” Clint said and Bucky held his hand out to shake Clint’s.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Clint.” He said. Kate nodded and went back to her phone. She had to send another text to Natasha.

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Never going to have enough of army spy. We need mooorree

#304 Army Spy AU 


“Who are you?”

The words came out quickly, and a kind of shock carried through Jim’s voice that made the question appear more frail than it really was.

“I’m with her,” Richard answered. Beckett shot him a narrow look as she unlocked her father’s apartment door.

“But no one is ever with her,” the man said. He sounded bewildered.

“Well, now I am,” he answered. This time she let out a growling breath and breezed past them into the apartment.

Jim was heavy but he had dignity even drunk; when he shuffled forward to go through the door, he took help like it was owed to him.

Richard turned to Beckett for guidance.

“Bedroom,” she said firmly, indicating the long, dark hallway shrouded with framed family photographs.

A woman, a man, a girl - Kate. And yet, nowhere in the spacious apartment did Richard see the woman, or any hint of her presence. No lipstick, no kleenex boxes, no sweater thrown over the back of the chair, no half-burned candles, no notes tacked to the fridge. The apartment was definitely a blend of styles, but the influence of a wife had worn thin around the edges.

She was gone.

Divorced or dead, hard to know at this point. Jim wore a wedding ring, and the photographs were still up, but Richard had observed that often love struck some people harder than others. 

He angled Jim through the doorway of the bedroom and eased him towards the chair. Better than lying him down; drunk like this, he didn’t need to be horizontal.

Richard knelt down before the man and worked at the laces of his shoes.

“Don’t let him go to bed, it’s better if he falls asleep upright in the-”

Kate cut off mid-sentence when she came down the hall and into the bedroom. Her face flushed a beautiful pink, and she averted her eyes as if she’d seen something too intimate.

Richard removed her father’s shoes and slid them under the used side of the bed, noticing the framed photo propped up on the bedside table. The wife, from years ago, with the girl as an infant, adult head bent forward over the sleeping baby in her arms.

Hell of a picture to wake up to every morning. No wonder Jim drank. 

He came back to the man in the chair with the folded blanket from the foot of the bed, spread it across Jim’s lap. Her father had his eyes closed but he reached out and fumbled at Richard’s arm.

“You’re a good one,” the man muttered, patting Richard’s shoulder awkwardly. “Kate never brings home - ah, well. Thank you, son.”

Richard went still.

Kate pushed forward. “Rick. Just - leave him to me. Please.” Her words were quiet at his back, hovering, and he realized he’d blocked her out, taking up all the space before her father. Realized he was probably hearing more than she wanted him to know.

But no one had ever called him son. And meant it that way. Not even his own father.

He stood up quickly and shuffled away, moved to the door to stand guard over the tableau. 

No one ever called him - but it hadn’t meant anything. Just a man not sure how to say thank you for another man’s help, and maybe there was something about his daughter having brought him. There had been no tenderness behind it, that hadn’t been connection.

Was Richard so starved for human affection?

Kate talked quietly to her father, arranging everything as she spoke. A cell phone was found in the bedside drawer and she plugged it into the wall, left it charging in her father’s lap. She opened up the top two buttons of his dress shirt, ducked her head to meet his eyes. Her father roused and cupped the side of her face, said something Richard didn’t hear but which caused Kate to hug the man.

He thought maybe he should leave.

He didn’t have experience with families, but this was looking painful. Richard turned and started back down the narrow hallway, confronted suddenly by all the family photos. The baby pictures and school photos from each grade, the family portraits with the oddly tilted heads and the poor wardrobe choices.

In one, Jim wore a bow tie that looked rakishly handsome, contrasted with his wife’s bright orange floral neck scarf that seemed to be a holdover from the late seventies. The baby in their arms meant it was 1980, and Kate was a skinny thing with no hair and a flowery, fluffy white dress.

“Oh, shit,” she muttered, suddenly right behind him. “No. No looking at baby pictures. Move along.” She was shoving on him, but he was immovable, and she grunted curses at him as she tried. “You were supposed to be a fucking one-night stand, remember?”

“I don’t recall signing anything,” he murmured back, stepping neatly out of range. She didn’t stumble though, and he admired her quickness, the way she reasserted herself.

“Woman’s prerogative,” she said, nodding for him to go ahead of her.

“What about Jim?”

“He’s fine. He’ll sleep it off. Be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning with no one the wiser.”

“Must make it difficult to-” He stopped at the murderous gaze she shot him, and he did an about-face and marched back to the living room. He was learning to shut up, figuring it out. Some lines she wasn’t ready to cross yet.

“Let’s go,” she said quickly, pushing past him to open the front door. He stepped through, glad to have at least seen those family photos on the wall, gotten a chance to peek at the girl beneath all that bold, unbreaking woman.

“You lost a tooth in third grade,” he murmured in the elevator they took down.


“The school photo. I like it - it’s cute. One front tooth missing so that your smile looked a little off-balanced. Crooked.”

She huffed.

“Purple shirt,” he noted. “Lavender with darker stripes.”

“Dress,” she corrected him. “T-shirt dress, with a belt.”

“Oh?” He could suddenly see her at eight years old, her hair pushed back by its headband, her knees too big for her thin legs and just sticking out from under that cotton dress. The collar popped up in the back not because she was cool but because she played hard and got messy and wrestled even in her picture day clothes.

“My mom picked it out for me,” she said quietly. “The belt buckle was these two silver hoops that you had to thread the belt through and somehow keep it together. I never could get it. So my mom cinched it up in the morning and I didn’t touch it all day. I didn’t even go to the bathroom because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get it back together.”

He realized he was frowning, concerned for a girl no longer frustrated by her belt. “But it was a dress. Couldn’t you have just…”

Kate turned to him as the elevator doors opened. “Yes. Lifted the skirt and I’d have never had to touch the belt. But I didn’t realize that. I just knew I would never get the belt back together if I undid it.”  She walked off the elevator quickly, back to ignoring him.

But he thought her heard her last words as she moved away.

Story of my life.


[Max and Chloe run right towards Chloe’s room to find Kate dancing on Chloe’s bed]

Chloe-  [supportive] Shake it sister !

Max-  [grabs Chloe by the shoulders] One morning here and she’s already turned into you !

[Max stops shaking Chloe]

Chloe-  [smirks] Jealous ?

Kate - [noticing the disturbance ] Oh ? [stops and plops down on bed] Hi you two [removes joint from mouth] What’s up ?

[Chloe runs over to Kate, sitting next to her happily] 

Max- Don’t you what’s up me Kate 

Kate- [picks up joint and holds it out to Max] Did you want a turn ?

Max- [slaps joint out of Kate’s hand] No, I do not want a turn

[Kate catches the joint mid-fall] 

Kate- More for me I guess [shrugs]

Max- Oh my dog [runs temples of her forehead] I have to get you two back to normal

Chloe- That’s not very nice Max [crosses arms] I didn’t try to get you back to normal when you got your time powers 

Max- Not REMOTELY the same thing [shakes head] And besides, are you telling me that you’re cool with the way things are ?

Chloe- [shrugs] Everyone deserves to be Chloe Price at least once in their lives

Kate- Hey thanks [gently punches Chloe in the shoulder] 

Chloe - [gently chuckles] No problem [mumbles] That kind of hurt….. [rubs arm seriously] 

[Max screeches in frustration and leaves the room in a huff] 

Kate - Hey Chloe……

Chloe- Yeah ?

Kate- I like blue and all…..[rubs hands through hair] But I’d like to try another color, if that’s cool with you 

Chloe-  [turns to Kate happily] Really ?! What color are you looking for ?!

Kate- I don’t know, let’s hit the store and find out…. [jumps off bed, and swipes keys off counter] ..afterwards I can teach you how to put your hair up like I usually do…..

Chloe - [not paying much attention as she tries to think of a good color for Kate ] Yeah sure……

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Pricemarsh bodyswap AU 3 

50 Crucial Questions Every Woman Needs To Ask Herself
  • 1. Are you living a life that you are content with?
  • 2. What, if anything, would you change your my life immediately if you could?
  • 3. Do you have a group of people who support you emotionally and mentally?
  • 4. Do you have at least one person in your life who will always give you the brutal honest truth about yourself?
  • 5. Have you accepted your childhood for what it was?
  • 6. Are you content with the relationships you have with your family?
  • 7. Have you come to see your parents as people with hopes, dreams, and flaws?
  • 8. Have you forgiven your parents for their mistakes?
  • 9. Do you think the little child you were would be proud of who you are today?
  • 10. Do you know how to reconcile your past?
  • 11. What is your relationship with your regrets?
  • 12. What do you want for your future?
  • 13. What is your outline or plan to get where you want to be in the future?
  • 14. Do you know how to live in the present?
  • 15. Are you happy with who you are as a person?
  • 16. Do you know your flaws?
  • 17. Do you acknowledge the best parts of yourself?
  • 18. Are you living the healthiest way possible in all areas of your life?
  • 19. Are you satisfied with the body you have, outside of cultural expectations for what you should look like?
  • 20. How do you define beauty?
  • 21. Do you know what your fundamental beliefs are?
  • 22. Are you comfortable with what you believe even in the presence of those who disagree?
  • 23. Does who you are as a person reflect those beliefs?
  • 24. Do you spend time with people who have different fundamental beliefs from yourself?
  • 25. Do you actually like and respect the people you spend time with?
  • 26. Do you know how to be alone?
  • 27. Are you happy with yourself regardless of what your relationship status is?
  • 28. Do you know what you are looking for in the person you want to be with/or are currently romantically involved with?
  • 29. What are you willing to compromise for someone, and what are you not willing to compromise?
  • 30. What do you want your love story to be?
  • 31. Do you give enough of yourself and what you have to those you love?
  • 32. Do you look for change as a way to try something new or to escape situations you don’t want to deal with?
  • 33. Is your living space and situation what you want it to be?
  • 34. Are you in the city or town that is right for your life currently?
  • 35. What is your relationship with money?
  • 36. Does how you spend your money reflect who you are or who you want to be?
  • 37. Am you overall satisfied with your job?
  • 38. Is the work you are doing currently a job or a career?
  • 39. Are you learning the skills and building the relationships you need?
  • 40. Do you know how to network in a way that is mutually beneficial?
  • 41. Do you give back to your community or the world at large in some shape or form?
  • 42. Do you care about large issues that affect society in general, and why or why not?
  • 43. What are some basic perceptions or principles you use to view the world?
  • 44. Do you believe you have a purpose on this earth?
  • 45. Do you see others as having a purpose on this earth?
  • 46. How do you accept your losses and wins?
  • 47. Are you stuck?
  • 48. What can you control and what can you let go of?
  • 49. Are you grateful?
  • 50. Are you open to life? TC mark
  • modified from Kovie Biakolo
  • source: http://thoughtcatalog.com/kovie-biakolo/2015/02/50-crucial-questions-every-woman-needs-to-ask-herself-before-she-turns-25/
Confessions of Clocks, a Life is Strange AU

Author’s Note: Wherein Max has her rewind powers, but there is no storm and no one is missing or dead. The consequences of her gift are different in this universe. I do not own Life is Strange, I only write this because I’m sad and gay. This is a WIP.

Pairing: Kate Marsh / Max Caulfield

Current Rating: T

Triggers: As of right now, only heavy religious themes are present.

Summary: Kate sank into Max’s warmth so happily, so easily, that it had to be a sin. / A crisis of faith is forging a path for Kate that will lead her away from Max, whose time manipulating abilities are costing her more than she could have foreseen. 

Chapter One - The Ark

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KateGate: The Story of How a Grown Woman Ruined My Life for 5 months

So this is actually my third time writing this fucking thing. The first time was sort of just going through everything chronologically and the second my computer shut down and didn’t save anything. So hopefully this is my last time attempting this.

I guess I should start from the beginning, but just to keep this in mind while you read this my story will most likely be different from Mia’s and Shanna’s and others who have come forward. Mostly because maybe this whole thing was my fault.

I didn’t really edit this so sorry if there are some bad grammar or missing words in places and sentences.

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the avengers going grocery shopping and basically it's just clint pushing two carts while the rest of them hurl random things into it and kate's sitting in one texting

clint whining to tony saying “cant we just have groceries delivereddddddd” and tony throwing a box of froot loops at him. steve and natasha going around trying all the free samples. bruce spending literally twenty minutes looking at tea. thor walking down the electronic aisle laughing at all this old ass technology. clint asking if kate can please push one of the two carts and kate shushing him mid-sentence. 

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Why don't you like Kate Spade?

SoI here’s why I don’t like Kate Spade and let’s remember that I’m a guy and have little “experience” with the label so my thoughts on this subject should be taken with a grain (or two) of salt.

In my opinion, Kate Spade says juvenile mid-20s-girl-lost-in-the-clouds.  From the clothes to the bags to the accessories, everything screams impartiality.  For example, take this purse.  Who in their right mind (other than an 8-year-old playing dress up) would want to walk around with a bag modeled after a pineapple?  It’s hideous…and just downright dumb.  I mean pineapples are cool (and quite tasty in the summer)…but to make a pursue out of one?  God no….

Now I admit that the label comes out with some nice pieces for women, but the price point is VASTLY out of line with the quality.  The only reason I can say this is because I have friends (even my mother for goodness sake) who have purchased pieces from Kate Spade only to have them fall apart after a couple of wears.  Seams start to come upon, buttons pop off, and the leather on the purses begins to wear down within a month.  

I’m a big believer in the idea that anything you buy (whether it’s a suit or a pair of shorts) should last for the long-haul.  If I were to suggest/endorse/like/whatever the brand, I would be a total hypocrite.  It goes against everything I believe in and - while it may ruffle some feathers in the #prep world - I’m not going to follow to blind leading the blind.

In short the brand just makes me feel really uncomfortable, but - most importantly - the products just aren’t worth the price.  Yea I know it’s not a popular opinion and there’s lots of people that tout the brand, but this blog is based on opinion and when people ask for it I like to deliver.

Certainly appreciate the question and I hope my answer gave a bit more understanding as to why I’m not a fan of Kate Spade.