Some Wonderful Lesbian Couples that are totally killing me with their adorableness. 

Happy Pride Month Everyone!

The signs as Leslie Jones’s commentary at the Olympics

Aries: *curling* back to this shit

Taurus: I want you to read that Real closely: Russian. Curling. Doping. Scandal- how the Fuck is that in the same sentence, what kind dope do you need, to do, to curl motherfucker. Like do you need dope to want to do that?


Cancer: I got this I got this I- oh. Oh. I did not have that.

Leo: Um… somebody need to tell me what the fuck is going on

Virgo: *singing we are the champions off key*

Libra: MAN how was I never into Hockey whatT HE FUcK-

Scorpio: *watching live performance of gangnam style* IT NEEDS TO BE LIKE THIS EVERYWHERE

Sagittarius: U!S!A! SLAY! ALL! DAY!

Capricorn: Okay real talk? I know that she probably one of the nicest people, like, so nice- but when she got her game face on she look like she will slap the peanut butter and jelly out of your fuckin hand-

Aquarius: What in the slight FUCK is that

Pisces: Everytime they go into the penalty box there’s a dude there waiting to open the door for them, I wonder if he’s there to calm them down like “Hey how’s it goin, maybe let’s not be so violent on the ice”